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Daughter Of the Dead

Chapter 1: of to the land of the mythic

Hot tears poured down Bella's creamy face, blood shot eyes, and tear struck face as she says her last good byes, as she fades into the shadows of the underworld. Approaching Charon. The fairer of the dead helped me on the boat as we make our way back to DOA recording studios; and then off running through the wood and straight on to forks where I was going to be living for a while. I got a HUGE ancient Greece style house with 4 floors and attic. The first floor of the Huge house was basically a complete replica of my dad's underworld, from the moaning souls to the easy death line. Second floor is the basic essential for any mortal house, you got your kitchen, your bathroom, your living room, and your compact rectangle used to store mortal rations. Third floor is for me and my library and my personal study, and a guest bedroom or two. Forth floor is for my dad's use, calling a meeting of the gods, visiting with my aunts and uncles or for just sorting out his thoughts. The attic is my personal Armory/Med Center.

So here I am running through a forest wind blowing in my face the sun brining warmth (not that I get cold any way) and watching Apollo bring the morning sun. "almost there" I keep telling myself and in reality it was true I was only about five minutes from my new residency.


"Hello" Said Apollo sitting down and drinking some coffee (yes even gods like a good cup of Joe)

"Hello" I replied taking a slight bow "enjoying your coffee"

"yes I am thank you for asking" he Said "are you excited fro school today"

"Not really" I Said "more nervous then anything else, after all I have never been out of the underworld before"

"yeah I know what you mean but I think you are going to be surprised by something very soon" he Said mysteriously "Got to go Bye" and with that he disappeared

"well that was helpful" I Said to myself as I walked up to my room. and there was Aphrodite

"Hello" she Said

"good morning" I Said and bowed slightly "what may I do for you this fine morning"

"nothing I was just going to pick out an outfit for you" she Said plainly but I was anticipating a short skirt and heels which I have to say are really not good when fighting of monsters "but don't worry no short skirts today" she Said that made me relax a bit but she Said nothing of the high heels

"So can I see it" I asked

"go get in the shower when you get out the clothes will be on your bed"

"ok" I Said and turned to my bathroom and got in the shower she was right though I had been running through the forest all night I really did need a good shower

After I got out I went over to my bed and saw an outfit it must have been the one Aphrodite was talking about because she is the only one who dared to joke like that, you see I am half vampire and half god so I don't usually go around wearing shirts that say 'Bite Me' in really big letters black skinny jeans black HIGH HEEL boots and my necklace that my dad gave me because we where making fun that people think vampires have fangs so he got me my very own diamond studded pair. I changed and went down stairs to an awaiting Aphrodite

"hello" I Said

"see I told you no short skirts" Said Aphrodite

"but there are High Heels" I Said

"true" she stated

"so is anyone going to tell me what's up? I asked

"you will find out when you get to school" she Said throwing me a pair oh keys "its in the garage"

"thanks" I Said walking out

"Thank your dad" she Said as I walked into the garage and hoped onto my brand new bike it was black with dark red flames and reminded me a lot of home (the underworld that is) I hoped on and headed to school I got there with time to spare but I had to get my schedule out of the office

"hello" I Said as I walked into the office

"good morning" Said the lady behind the desk "you must be the new girl"

"that's me" I Said

"ok dear here is your schedule" she Said "oh there you are Michal would you mind showing the new student around" she asked

"not at all" Said this young boy who I now assumed to be Michal "right this way" he Said and opened the door for me

"thanks" I Said and then a caught It a scent that reminded me so much of home no not like the warm apple pie smell I am talking about the smell of the death and the darkness, I cough and excused my self to the forest where I could I M my dad

I came into an open meadow and climbed a tree to the very top where I could easily talk but not be seen

"Goddess except my offering" I Said as I tossed a drachmas into the air and it disappeared so I continued "Hades DOA Studios" I Said and the dew from the rain last night formed a picture of my dad

"Daddy" I Said and he turned around

"Hello sweetie" he Said trying and failing to act innocent "what can I do for you"

"you can tell me why you sent me to a town with SEVEN vampires" I Said not buying the act

"not to mention the pack of werewolf's" he mumbled under his breath but I heard

"What!" I shouted a little to loudly

"honey its ok" he Said " I moved you here because I knew you would need some company and you are most comfortable with the dead" he stated

"you right" I agreed "I over reacted I'm sorry"

"its ok Hun now go you don't want anyone being suspicious do you?" he Said

"of course not" I Said "talk to you later dad say hi to mom for my bye" I Said and the picture disappeared I jumped done from the tree and walked back into the parking lot to find a very nervous Michal

Edward POV

"Here you go dear" Said Mrs. Crawford as she passed a cream colored slip to the new kid. " Oh there you are Michal would you mind showing the new student around?' Mrs.. Crawford ask. Mike, an annoying kid who smelled like chips and monsters ( the energy drink) all the time. I breathed in a deep gasp the smell of rotting dead people lingered over my lips. It was coming from the girl standing next to the reception desk. The smell was different though, it had the settle hint of metallic flavor lingering but as soon as I noticed it, it disappeared. I quickly walked over to the receptionist's desk and handed her a note. " A absent note I was sick the last couple of days." " Oh why thank you dear, place over by the files in the absent note pile would ya?' I quickly placed the note on the file cabinet and followed Mike out the door; he was showing the new student where the water fountain was, ( He is such an idiot!) he touched her hair which sent the sweet scent over my way ( flirting buffoon!). I quickly scooted by them and raced to my class room. But I sense that the new student was doing otherwise, I quickly halted in my steps and pursued her. As she walk into the forest I lost sight of her, soon I lost her completely so I just stopped dead in my tracks and waited. "Goddess except my offering" she Said then I heard her toss something in the air "Hades DOA Studios" she Said "Daddy" she Said

"Hello sweetie" a deep powerful voice replied "what can I do for you"

"you can tell me why you sent me to a town with SEVEN vampires" she Said apparently annoyed "not to mention the pack of werewolf's" the voice mumbled under his breath. This is so weird, I followed the voice to a clearing but found only the empty soil and a tall tree. The voices ceased.

"What!" I heard her say.

"honey its ok" the voice Said " I moved you here because I knew you would need some company and you are most comfortable with the dead" the voice stated

"you right" her voice was like honey now "I over reacted I'm sorry"

"its ok Hun now go you don't want anyone being suspicious do you?" the voice Said

"of course not" she Said "talk to you later dad say hi to mom for my bye" she Said. I quickly fled to the solitaire of a near by tree. Wait she does good with the dead. I quickly put the pieces together. SHE'S A VAMPIRE! My Mind Scream back at me. I quickly ran to the school, tripping over my thoughts trying to figure out how I couldn't figure it out till now! ' come on Edward get a grip!" I murmured as I enter the doors of the school once more. A Vampire where my last thoughts as I entered my class room.

Daughter Of The Dead

Chapter 2: Playing With Vampires

I was walking into the lunch room sitting at an empty table I really just wanted to be alone that Michal dude who I later found out to be Mike Newton he came up to me and asked me if I wanted to sit next to them I replied I just wanted to be alone for awhile he left me but you could tell he was pouting, but I wasn't really all that sad about it he had been following me like a lost puppy dog all day. As I sat at my table barely eating anything I was eating now mostly because when the Cullen's came I couldn't anymore because they thought I was a vampire and that is half true but I am also a daughter of Hades and can still control the dead and that also counts vampires, they might be still walking, talking, breathing but their still dead. I love to mess with them, making them do stuff not expecting it to happen. For example I can make a vampires start laughing for no apparent reason other then I simply enjoy watching them make fools of them selves. (Queue Evil Laugh) So here I sat alone at my empty table waiting for my entertainment to arrive, and then I was cast out of my thoughts bye a very peppy vampires voice talking to me

"Hello" Said the voice and I looked up "may we sit here" she asked

"Sure why not" I Said and returned to my thoughts…. Or so I thought

"ok cool thanks" she Said and sat down I was trying to get into there minds and apparently Edward was a mind reader because Alice was singing some weird song and saying 'not this time Edward' which I thought was interesting but I remembered he could read my mind so I put up a mental block to keep him out so I moved into jaspers mind now his was interesting "now why are this girls emotions so creepy' now that was funny and I had to stifled the chuckle that threatened to escape but sadly they heard it

"why are you laughing" asked Emmet quite amused

"just thinking of something" I answered

"thinking of what" asked Edward and they all gasped slightly I could tell they thought he should be able to read my mind

"my house back where I use to live" I Said plainly

( Is her house creepy? Jasper asked questionably in his mind. Edward over heard ( more like over heard his mind talking !!!!!) " Why are you missing your house back where ever you lived?" Edward asked. I was trying to figure out why he was acting like he wanted to know, I mean it's none of his business

"I lived there my entire life until now and its sad not being around my parents" I Said

"wait your parents don't live with you" asked Rosalie

"no but they visit a lot" I Said "and so do my aunts and uncles"

"cool" Emmet

"kinda" I Said "I miss them a lot though"

"I can tell" Said jasper

"and how can you tell that?" I asked knowing perfectly well how.

" He can tell by your facial expressions" Alice replied.

The bell rung so I couldn't respond.

(Later after school)

" I need to talk to you" Edward Said.

" Talk to me why?"

"Just follow me!"

As I followed him into the parking lot, out to the forest, I became aware that it wasn't just Edward and I.

" Ok now that were alone, what did you want to talk about?'

" why do you keep playing with us, one minute acting all alone and all the next acting like you know something we don't. well your wrong we know you're a vampire!" He shouted then suddenly Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, and Emmet appeared from the trees but I wasn't worried I could take ten vampires in my sleep

"ok you got me I'm a vampire sue me!" I Said I was a little bit board with the hole I am a innocent little girl act.

"we cant sue you for being a vampire that would expose us" Said Emmet

I just rolled my head and let out a little chuckle I whispered 'if only you knew'

"if only we knew what" this time it was Rosalie

"that is none of your business" I Said "I'm leaving" and with that I was gone

I could sense they weren't going to follow me. They where probably going to go home and talk to their father figure named Carlile, while I was going home to go into my hiding place my own personal underworld.

Daughter Of The Dead

Chapter 3: Honey I'm HOME

Today was Saturday my favorite day of the week mostly because you know NO SCHOOL but also because daddy is coming to visit and he Said he was bringing me a present! YEY!!!!! So here I am waiting patiently when the door bell rang "since when dose he use the front door" I asked myself which I soon found out was a mistake when I opened it and there stood all SEVEN CULLENS in all of there glory (which to me was not that much)

"Now Ms. Grave why doesn't Who use the front door" asked someone I assumed to be Carlile which my assumption was proved by "Hello my name is Carlile and this is my wife Esme."

"Nice to meet you but I am afraid this isn't very good timing my father is about to come by and I wasn't expecting any visitors"

"oh we didn't mean to intrude" Said Esme

"it's ok but he should be here any minute-

"oh well then we should probably be going" he Said standing up when another voice suddenly came

"no that wont be necessary" she Said

"Hello" I Said and bowed just enough not to be disgraceful but not enough to be noticed by the Cullen's

"Hello my name is Carlile and these are my children and this is my wife Esme"

"nice to meet you Carlile" She Said intentionally not mentioning her own name

"Well I hope I haven' t missed the party" Said You Guessed it

"DADDY!" I yelled and went up to hug him all of the sudden the Cullen's went quiet wait one second I just realized something they have all seen him before the three days a vampire changes is spent in the underworld so they all knew who he was

"Snap" I Said but changed my tactics "Daddy may I talk to you for a moment"

"Sure Honey" he Said and I lead him down to the basement y own personal underworld

"whats up hun" he asked

"dad those people in the living room are the vampires"

"well I know that"

"that's why they all shut up I called you daddy and they know your Hades"

"Oh I get it now"

"good now my covers blown and I left seven vampires alone with Aphrodite they won't stand a chance" I Said

"your right we need to go help"

"ok fine" I Said huffing but got up anyway and led him back to the living room

Edwards POV

As Carlile knocked on Bella's door, I had a feeling that something was going to be different about this visit…. But what? "since when dose he use the front door" I heard her say as she opened the door. Suddenly I felt this knot form in my stomach, her hair was so shiny, like melted chocolate. Her eyes sparkled like Topaz. Her face was like she stepped into the sun. I quickly recomposed myself and greeted Bella with a nod.

"Now Ms. Grave why doesn't Who use the front door" Carlile asked Bella "Hello my name is Carlile and this is my wife Esme."

"Nice to meet you but I am afraid this isn't very good timing my father is about to come by and I wasn't expecting any visitors" she replied

"oh we didn't mean to intrude" Said Esme

"it's ok but he should be here any minute"

"oh well then we should probably be going" Carlile Said standing up when another voice suddenly came

"no that wont be necessary" a tall slender lady with long silk like hair Said


"Hello my name is Carlile and these are my children and this is my wife Esme"

"nice to meet you Carlile" the lady Said who I assumed was one of her aunts.

"Well I hope I haven' t missed the party" Said the deep powerful voice I heard at the forest.

"DADDY!" she yelled and went up to hug him, we stayed silent. ( Wait a minute I know him, he was that guy in charge of the underworld I went to Herman….no….Hermes….Hades yes! That his name)"Snap" Bella Said . "Daddy may I talk to you for moment"

"Sure Honey" he Said

They both disappeared downs the stairs.

" Her father is Hades!" Emmet gasped.

( we all slapped our foreheads )

"WOW! Emmet you think we don't know that, honestly" Alice Said.

" WOW He is Hades I didn't know that" the tall lady Said sarcastically.

"Really cause she seems to know you and you never found out."

"Emmet!!!!!!!!!!!!" all the Cullen's Said.

"Of course I knew that I'm her aunt!" she Said

"Well then may I ask who you are?" asked Carlile

"Well I thought it was obvious" Said Rosalie

"Well then why don't you enlighten us" Said Edward

"and I thought you where supposed to be the mind reader" she Said

"What the how did you know that"

"I'm Aphrodite I know a lot more than you do" she Said plainly

"well that explains something" Said jasper

"so you know about-"

"Of course I do How could I-"

" So you think-"

"sweetie defiantly! And-"

" I Know! What about-'

"Excuse Me I need a refresher what just happened?" Emmet asked.

" He is such a-"

"I Know!" Said Alice

"Ok…. I'm really confuse now and I'm just going to walk away slowly"

But just then more noise came from the stair case and Bella and Hades where back in the living room

"wow you guys made it a whole ten minutes with Aphrodite I am impressed" she Said with a hint of sarcasm

"I know the first time she baby sat you, you only lasted five minutes before calling in reinforcements" Said Hades

"she was trying to get me in to a pink frilly dress you of all people should know I don't do pink or frilly especially together" Said Bella firmly

"I will get you into pink one day" Said Aphrodite

"I would like to see that" Hades

"Hey I thought you where supposed to be on my side"

"I am" he Said

"a huh" she Said not buying it then Carlile cleared his throat

"Sorry for our rudeness" Said Hades just then a phone rang

"that's my phone one second" she Said before running upstairs at full vampire speed which could almost match mine. We could hear her voice but only slightly she must have shut her door but from what I caught her friends where coming down from New York City

Bella came down the stairs.

"Sorry about that" she Said

" Its ok" Carlile Said.

"Dad Annabeth and Percy are going to be in town and their coming to stay with me for awhile…. Is that ok"

" It's splendid!" Hades replied

"Great I think you guys would like them" Bella Said

" Yeah it would be fun to meet your friends" Alice Said while jumping up and down ( vampire speed)

"I'm sure we would enjoy meeting your friends but until then I must say we must depart. Thank you for entertaining us and Lord Hades. Also goddess of love. Thank you" Carlile Said as he headed towards the door.

" Bella I need to talk to you tomorrow… after school" I whispered as I passed her.

"Goodbye, may Hermes Grant you safe travels" Hades Said after we left.

(Bella and Edward would make a cute couple) Aphrodite thought to herself. A Smirk spread across my face at the thought of Bella and I dating. (Nonsense, utter nonsense)