Mrs. Snape suppressed a smile as she shooed her husband and Mr. Malfoy out the door. Severus shot her a friendly glare as Draco told him of the blueberries that were in season. A sinister smile graced her face for the moments it took her to slam the door. From the living room she heard a loud, "Merlin, Hermione, if you don't get in here soon I'll eat the chocolate cake without you."

Hermione laughed, putting her hand in the small of her back as she walked back towards the Malfoy living room. She was greeted by the smiling face of her favorite brunette healer. "Gwendolyn, I'm not sure I can fit any cake in, not with how big Ismene is getting." Hermione punctuated her words with a rub of her belly.

Gwendolyn snorted. "You still have three months to go. Try being a month out with twins. Can't you choose a normal name for your poor child?"

Hermione rolled her eyes at the last comment. "Half of my acquaintances refuse to go ten minutes without remarking to me how they didn't think that Draco had it in him to give you twins."

If Gwendolyn had been slightly less round, she would have leapt to her feet and cursed. As it was, her mouth fell open and she dropped the cake knife. "Had it in him? Hecate help me, but they are bumbling buffoons. The twin part was entirely me. He just had to do the usual." Hermione smiled while Gwendolyn paused. "Him?"

Hermione laughed, taking the knife and cutting the decadent cake before them. "I told them so in no uncertain terms, but they just give me the 'you poor Muggleborn' look." Hermione served each of them a slice of the cake, her stomach rumbling and disturbing the fetus inside her. "They forget that a Potions Mistress probably knows more about it than anyone but a Healer."

Gwendolyn snorted. "They don't listen to Healers any better than they do you, so don't feel left out." Just then an owl flew in the window, disturbing their conversation while Gwendolyn dealt with it. She was walking back to her sofa with the Evening Prophet when a headline caught her eye, bringing yet another gasp of fury. "Hermione, take a look at this!"

Hermione hummed, leaning over to look at it before dropping her fork. "Thank God we're married," she blurted.

Gwendolyn and Hermione's eyes swept quickly over the article, each moment making the Muggleborn women angrier. Hermione turned white, then red, making Gwendolyn glance at her in concern. "They wouldn't."

Gwendolyn's eyes swept over the details of The Marriage Law again. "They would. If there's anything we've learned, it's that government can be infuriatingly nosy, poking their business where they don't belong."

Hermione gasped, tears threatening to fall. "But those poor children. Just out of Hogwarts, and forced into arranged marriages. All those children, so used to the idea of loving freely." Hermione's voice was barely a whisper. "My Ismene."

Gwendolyn did leap to her feet this time. "We'll fight it Hermione. If they don't rescind it, I'll cart the five of us and our husbands back to the States where they'll laugh at your ministry's backward policies."

Hermione raised an eyebrow. "You sound so hopeful."

Gwendolyn laughed. "If they don't take care of it, there will be a rebellion among the Healers. Half of them are single. If the law stays, the Ministry will find itself rather devoid of treatment."

Hermione gasped. "That's awful!"

Gwendolyn's smile mimicked that of her fair husband. "There's a reason Healers always get their way."

A/N: I took a look at a couple of Marriage Law fics, and this is what came to my mind. Gwendolyn Malfoy is a reoccurring OC of mine. Just a quick little One-shot for you to show I haven't fallen off the face of the earth.