Affection Tipped

He hated Valentines day with every bit of his heart. He hated the way the other students flounced about with love in their eyes. He hated the random proclamations of fake emotions. He hated the fluffy pink hearts and adorable naked cupids. He hated the worthlessness of the 'holiday'. It was disgusting.

Arthur leaned back at his desk, glaring at the teacher as he scribbled over his notebook, drawing hearts and then scratching them out. Stupid teacher. He was forcing everyone to write an essay on their plans for Valentines. Valentines.

Feliciano's cheerful voice came over the PA system, reading off the announcements for the day. "Ve~ and the prom committee will be selling carnations for Valentines day! Only 3 dollars for 2 carnations. I hope Ludwig gets me one..." The other students laughed as Ludwig's voice sounded in the back ground, affronted. "That's all for today's announcements! Have a wonderful day!" Only Feliciano could say that so cheerfully and mean it.

"Carnations, eh?" Francis asked beside him, leaning back in his chair and winking suggestively at him. He looked completely relaxed, feet kicked up on his desk, his navy blue regulation tie loosened, hair slipping from his loose ponytail. Arthur shot him a dirty look. Francis had a devious expression, the corners of his mouth turned up in a smirk. He looked unbearably sexy.

"What are you planning, stupid frog? Finally feel like confessing to Antonio?" He sneered at him as Francis laughed, a sweet well practiced sound. He would have said more, would have taunted Francis into a verbal war on the idiotic practices and pressures of society on the so called day of love. But the bell rang, and Francis was gone, not arguing with him out the door as usual. Odd. He really must have been planning something.

Arthur sighed, growling as Yao bounced past him and offered him a carnation, the very edges of the petals soft pink. A pretty thing with no meaning behind it. "It might bring you luck with your sweet heart." The wink Yao gave him was too knowing to be just a senseless pass or a baseless joke. He disliked it when Yao seemed to know everything. He disliked it alot.

"I don't have a sweet heart." He hissed through clenched teeth, brushing by Yao to go to science, leaving the skinny Chinese boy giggling quietly behind him.

The day passed quickly until lunch, leaving Arthur dazed and bored. He swore, if he saw one more couple sucking face in the hall ways, he was going to slit his own wrists with a rusty spoon. Disgusting. What the hell was wrong with them? How was Valentines day an excuse to rub against each other like animals in public? Was he the only sane one left on the planet?

He pushed through a crowd of people, all sharing carnations and laughter. He hated them. He hated Valentines day. He hated the stupid happiness. He tried squeezing past a group of rabid girls, all vying for a flower of their choice. Suddenly, his shoulders were grabbed, and he was forced back against a locker, away from the crowds. Surprised, he let out a little yell, soothed when he saw Francis's grinning face. "Fuck, you stupid frog! You scared the crap out of me!" He breathed deeply to calm himself.

Francis laughed, taking his hand and wrapping his fingers around the carnation in his gentle grasp. The long stem was damp and slightly cool. Slowly, agonizingly slowly, He pressed a kiss against Arthur's mouth, long enough that he left Arthur gasping in surprise and the subtle ache for more. He pulled back, stared at him and smiled. "Happy Valentines day, petit lapin."

Arthur watched Francis disappear in a crowd of people, his gait easy and slow, until only his blonde hair floated above the crowd, and then was gone. He plucked at the carnation thoughtfully, staring down at it, a smile growing on his face. Between his fingers, the carnation's folds of white and orange revealed something he didn't understand.