In a time where disbelief and supremacy ruled, there lived a boy named Brad. Brad, who was an only child, was trying to get his chores done so that he could go to the party. As he was cleaning the shed, he found an old motorcycle. So he took it to his uncle's shop because he's a mechanic.

When Brad got there, he unloaded the bike and said, "Hey Uncle Mike."

"Hey Brad." He responded "What can I do for you today?"

"I found this old bike in my shed today. Do you think you could fix it up by 8:30 tonight?" he asked

Uncle Mike walks around the bike, checking it out, and says, "Yeah, I can have it ready by 8:30 tonight."

"Sweet!" Brad says excitedly "Thank you."

Brad leaves and goes back home to finish his chores. At home, Brand finishes his chores. Moments later his uncle rings the doorbell. Brad goes and answers the door. When he sees his uncle he says, "Uncle Mike! Perfect timing."

"Perfect." He said " I got the bike fixed and I added some Nos to it cuz I know you like speed."

Brad just smiles and says, "Thank you Uncle Mike! You're the best."

"No problem." Uncle Mike replies as he leaves

Brad leaves shortly after his uncle and heads to the pier because that's where the party was. When he gets there, a big crowd of girls comes to him and wanna know where he got the bike. He gets out of the crowd and joins a few of his guy friends. He asks, "Dude, is Valencia here?"

"Yeah! She's here bro." he answered "She's on the dance floor."

He smiles and says, "Let's go dancing."

They all go to the dance floor. On the way there the ladies on the dance floor just watched with googly eyes. Valencia even found herself wanting to be chosen to dance.

Valencia had her wish come true. Brad chose her to dance. After dancing for awhile, they took a seat and started talking. A lot of the girls were jealous because Brad had chosen Valencia.

Once the party ended, Brad asked Valencia, "Valencia, you got a ride home?"

"Nope. I'm gonna need a ride home. Thanks." Answered Valencia

They go to Brad's bike and when they get there, Brad helps Valencia get her helmet on. When they both got on Brad drove to Valencia's home. Once there, Valencia said to Brad, "Wait here. I'll be back."

Brad just nodded in response.

Ten minutes later, Valencia came running out with a backpack and yelling, "Go! Go!"

Her dad wasn't that far behind when Brad started his engine and took off. They stopped at a gas station near Brad's house. As Brad's filling up he asks, "What was all that about back at your house?"

"Sorry you had to see that but my parents aren't keen about me staying out all night. Especially with a boy." She responded

Brad puts his gas cap back n and gets back on. He heads back home and Valencia goes with him and has a smile on her face. When they get there and get inside, Brad calls out, "Mom! Dad! I'm home."

Brad's mother comes out of the living room to greet him. She says, "Hey darling! How was the party?"

"It was good." He answered

Brad's mother sees Valencia and says, "Brad, who is this incredible beautiful young lad?"

"Mom, I would like to introduce you to Valencia." He introduced "Valencia, this is my mother, Amber."

"Nice to meet you Valencia and you can stay here as long as you like." Brad's mother said

"Nice to meet you too!" Valencia replied. "And thank you."

Brad took Valencia upstairs to his room. When they got there, he put her bag on the bed. She looked around the room and says, "Nice room but where are you gonna sleep?"

"Downstairs on the couch." He said "It's no bother."

"But I don't wanna…"Valencia started but Brad put a finger on her lips to stop her

"It's ok."

"Stay with me." She said

Brad looked into her eyes for a long moment before giving in and saying. "Ok. I'll stay in the room."

Valencia smiled and gave him a hug

When they separated from the hug Brad said, "I'll get outta your way. You must be itching to get out of those clothes."

Valencia smiled again and said, "Thanks."

Brad left and went downstairs to join his parents. When he got there, he sat down on the single chair and his mom asked, "Brad, where's Valencia?"

"She's upstairs. Changing."

"Who's Valencia?" Brad's dad asked.

"You'll meet her in a minute." Brad replied with a smile

Valencia comes downstairs in some sweatpants and a t-shirt. When she walked into the room, Brad got up and said, "This is my father, James. Dad, this is Valencia."

Valencia stepped forward and shook Brad's father's hand saying, "It's a pleasure to meet you, sir."

"Like wise." He replied

He took a seat as Brad asked, "Feel better?"

"Yeah, thanks."

"You're welcome."

Brad sat back down in his chair and Valencia sat in his lap. They all watched TV. As they're watching TV, Valencia falls asleep in Brad's lap. When he realizes that she's sleep he says to his parents, "Night guys. I'll see you in the morning. We're going to bed."

"Where are you gonna sleep?" his mother asked

"The floor in my room."

"What about Valencia?"

"My bed."

"Uhhh…I don't feel real comfortable with the sleeping arrangements." She said with concern


"You sleep kind of wildly."

"Perfect reason for me to sleep on the floor."

Brad gets up and carries Valencia upstairs and gently puts her to bed. After he puts her to bed, he grabs a blanket and pillow and sleeps on the floor.