3. The Start of the Chase

Brad's parents where shocked by what Valencia said and how accurate she was. Brad said, "It's not surprising that you know what I'm going to do."

Valencia smiled, came closer, and said, "Then you shouldn't be surprised by me coming with you."

Brad put on an expectant expression, "Not really surprising but is it alright with you mom?"

"She has my permission," her mom answered, "but with one condition Brad; Bring Valencia back home alive."

"I promise." Brad said with sincerity

The cops come knocking at the door again. Valencia's mom asks with the door closed, "Who is it?"

"The cops! Open up!"

Brad's mother gets them out the back door as Valencia's mother opens the door. When she opens the door, the cops ask, "Where are the owners?"

Brad's dad comes to the door and asks, "Can I help you?"

"We saw something flying and landing near your house. Do you mind if we look around?"

"Yes, I mind." His dad answered "Come back with a warrant and you can look all you want."

Brad and Valencia had already left as the little conversation was going on. As they were Flying, Valencia asked, "Where are we going?"

"Family's house." He answered

Before they could say anything else, a chopper came up behind them. They said over the speaker phone, "Brad! Land and turn yourself in or else!"

Brad just looked at them and shook his head no. They pulled up along side them and Brad, who is now holding Valencia, goes underneath them. The cops follow them when they try to make a get away. When Brad couldn't shake them, he asked Valencia, "Got any suggestions?"

"Yeah, I got one." She answered over the wind "But I don't know if it's going to work or not."

"It's worth a try." He said

"Then lets go for it." she said "Head towards the school."

Brad heads towards the school when they get close Brad asks, "What next?"

Valencia says, "Now quickly go vertical."

"Alright." Brad says and quickly goes vertical and the cops follow him wondering what the hell he was doing.

When they were really high up in the air, Valencia yells, "Dive! Dive! Dive!"

Brad dives really fast and pulls out of it a foot off the ground and the cops crash the helicopter, thinking that they would be able to the same thing." Brad says when he sees that it worked, "Beautiful and clever…I like that."

They head back the way they came and went to Brad's family's house. When they get there its night fall. Brad knocks on the door and hi aunt answers the door. In surprise, she says, "Brad! What are you doing here?"

"Trouble. Cops. All over a big misunderstanding." He replies

"Come in! Come in!" she says opening the door.

When they get in she asks, "Who is she, Brad?"

"Valencia, this is my Aunt Waverlee. Aunt Waverlee, this is my girlfriend, Valencia."

"It's nice to meet you, ma'am." Valencia says holding out her hand

Brad's aunt shook Valencia's hand said, "Pleasure."

"Can I get you two something to eat?' she asked

"Yes, please." They answered in unison

She just smiles and goes into the kitchen. Her husband, Van, comes into the kitchen with Brad and Valencia and asks Brad, "How big is the trouble you're in?"

"I'm looking at serious jail time if I don't pull this off." He answered

"Well, I have faith that you will pull this off."

Valencia and Brad take a seat and eat. After they finish, Brad's Aunt Waverlee shows Valencia to her room while Brad turned to stone near the sofa and Valencia is shocked when she saw Brad turn to stone. She asks Brad's aunt, "Does he always do that?"

"No, only when his gargoyle needs to recharge." She answered

"Wow. I didn't know he could do that." Valencia said going to her room

"In the morning, Brad's aunt and uncle, and Valencia came downstairs with cops sitting on the couch next to Brad, who is still stone cold sleep. Brad's uncle asks the cops, "What you doing here? How'd you get in?"

"Front door was open." One answered "And we're here because of Brad and Valencia."

"Get out." His aunt says "You have no right to be here."

The cops don't leave and say, "Wake him up."

"Not for you." Valencia replied "So leave!!!"

The cops get up and say as they're leaving. "You're going to regret not doing as we say."

Valencia said, pretending to shake, "Oh, I'm so scared!"

They go out the door and Brad's uncle knocks on Brad's head and whispers, "It's time to wake up."

Brad's uncle backs up as Brad's stone figure starts cracking and all of a sudden bursts free with stone flying and falling everywhere. Brad sees his family and asks, "Cops again?"

"Yeah," Valencia answered "and they'll be back with a warrant."

"Then it's time to go Valencia." Brad said, "Aunt! Uncle! Thank you for putting up with us."

"You're welcome, sweetie." His aunt says, kissing his cheek

They walk to the door, when the door's opened; the cops are sitting across the street in their car. Brad stops mid-step, after seeing them, and says, "Uh-oh! We got company."

They quickly closed the door as the cops headed towards the house. They headed towards the back door but one of the cops came around the back with his hand on his gun. Brad and Valencia head out the back anyway. When the cop saw them he yells, "Freeze!!!"

Brad whips around and strikes the officer and knocks him out. He quickly picks up Valencia and climbs the wall of the house. The cops' partner comes out and starts shooting at them. Valencia screams and grabs her forearm. Brad gets onto the roof and quickly takes flight. Brad grabs a first aid kit as he's flying. When he grabs the kit, he quickly gets more altitude and goes to an empty house that's not completely finished.

When they're inside, and the sun is setting, Brad bandages up Valencia. Once he's done Valencia says, "Thanks!"

"No problem." Brad replies "It was only a flesh wound."

Looking down, Valencia asked "Brad, how do I become like you?"

Brad raised Valencia's face so she was looking at him and says, "It's a painful procedure."

Brad sits down with his back against the wall. Valencia sits in between his legs and Brad wraps his wings around them both. "How are you able to control your instincts?" Valencia asked

"It's not easy, "Brad replies, "but after a lot of practice it's manageable. However, sometimes I give into my instincts to keep them sharp."

Valencia started to shake and Brad says, "Don't worry. I'm in complete control."

They eventually fall asleep. In the morning, they were awoken by the construction workers coming into work."

Brad picks up Valencia, who had fallen back asleep, and leaves. As they are in the air, Valencia wakes up, rubs her eyes and asks, "Where are we going?"

"I'm dropping you off at my parent's house and then I am going to the cops and to talk to a friend on the force." He answered

"No! I can't let you go alone." Valencia argued

"I know you don't want me to go alone but I have to be fast and invisible. It's nothing to do with you, it's just something I have to do alone." He answered, feeling bad

"Fine!" she said, stubbornly "But I have two conditions."

"What are those conditions?" Brad asked

"1. You come back alive." Valencia answered "2. You change me into a gargoyle and teach me how to be a gargoyle."

"The 1st condition I can do," brad said, "but the 2nd condition would be a little difficult to do."

"I'm not asking to be a perfect gargoyle. I just want you to do your best to show me."

"I can do that."

Valencia smiles and says, "Ok, Let's go!"

Brad smiles back and heads back home. When they get there, they go inside. Brad's mother runs up to them and asks, "What are you two doing here? You're supposed to be on the run!"

"We are here because I need Valencia to stay here with you and dad while I go run an errand." Brad answers

"Can't she go with you?"

"I need to be fast and invisible. Plus, I don't want Valencia to get hurt."

With that said Brad runs out and takes flight. When he disappears, Valencia says watching, "! He flies so beautifully."

Brad goes to the police precinct. He transforms back to his human form and walks in. He asks, "Where can I find Detective Emma?"

The officer points him to the desks behind him without looking up. He goes back, and as soon as he step s back there Detective Emma sees him and says surprised, "Brandon!? What are you doing here?"

"I'm here because I needed your help."

"Yeah, sure." She said "What can I do to help?"

"Is there any way you can get your boys off my tail 'til I can prove my innocence?"

"I can only misdirect them but it will only last a little while." She whispered

"I don't want you to get in trouble and lose your job either." Brad said, worried

"I'll see what I can do." Emma said

Out of nowhere a cop asks, "Aren't you a human-gargoyle hybrid?"

Brad doesn't say a word and without a sound he bolts. Half of the force goes after him. He transforms as he runs out the door and quickly takes flight. By the time the cops could get into their cars and get to the streets, he was gone.

As all of this is going on, Valencia's dad asks her mom, "Honey, have you seen Valencia?"

"Nope." She lied

"Valencia's dad just looked at her and asks, "she's with him, isn't she?"

Valencia's mom doesn't say anything and walks away. Her husband goes in front of her and asks, "What's Valencia doing with that freak?"

Valencia's mother says in response, "He's not a freak and she's helping him clear his name, which you tainted."

"I tainted!"

"Yes! You!"

"How did I taint it?"

"The kidnapping charges!? Valencia and I already know that it was you."

"How can I protect my daughter when she's not here?"

"Protect her? Is that all you care about?" Valencia's mother asked, stunned "You're so worried about protecting her that you're not allowing her to have a life. You won't even allow her to fall in love, but when she does fall in love with Brad, you attack him and do something like this."

Without saying another word or waiting for another word to be said, she leaves. Brad, at this time, gets back home and appears next to Valencia without her knowing. When she saw him, she was shocked and asked, "What happened?"

"Half the force…trying to…catch me." He said, out of breath.

"We need to go." She stated

"Oh yeah!"

"I need to be a gargoyle." She said

"I can't turn you right now." He replied "Not enough time."

"How long do you need?" she asked, thing

"For a blood transfusion? I'm going to need at least a few hours to a day for everything to be complete."

"Got any places we can go that will give us that amount of time?"

"I got a place that we can go to that we do the transfusion because the transfusion is only going to take about ninety seconds."

"If the transfusion takes ninety seconds, then what takes up the other twenty-two hours and thirty seconds?"

"You and the transformation." He answered

"Does something bad happen after the transformation?"

"No. It's the transformation that no one, besides me, has survived." He said, sadly

"Do you think I will survive the transformation?" she asked, worried

"I know you will survive." He replied, smiling.

With everything said, Brad picks up Valencia and they flew off to a construction site where the houses were complete yet empty. When they got there, they snuck into one of the houses thru the back door. Once they're inside Valencia says, "Come on! Let's get the transfusion over with before I scare myself out of it."

Brad doesn't argue. He just pricks her finger tips, and then he pricks his and starts to push his blood thru her. Once the blood circulated and back to their proper owners, Valencia cringes, pulls back, and falls to the ground. The transformation started instantly. Brad catches it and starts guiding her thru the process. Hours later, the transformation was complete. Brad checks Valencia's pulse and sees that she is still alive.

Valencia woke up a couple hours later. When Valencia wakes up, Brad says, "Welcome back. How do you feel?"

"Powerful, weird, and fast." She answered, sitting up

Brad helped Valencia get back to her feet. Brad says when she gets to her feet, "I didn't tell you this but when you get mad your eyes change color. We each have a color that compliments us."

"What's yours?" Valencia asked, intrigued

"Mine is more of a royal blue." He answered

"I want to see what I look like." She said

Brad leaves and finds a mirror in one of the downstairs bedrooms and brings it back to Valencia. When Valencia sees herself she says shocked, "Wow! I look extremely sexy."

Brad says in agreement, "I can't argue with that."

"When do we start the flying lessons?" Valencia asked

Brad snaps his head, grabs Valencia, starts running, and says, "Right now. Time to go."

They get out of the house and quickly take flight. As they're taking flight, Brad says, "Spread your wings so that you can catch the wind."

Valencia does what Brad says and she sees that she started going higher and higher. As they're flying, Valencia asks, "Why'd we have to leave all of a sudden?"

"We had company and it wouldn't have ended well." Brad replied.

"So what now?" she asks

"Find a place to crash and then work on your instinct lessons." He answers

They find a place to land and sleep. Brad sits down and Valencia sits down in his lap. Brad sees Valencia's face and asks, "You want to learn how to turn to stone, don't you?"

Valencia looks at him and nods. Brad looks at her and says, "Think stone statue and your body will do the rest."

Valencia thinks stone statue and she turns to stone a few minutes later, she breaks free of her stone slumber. When the stone cover was off Brad asked, "How does it feel?"

"Stiff, cold, and surprisingly energizing." She answered

"Well, we better get some sleep." He said

Valencia nods and turns to stone. Brad follows her example and turns to stone himself.

In the morning, Valencia was the first to wake up. After she breaks out of stone slumber and stretches, she kisses Brad's stone cold lips and says, "Time to wake up handsome."

Brad gets out of his stone slumber and says, "Thanks for the wake up kiss."

Valencia says, "You're eyes really do turn into a royal blue glaze."

Out of nowhere, Valencia's eyes glaze over in a baby blue color tone. Brad quickly says, "Valencia, calm down."

Valencia's eyes return to normal. When she's calm she asks, "What color did my eyes turn?"

"Baby blue."

Valencia got really excited and Brad asks, "You ready for your 1st and only instinct lesson?"

Valencia just nods. "It's control. The knowledge of knowing when to let your instincts take control and when to contain them!" Brad instructed.

Valencia picks up and masters the lesson faster than Brad did.