Title: Melt

Ship: Delicia/Areida

Rating: M

Kink: Ice queen

I do not own Ella Enchanted. It belongs to Gail Carson Levine.


Delicia was always so cold. So distant and distracted, speaking only to complain about the imperfections of everyday life.

Arieida was different.

Arieda was able to stop and smell the roses embroided on tapestry, able to look past life's shortcomings, and accept what little she had.

But this was not why Delicia disliked the Ayorthian girl. It was for a much simpler, yet scandalous reason. A dirty little secret that Delicia liked to keep under wraps.

Arieda was always able to make Delicia melt. Fall apart under the heat of passion; lose that ice queen demeanor for a moment--

All it took was a simple kiss, hands clutching handfuls of her hair, and the heat of the other female's body against her own…

A gentle hand sneaking its way up her thigh, coming to rest between them, fingers brushing against heated nerves…

Delicia felt herself begin to thaw right about then.

She felt the ice that always surrounded her melt, and pool between her thighs; she felt coils of heat knot in her stomach, and she wanted nothing more to combust

Arieda always wanted to taste the melted ice…her mouth ravishing Delicia with soft kisses and gentle suction…

And she liked to feel inside…fingers probing her, filling her…

One, Delicia would always count…

Two, Arieda's fingers felt like heaven

Three, Delicia's hands entwined themselves in Arieda's hair…

Four, a gasp tore from her throat…

Five, a moan

Six, the heat was overwhelming…

Seven, she felt herself tighten

Eight, "I love you, Delicia…"

Nine, gasps; pants; "Oh, God, Arieda!"