Edward and The Cold War

Karin: A little darker then the others though it couldn't really be helped. Still hilarious at the end. I hope you all like it! Review with requests and I'll go on. No Flames!


Edward was in the meadow. Lying on the damp undergrowth beneath him as bursts of sunlight peeked in from the canopy of leafy trees above. The day was wondrous as the damp warmth seeped into his icy skin. He shut his golden eyes and took a deep breath purely out of indulgence, the scent of moist air intermingled with the scent of animals and the sun. It sent him into euphoria.

Today was a good day. Today Edward could relax. Since Bella had left him, since France had destroyed and pillaged his vital regions, since every little horrible thing that had happened...this was a good day. He was alone, his vital regions were safe and it didn't even hurt anymore that Bella had left him and called him an idiot.

"How nice." He said as a stray beam of warm sunlight landed on his face. He was unwinding from all the terrible things that had recently befallen him-even the French man was gone. There was no need to live in constant fear (though somewhere in the back of Edward's mind there was a chiming voice, like an old angry man shouting; "Constant Vigilance" though he couldn't be bothered with identifying it).

Suddenly a twig cracked under heavy boot in the distance causing Edward to start up. He looked cautiously towards the apex of trees wondering what it could have been.

And suddenly the sun was covered by thick gray clouds and the wind began to howl. The temperature, which had been a comfortable chill before began to drop at an alarming rate even making Edward shiver. He was reminded of those days in Moscow during The Cold War. Terrible times, horrible times really.

"Who's there?" He asked suddenly. He stood but was unable to move after that. Something was coming from the foliage of trees and bushes. He prayed that it wasn't Francis. He didn't think he could take the molestation again.

What came from the greenery of bushes and trees made Edward's breath catch (he really didn't need to breathe anyway) and his golden eyes widen to comedic proportions. He began to quake in terror at the sight before him.

"Greetings comrade," Ivan Braginski greeted with his trademark smile. His violet eyes took in Edward's shaking form and wide eyes. He began to giggle. "Oh how you shake in unparallel joy at the sight of me comrade! It reminds me so much of Latvia." He stepped into the meadow, his large feet crushing the flowers in deliberation. "It has been so long, since the beginnings of Холо́дная война́, Kholodnaya voyna. Do you remember how horrible that was? How excited you were at the very sight of so much carnage?"

"Mr. Braginski, why are you here?" Edward asked finally able to use his voice. Instead of seeing the man in front of him with his brown military jacket he saw a soldier, a menace he hadn't ever wanted to see again. A uniform covered in blood, a young man smiling with specks of red on his pale cheeks-this man was Russia!

"I have come to protect you друг (Friend) just like before. Do you remember? When you left your family, how I used to bring to you the bad men to kill. Oh how you loved the slaughter, do you remember?" Ivan laughed as though it were all a joke. "I remember. Natalya remembers, that is what makes her so silent and serious, what makes her so insane." Edward remembered, he remembered the small white haired little girl that he had made watch.

The slaughter. The death. He had made Belarus watch as he killed all those men, innocent men all in the name of Russia.

"What do you want? It can't be to talk of old times, Mr. Braginski." He crossed his arms across his chest. "If you have nothing to say, then leave."

"Oh I have much to say." Ivan opened his arms to Edward and smiled. "Come back to me, друг. Join Russia, да?"



Matthew Williams and Jacob Black had been exploring the trees or rather, Matthew was exploring. Jacob had decided long ago after meeting Canada that he would try to make the visits more comfortable and fun. It wasn't easy, sometimes Jacob would almost forget Matthew was there. They got along very well and soon Jacob was bending to Matthew's will as though coiled around Canada's finger.


"What is that?" Canada asked, pausing in his half climb up a thin tree. Jacob also paused, staring in the direction of the whispered scream

"Someone in pain?"

"Someone terrified?"

"Edward." The said at once, looked at one another and ran in the direction of the shout hoping to see what had caused the mentally unstable vampire to scream in such terror. Matthew was certain that Francis had gone back home so it couldn't be Francis' fault. He was curious as to what had caused Edward to scream.

Jacob didn't so much care as to what made Edward scream in terror he just wanted to see the expression on his face (which incidentally caused him an unexplainable amount of joy that left him smiling for hours).

When they reached the meadow they were torn; should they laugh at the sight of Edward Cullen, obviously fallen in dead faint with foam coming from the mouth? Or should they run in terror at the tall Russian twirling a glimmering water pipe in his hand with a demented smile on his shadowed face.

"I do not know what happened." Russia said still smiling. His purple eyes now trained on Cananda and Jacob. "He seemed so happy to see me until I ask him to come back to Mother Russia." He pouted and it was almost cute (Jacob thought at least) until the shadow over Ivan's eyes deepened causing his purple eyes to glow. "All will be with Mother Russia eventually, why not come with me now when it makes no difference, да?"

Jacob transformed, Matthew clung to his back as both ran back towards safety leaving a very confused Russian and an almost catatonic Edward behind.


Karin: Yeah a majority of it was dark. Sorry about that. I've been thinking about what Edwrad had done when he went MIA and this was the result.

Also, Hetalia's all cute and hilarious but all the nations have a darker past especially everyone's favorite homicidal maniac Russia. It was easy to put them together-Edward having lived with Russia for a short time in the beginning of the cold war, Russia feeding Edward humans who were bad (Edward calls them innocent because of his personality. Remember in the book when he basically called himself a monster for feeding on bad people? Yeah he's an idiot). And I figured it would be shocking to find out that it was Edward that drove Belarus insane. (In my head I picture him being the epitome of evil when he wasn't with Carlisle.)

It's easy to make fun of him since everyone forgets he actually had a pretty evil past (he's such a pansy now its disgusting). Don't worry though, the next time I write Russia and Edward it wont be dark at all, instead it will be pretty funny (Russia appearing in odd places scaring the crap out of everyone because he wants Edward back so much).

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