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Chapter 1: A New Adventure

It was nighttime. The full moon shone brightly in the dark sky. A young boy stood on a rooftop of a building as crashing waves are heard in the distance (The place is Slateport City). Beside him was a small flying creature, not identified as any known Pokémon (A/N: This is set before the Sinnoh Region was discovered, and no, the creature is NOT a Sinnoh Pokémon). The boy held a semi-ornate mallet and spoke, but his words were only audible to himself and his companion who didn't respond. The boy then stepped to the roof's edge and jumped off.


A boy was jolted awake from his sleep. He was inside a moving van. He had recently finished the Pokémon League and some time after, his family decided to move from Littleroot Town (This is NOT the player character in the games.) to Slateport City. This was partly because during his adventure, he was given an invitation to enroll in the new Mamoru Academy, a (secret) school that teaches self-defense for those who don't have Pokémon to protect them or just in case the Trainer's Pokémon are unable to help him/her. Personally, he thought whoever founded this was paranoid.

(A/N: In the Pokémon manga, which is more 'violent' then the animé, the trainers fight alongside their Pokémon, or so I heard. I haven't seen the manga. The fighting in this story is up to this level.)

The other reason why his family was moving was that his father found a better job at Slateport. Brendan decided to look at his invitation letter again and it read;

Greetings, Brendan Avilon,

If you're wondering how you received this letter, it's because we've been observing trainers like you in our search for 'recruits' to our Mamoru Academy. Here, we will teach you self-defense without being dependent on your Pokémon. Not that we think you shouldn't need them, but who knows what may happen. Call us paranoid if you will, but surely you have had encounters with certain evil organizations like Team Magma, for example. We just want you to know that while having Pokémon is a good thing, you shouldn't depend your life entirely on them. We hope you understand what we're trying to imply here.

With regards,

Mamoru Academy Staff

P.S. There is a card attached that will grant you entry as our academy is secret to the general public.

Just then, the van had stopped. The door opened and as he got out, was greeted with the face of someone familiar.

"You were the driver of the moving van that took us Johto to Hoenn!", he gasped.

(Although he isn't the player character in the games, this boy underwent most of the same situations.)

"A pleasure to serve you once more, Brendan Avilon.", said the driver, shaking hands.

"Nice to see you again, sir.", replied Brendan.

"Well, best get in. I already fixed up your new room, I presume. My Pokémon are still moving the other stuff, so be careful."

"I will."

Brendan took a glimpse of the new house, admiring its wonderful appearance, then he went inside. There, things were in a bit of a chaos. While the mover's Pokémon Machoke and Vigoroth were doing a well done job, his family insisted on lending a hand. His sister, Daisy, a blonde teen with red jogging pants, matching sneakers, and a small black sleeveless shirt baring her midriff was lifting a large box and was assisted by Gluckod, her Golduck, and Bermol, her Lombre. His father, whose face Brendan wasn't able to see, was carrying another box all by himself, kindly refusing all offers to assist. His mother… well, his mother passed away a few years ago, before their move to Littleroot Town.

Brendan went straight to the stairs, climbed them, and went to his room, designed in a simple manner and somewhat like his "Littleroot" room. He then went straight to adjusting his clock, then went to his mirror and adjusted his blue bandanna, made sure his custom-made long-sleeved shirt was straight, his gloves were tight enough, hia pants were clean (especially at the yellow portion below), and his shoes not having any loose knots.

Then he looked at his watch and gasped, "Goodness me! I gotta go!" He then got his bag, his Pokémon, and ran lickety-split down the stairs and out of the house.

"I'll race ya!", a voice from his right said as he ran. He looked and it was Daisy.

"Sure!", he replied. "Last one is a rotten egg!"

Both raced each other through the Slateport streets. A minute later a white-haired (with a tone of cyan) guy, wearing a black suit adorned with purple waves, pants and shoes of matching color, and a red tie underneath the suit, joined in the run.

"Julian Comet! Is that you?", Daisy gasped in shock.

"Well met, Daisy Avilon.", answered Julian.

"Are you headed for the Mamoru Academy, by any chance?"

"Why, yes. You?"

"Yup. And my brother, too!"

"Did you really have to mention me?", Brendan asked.

Daisy didn't answer back. Instead, she pointed out in the distance. "Hey! Who's that?"

Brendan looked at where she was pointing and saw someone familiar. He had green hair, a white buttoned uniform, green pants, and blue & white shoes. He also had a backpack. (A/N: While this is what Wally looks like, this is not Wally; I'm just so lazy in making original characters for Pokémon.)

"Yuri Taylor!", Brendan gasped as he, Daisy, and Julian reached bypassed where Yuri was.

"Brendan Avilon!", Yuri greeted in return as he joined the three in the run. "Guess what! I was invited into the Mamoru Academy!"

"Really? So was I! And my sister too! As well as her friend here."

"I see."

Another minute later, they reached an officer, who was one of the confdential guards to the Academy.

"Follow me.", he said and they did so. He led them all the way to a row of portable plastic outhouses. He motioned them to enter, which they did with some hesitation. Once they were inside, the officer punched in a set of numbers on a hidden keypad in each of the stalls. Inside the stalls, a face scanner and a card scanner came out.

"Your name?", a computer voice said to each of the four. As they said their names, the computer said, "Scan the card you received in your invitation letter."

At once the four followed and before they knew it, it was as if they were suddenly in a fast descending elevator. Ten seconds later, they stopped and when they opened the stall, they were amazed by what they saw.

(A/N: I'll leave the description of the school to your imagination, but I'll say that its theme was futuristic.)

"What?" was all they could think of. They then crossed the gate, which was one of many as there were multiple (secret) entrances, then they went to the school's bulletin board in the main hall, Daisy and Julian went one way, while Brendan and Yuri went another.

As the two boys walked, Yuri suddnly snapped his fingers, saying, "Yeesh! I forgot to tell you that I just bought a new camera." Yuri's quite the photograher, and even took a video or two. He joined Brendan in his adventures (en route to the Pokémon League). He had taken a lot of photos of him with his Pokémon, his friends, just about anything worth taking a picture. Yuri was no slouch in Pokémon battles either. In fact, he just second to Brendan in terms of power and skill.

"You need not tell me, Yuri.", Brendan replied. "Say, is there anything more interesting to you besides myself?"

"Nothing is more interesting to me than you, Brendan. You should know that. By the way, do you think Julian is charming?"

"Well, I think he is charming. And it seems that my sister's having a liking to him."

"Well, let's hurry to our first class."


"All right now, young 'uns.", said the teacher. "Our lesson for today is on deciding on your personal self-defense weapon. The pole, the hammer, and the sling are a few basic examples. There are also others like fans, chucks, tonfas…"

As the teacher continued on in her lecture (the students were seated, just like in ordinary schools), Yuri noticed Brendan absentmindedly doodling, though his face was directed at the teacher's.

"What's that?", he asked his friend. Instantly, Brendan stopped doodling and looked at what he drew.

"It doesn't look like any Pokémon I ever seen.", Yuri continued.

"Yeah.", Brendan agreed. "I first saw this…critter in a dream of mine."

Just then, the teacher called out his name.

"Brendan Avilon."

"Yes, ma'am?", Brendan answered.

"Name other non-lethal objects that can be used in self defense combat."

"Well, there's the arnis sticks, the quarterstaff, and the blackjack to name a few."

"Very good. Now name conventional items that can be used for self-defense."

"Baseball bat, dumbell, ladle, pipe, shovel…"


Brendan and Yuri were now at the gym, practicing acrobatic moves. They also met some old aquaintances from their previous adventure. There was Jackson Teeled, a Camper whom they competed with in the contest at the Trick House (not the same one Ash's friends attended in the animé), and Nick Bromokov, a Bug Maniac who harassed them whenever they bypassed Petalburg Woods.

"Brendan seems to be a fast learner, eh?", Jackson said to Nick, who happened to have been at the same Trick House contest as him.

"I most definitely agree.", Nick answered back.

Brendan was learning fast in staff combat, and received applause from his classmates. Just then, the coach called out, "Well done, Brendan Avilon. Next lesson is to retrieve a spinning object from the air. This is to simulate a situation where your weapon my have been sent into the air by your opponent. You are to simulate the act of retreiving it."

"Yes, Coach!", the students chorused. Each of them got their 'weapon' of preference from the rack; Brendan's choice was the mallet. Seconds later, they tossed their 'weapons' into the air, subsequently caught them, and repeated under the Coach's whistle signal.

"That dream I had earlier has been bothering me.", Brendan thought. "I better tell Yuri about this."

Suddenly, in mid-air, his mallet became the one from his dream. He was so entranced by this transformation (it was only in his mind) that he failed to catch it as it fell on his head, hammerhead first.

"Ooh. That's gonna leave a mark.", Nick remarked.

"Uh-huh.", Jackson nodded in agreement as Brendan fell to the floor, clutching his head in pain.


Brendan had a few more lessons, was told by Daisy that she'll be home at 7:00 PM, and soon, he was out of the academy and was headed home. He entered, calling, "I'm home!", but no one answered. He then looked at the bulletin board at the kitchen. It said;

"Skyler (Dad): I'll be home around 9:00 PM today. Please warm up some curry for dinner. Dessert is in the fridge.

Daisy: I have a part-time job at 4:00 PM. I'll be home at 7:00 PM.

Brendan: Nothing special scheduled today."

After reading the note, Brendan opened the fridge, took a chocolate cupcake, and ate it. Suddenly, a low bubbling noise was heard. Instantly, he grabbed a croquet mallet from the living room and searched for the noise. After hearing it again, he realized it was at the basement, where his father stores his books.

"It's coming from Dad's library.", Brendan thought. "What should I do? What if it's a thief? I'll just look inside from the doorway. And if someone's there, I'll call the police. Or perhaps I could make use of my lessons."

Brendan opened the basement door and looked inside. He creeped slowly down the stairs and lit the room with the room lights. He moved between the shelves, the noise growing louder as he reached the last shelf. He then jumps into view of the assumed 'intruder'—only there was none. He looked about the shelf and one of them caught his eye; a strange book titled "The Clow". On the cover was a feline-like creature he never seen before. Brendan opened the book and saw that the pages have been hollowed out and that cards were hidden inside. He took out the top card and examined it.

"Win…dy.", Brendan read on the card. Just then, it glowed and suddenly, a glowing circle lit up underneath his feet and a blast of wind sprung up from nowhere, blowing out the cards, which pass throught the roof and out into the sky. In surprise, Brendan dropped the book and slumped to the floor. He then realized that "Windy" was still in his hand.

"What?", Brendan gasped as the book glowed and an small orange creature with ears of a Marill, simplistic limbs, small white wings, and a slim tail with a slight tuft at its end.

"Good afternoon!", it greeted.

Brendan was speechless.

"Hey, thanks for wakin' me up!", the creature continued before he was plucked out of the air by Brendan, who examined him gently.

"Batteries...?", Brendan was saying. "Where's the switch...? Where's the voice coming from? And what is this Pokémon?"

Just then, the creature escaped and flew a safe distance away.

"I am not a toy!", the creature retorted. "And I'm not a Pokémon either, whatever that is. I am the guardian beast of this book, Cerberus."

"Guardian?", Brendan repeated. "Cerberus?"

As Cerberus levitated the book into an upright position, he answered, "Yep. I guard the cards in this book so they don't do bad things. That's my—"

He stopped short when he realize that the cards were missing and did a double-take.

"Ahhh! There's no cards!", Cerberus gasped in panic. "Why? Why? Where'd they all go?"

Brendan then held out the Windy card saying, "Is this one of them?"

"Huh? Oh! Yeah, this! This is one of them! And the rest of the cards?"

"Well, when I read 'Windy' aloud, it got really windy, and the rest of the cards flew away!"

"Oh, so that's it...", said Cerberus and both of them laughed. An instant later, the guardian screamed, "WHAT?"


Later that night, at the dining room, Brendan and Daisy were having dinner; their father hasn't returned home yet as it was only 7:12 PM. For some reason, Brendan was consuming his food real fast. Then in a hurried tone, he gave a "grace after meals", quickly and surely cleaned his dishes in the sink, ran to the fridge, and took a plate of cookies.

"Where are you going with that?", Daisy asked quizzically.

"I'm going to eat it while I study in my room!", replied Brendan as he made for the stairs. (A/N: Even the Mamoru Academy has book-reading in its mehods of teaching, although their true reason is to serve as a cover-up of its self-defense activities and gives the illusion that its students are attending an ordinary school.)


In the desk on Brendan's room, Cerberus glowed and floated next to the PC, observing the card book as it floated in front of the guardian.

"How's it going?", said Brendan as he entered with the cookies.

"This is bad.", said Cerberus. "I can't tell where the cards are at all."

"Here." Brendan offered the cookies to Cerberus and he casually ate it.

"That tastes good!", Cerberus remarked, then continued. "In this book, there were Clow Cards."

"Clow Cards?", Brendan repeated.

"Clow Cards. When unleashed, they will bring chaos to the world. They are special cards created by a magician named Clow Reed. Each one is alive and has its own special powers. They do as they please, and on top of that, ordinary people can't control them. That's why Clow made this book and put me, the guardian beast, on the cover. By the way, what's a Pokémon?"

"They're the creatures that exist in this world other than us humans and plants, though there are Pokémon that are akin to plants."

"Really? Tell me more."

"Judging by your face, I think this Clow Reed is not of this world of Pokémon as you don't know what it is, whereas it's common knowledge here to even the lowliest beggar."

"I see. Anyway, we need to get the cards back.", said Cerberus and as he pointed to Brendan, finished, "And you're going to help me."

"Why me?", Brendan asked with a casual face.

"You're the one who called the magic wind and scattered the cards!", Cerberus accused.

"But ain't it your job to make certain the cards didn't escape?", Brendan answered back.

"Well, I kinda fell asleep..."

"For how long?", Brendan asked, making the akimbo position.

"Thirty years or so."

"Are you really a guardian beast?"

"Hey, these things happen!"

"So the sound I heard was your snoring, huh?"

"Anyway! Since you were able to open this book, you have at least some magic. And you, what's your name?"


"Well, then, Brendan, stand over there."

He complied, then suddenly, the room disappeared, and he is standing in a magic circle. As Brendan had a slightly confused look (A/N: he has seen weirder; after all, he fought legendary Pokémon on his way to the League.), Cerberus began to chant.

"O key of capture!" A shining orb emerged from the card book and floated to Brendan. "There is one who would enter into a contract with thee! A boy named Brendan. O key, grant this boy your power! Release!"

The orb glowed with a blinding light and became a blue mallet adorned with a ring of garnet on the portion of the handle near the head. There were also stripes of orange on the end farthest from the head.

"Take the 'wand'!", ordered Cerberus, and Brendan swiftly complied.

"All right! A cardcaptor is born!", he cheered as the room returned to normal. Brendan nodded in return, because deep inside, he was itching for a new journey, and now that it has come, he was ready.


Brendan was now in his blue Mudkip-designed pyjamas, ready for bed and was blow-drying his hair since he took a bath after his "call to adventure". Meanwhile, Cerberus was bouncing on his bed, and holding Brendan's Pokédex.

"Cardcaptor. Catcher of the Clow cards. Doesn't it sound cool?", Cerberus asked Brendan.

"I guess.", he replied. "I've been waiting for another adventure ever since I defeated the Elite Four."

"I see."

Brendan had taken the time to explain about the Pokémon world. Suddenly, a blast of wind from the open window surprised them. "What a strong wind!", Brendan gasped. He went to the window and was about to close it when Cerberus stopped him and pointed to a Fearow flying above them.

"A Clow Card!", Cerberus gasped.

"That? But that's just a Fearow."

"But it's so big!"

"Fearow are usually big." Then the Fearow swooped down an made a loop-dee-loop. It went low enough for Brendan to see that this Fearow was much bigger than ordinary Fearows. "But this Fearow is way too large!"

"It must be the Fly card!", Cerberus assumed. "This world probably had effects on the Clow Cards that gave them the appearance of Pokémon. It's time for the Cardcaptor's first task!"

"I'm on it!", Brendan said in alertness, grabbing his Running Shoes and his belt (holding his party Pokémon) before jumping out the window.


On the streets of Slateport, "Fly" has landed. With each beat of its wings, it cracked windows and sent blasts of wind everywhere. Brendan and Cerberus hurried toward it, Brendan still in his pyjamas.

"Sheesh! My first call of duty and I'm in my nightwear!", Brendan said to himself.

"What are you saying, world's only Cardcaptor?", Cerberus asked.

Ahead, they see "Fly". In an instant, Brendan took out one of his Pokémon. He then tossed the Pokéball forward, yelling, "Windria, I choose you!" The Pokéball opened, and sent out flash of light, which materialized into a Swellow wearing a blue bonnet with white polka dots. (A/N: Brendan took the habit of giving his Pokémon 'marks' or small pieces of clothing to distinguish them from other Pokémon.)

"What's that?", Cerberus asked as he took out the Pokédex (he brought it with him). The Pokédex explained, "Swellow, the Swallow Pokémon. Swellow uses its impressive divebomber speed and its large talons to capture its prey."

"You're gonna use a Pokémon to attack the Clow Card?", Cerberus asked in disgust.

"Don't worry.", Brendan assured. "I've fought legendaries in my last adventure. How tough can this Clow Card be?" He then turned to Windria and commanded, "Windria, charge the opponent."

She was about to comply when "Fly" shrieked and beats its wings, sending a blast of wind at her, Brendan, and Cerberus. (A/N: I acknowledge the fact that Pokémon have gender.) The three were blasted back and they landed onto the ground.

"Oww.", Brendan groaned.

"Brendan, use your magic!", Cerberus told him.

Brendan replied with a confused face and Windria did the same.

"The key! Do as I told you!"

"Okay.", Brendan said as he took the 'key' out of his pocket and held it in front of him.

"Key which contains the forces of darkness, reveal thy true form before me!", he chanted. "I, Brendan, command thee under the contract! Release!"

The key then grew into the 'wand', and he twirled it like a baton, then held it, ready.

"All right, Brendan.", Cerberus said. "The Fly card shares some of the characteristics of wind. You should be able to use your Windy card to capture it!"

"Are you sure about this?", Brendan asked.

"You'll need to get closer, though."

Just then, Fly came straight at them. Instantly, Brendan ordered Windria to use Aerial Ace. She complied and flew straight, then quickly ascended straight up into the sky. As she was engulfed in white streaks of light, she flew down onto "Fly" before it could hit Brendan. The hit connected, but Fly remained unfazed and passed overhead, then turned, ready to attack the Swellow.

"Brendan, the Windy card!", Cerberus yelled.

"On it!", he answered. He then took out Windy and tossed it ahead. As the card spun, he chanted, "O wind, lend Windria thy power! Imbue your powers into her!"

He then struck it with his wand.


Following the command, Windy emerged in the form of a Ninjask, then imbued itself into Windria. (A/N: Honestly, I don't know the term to use for an Object A that is absorbed into an Object B, just by pushing A into B.)

"Windria, use Gust!", Brendan ordered.

The Swellow complied and when she flapped her wings at high speed, streams of wind were sent around Fly's legs, neck, and wings. It fell to the ground, and Windria landed. Instantly, Brendan commanded, "Return to thy true form! Clow Card!"

Brendan thrust his 'wand' forward as it created a 'card' shape. "Fly" was reduced to streams of wind and they all entered the 'card', which then materialized into the card "Fly". Windria hopped over, panting.

"Way to go, Brendan!", Cerberus cheered.

"Not just me. Windria did most of the work.", Brendan said.

Cerberus pats his head, then Windria's, saying to Brendan, "Still, you're just the Cardcaptor I hoped for! All these different experiences will build character! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Well, you've captured the card, so let's use it!"

"What does it do?"

"Just try it!"

Brendan complied and toughed the card with his 'wand'. (A/N: Despite being a mallet, I'll call it a wand, okay?)


In an instant, Brendan's 'wand' sprouted 'plane wings' on the back and front, leaving space for Brendan to mount it. When he did just that, he took off into the air, screaming delightfully as Windria and Cerberus followed.

"How is it?", Cerberus asked. "Do you like it?"

"Yeah!", Brendan answered. "With this, I can still have Windria fight when I need to be in the air."

Windria had a worried look, which Brendan noticed. He patted her on the head and said to her, "But you're still the best flyer I ever had."

"Let's work hard together, Cardcaptor Brendan.", said Cerberus.

"I prefer the title, "Poké-captor", since the Clow Cards have assumed Pokémon form, right?"

"All right."

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