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I remember when I was young and life seemed so much simpler. I grew up in a castle filled with servants who would tend to my every need. Although my parents barely had time to spend with me, I cherished the time I had with them. It didn't matter to me anyway, I understood. They were King Charlie and Queen Renee. Rulers of the land. Besides, I had tons of people waiting to please me. I knew that none of them actually loved me, but all of them were willing to do what I asked because I was a Princess. There was nothing else I felt I needed. You may think me rude and spoiled, and even though I was, I was understanding. The consequence of growing up in such a huge place and having anything I wanted at my finger tips with little affection from the rest of my family, made me grow up sympathizing with those who were also unloved or unwanted. My heart ached for those just like me.

I was seven years old the first time I laid my eyes on Edward Masen. The sun was nearly setting off in the distance, and there was a feeling of ease floating through the castle. Mother was sewing a blanket somewhere in the castle, and Father was sitting on his throne, reading. It was the first time that month that he wasn't busy and so I decided to see if he could tell me one of those silly stories of his, or even have a little tea party with me. As I peered into the crack of the tall wooden doors, I saw him flipping slowly through he pages. I wasn't really supposed to be there, watching him. I was supposed to be practicing the piano; playing the same little scale over and over again... it bored me. My overly happy piano teacher didn't make it any better. Her sense of cheerfulness made me resent playing even more.

"Come on! You can do it! Play it again," She cheered me on with a fake smile. I was ten minutes late for my piano lesson and she was probably looking for me now. What a pain. Only I could see that it was an act not to be fired. Deciding to enter, whether or not I got scolded for missing classes, I quietly opened the door to-

There was a bang as the double doors opened, slamming against the wall. Three guards dressed in red, wearing big, black boots and carrying swords entered the room. They were holding a thin person between their arms.

"What is the meaning of this?" Father's voice rang with full authority.
"Your Highness, we found this boy trying to steal apples from the Royal Garden," the guard closest to me said.

'How dare they?' I thought, 'Interrupting my precious time with Father, for a stupid, pathetic little boy who-' Father stood up and approached the thin figure, struggling to get free from the guards' grasp.

I gasped as I looked more carefully at the boy. He was covered in dirt, from his face to his uncovered feet. His clothes were tattered and old and hadn't been changed for days. He wasn't much taller than I was, and, although he was so thin and fragile looking, he didn't look like he was a little boy. His eyes were the colour of topaz gems and his hair, flipped and standing in every direction, was bronze with a light tint of red. Bruises covered his arms and legs, and he had a deep gash right under his right eye. His face was hard, and his eyes held no fear or pain, only hate and distrust. Despite that, there was no denying his Godlike beauty. Underneath all the dirt and scars, there was definitely something about him that captured me.

"What is your name, boy?" Father questioned. The boy continued to look at Father with those cold, amber eyes. The guard smacked him in the head.

"His Highness is speaking to you, beggar!"

The boy bowed his head in defeat and said in a soft, velvety tone,

"Edward Masen, Sir."

Father asked, "Why are you stealing apples from the Royal Garden, Edward?"

"I- I was hungry, Sir," Edward replied

"Hungry?" The Guard huffed, "Stealing from Royalty, all because you're HUNGRY? Ha, you're in for it this time, boy!"

"Enough," Father ordered, "Just send him to the dungeon then." Father said. Worry fleeted across Edward's face as the other two guards grabbed his arms and carried him away. I could hardly mask my dismay.

"Father! You can't throw him in the dungeon for APPLES! Father, have mercy!" I cried.

"Isabella, he stole from us, from the Kingdom. I can hardly let him go unpunished,"

"But, Father... Guards! Stop! Bring the boy here!" Not sure who's order to obey, the guards looked at Father, who nodded. They brought the boy towards me.

"Boy," I said in a brave voice, "How- how old are you?"

Not looking me directly in the eyes, he simply stated," Nine, miss"

"And when was the last time you've eaten?"

"A little over three days, Miss."

"Lies!" yelled the Guard

"Silence!" I ordered. Turning to father, I looked at him with pleading eye and said,

"Papa, it's not his fault. Please, let him off easy." Father observed the boy with skepticism on his face. Father looked as if he was being strangled by something. He gaped at me for a couple minutes.

Breaking the silence, I asked,

"Boy, where are your parents?"

He shook his head, his bangs covering his eyes.

"Gone," He said

'Gone?' It was as I feared. This beautiful boy standing in front of me was also unwanted in his own home.

"But Bella-" Father started,

"Father, please, PLEASE, forgive him..." I begged, tears starting to form in my eyes.

"I... I supposed I could just let him off with a warning...Very well. Send him out of here. Boy, I wish never to see you again," he commanded.

"But Father!" I gasped.
"What is it now, Bella?" He asked, slightly amused.
"It's- well it's almost dark, and he has no one else to turn to... can't- can't we let him stay? Perhaps he could be a servant boy?"

Knowing that I would never let it go, father chortled. He looked at Edward and questioned him.

"Do you know how to cook, boy?"

"Yes Sir"


"Yes Sir"

"And you wouldn't mind living here for the rest of your life?"

"No, no Sir, I would not"

"Aha! I see! Very well then. I know that I cannot stop Isabella once she puts her mind to something, and she seems to really want to save you. You aren't much older than she is either... Humph. Well, it's settled then. Edward, for now on, you shall be a servant boy here at the castle. You will be like any other servant, you will eat when all the other servants eat, do what all the other servants do and you will make, my little Bella here, your first priority. You shall keep her safe and make sure she gets whatever she wants. Understood? It is, after all thanks to her that you're still alive now. Aside from that, whenever Isabella feels like she doesn't need you, you will tend to other things like helping the chef to cook and cleaning up around the castle. Are we clear?"

"Yes sir."

"Ha, very good then, boy. CARLISLE!" Father called. Carlisle was our best servants, and the only servant I actually liked. He had porcelain skin, blonde hair a wonderful smile. He was only about twenty but he was definitely the best servant we had, and the most handsome. Carlisle walked in obediently, as soon as Father called.

"You called, your Majesty?" He asked.

"Yes. Carlisle, your newest task is to train this boy, Edward, into a servant. Edward, if I hear any complaints about you from Calisle or anyone else in the castle, you will be back on the streets again. You are to listen carefully to Carlisle's instructions and follow anything her says. All right now, you best be off, both of you."

"Yes Sire," Carlisle bowed, "Come along now, Edward"

I watched as Edward walked away with Carlisle. 'Please,' I thought, 'Please help Edward stay.'