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Author's Note: This is a little idea that came to me - I suppose there is a bit of spoiler in here, so be forewarned.


"It's ironic really. She's dating Andy and he's dating Kathy." Angela reached across the table of the diner and stole one of Sweet's fries despite his silent protest that she keep her hands on her own food. She had been contemplating that thought for a while and felt compelled to share her theory with the young shrink.

Sweets' jaw dropped just a little. Even with all of his professional training and the multitude of sessions he'd had with Agent Booth and Dr. Brennan, he had missed the subtle irony of it. As the connection finally hit him like a lightning bolt, he spoke as if it was just coming to him. "Literally they're dating Andy and Kathy."

"Worse than that he's a hack of an Andy and she's a little Kathy." Angela looked over to see if Sweets was following her.

He looked perplexed. "I get Hacker. Andrew Hacker, he's a hack of an Andy, but I don't follow your reasoning with Dr. Klein." Sweets was definitely intrigued at all of the subtext that was going on that Agent Booth and Dr. Brennan had probably missed themselves.

"Klein is the German word for little." Angela smirked. "So she's literally a little Kathy." Not that Dr. Catherine Klein was unattractive, but she was no Temperance Brennan.

"Ah." Sweets leaned back in his chair and slowly mulled this one over. "They're so far in denial for their feelings for each other that they have actually sought out a partner with the names from Dr. Brennan's books." He didn't think that it was at all coincidental and pondered that maybe he ought to delay publishing his book to include a chapter or two on this development.

Angela snorted out a laugh. "Whether she wants to admit it or not, Booth is Andy Lister and she is Kathy Reichs. If they ever wake up and realize it, I hope they can appreciate the humor of the situation." She certainly did, even if she'd rather that her two friends were dating each other instead of a pseudo representation of each other. With any luck, they'd wake up and realize their destiny.

To be continued...