Chapter 1

My second Heartbeat fan fic, yet again this one is for Nick and Kate, as I'm shocked there are not more stories about this classic couple out there! They were my favourite characters in this great series, and things were never the same after Kate died and Nick left! In this new fiction of mine, what would have happened if it had been Nick that developed Luekemia after baby Sarah's birth! Please don't forget to REVIEW!

Nick stood in the hospital doorway, smiling, looking down at his wife glowing and radiant as always, and his beautiful baby daughter.

"Aren't you coming in then?" Kate asked, beaming with pride, and beautiful in Nick's eyes, as he made his way over to the side of the bed perching himself down on the mattress, and wrapping his arm around his wife.

"Hello, Sarah Rowen." He smiled, gazing down at the almost perfect bundle in Kate's arms; it was then that she observed the patching of dark bruising around Nick's wrist, encompassed with blood spotting under the skin, and spreading up his arm, beneath his shirt sleeve.

"Nick, how did you do that?" She asked, unable to conceal or deny her concern.

Nick frowned, pulling back his shirt cuff with the forefinger of his other hand to take a closer look at the bruising.

"I don't know," he shrugged, "must have just knocked it I suppose."

Kate frowned. "Well that looks nasty."

"Kate you've just had our baby," Nick laughed, tickling the tiny palm of the small child sandwiched between him and Kate with his little finger and smiling as his daughter's tiny fingers closed up around his with surprising strength. "Why don't you try stop being the doctor for once and start being the patient."

"I'm not ill Nick." She smiled. "Besides, haven't you heard? Doctors make the worst patients."

"I know." He remarked cheekily.


"Give us a kiss." Nick grinned, although as Kate leaned into her husbands embrace, joining him in a deep and affectionate kiss she couldn't help but notice the slight pallor to his face and cheeks, and the dark circles under his eyes.

In truth Nick didn't want to have to tell his wife that this wasn't the first episode of extreme of excessive bruising he'd experienced in the last few weeks. Nor did he want to tell her about the headaches, or the bone and joint pains which had afflicted him, seemingly without cause or reason. She's just had their baby, it was now his job to take care of her, and that was exactly what Nick intended to do.