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Eons in the Stars

What is going on? Where am I? Who am I? I asked myself. I was disoriented and tired, that was all I knew.

"Eons in the Stars? Can you hear me?" A deep male voice asked. "Can you see me?"

I attempted to open my eyes, but I found that this was a harder task than it should have

been. I opted to verbalize my answer but found that this was even harder.

Once I figured out that I needed to make noise with this body in order to communicate, I

was already in another world.

I was experiencing one of my host's memories, and a vivid one at that.

It was too late. They found me already. My thoughts automatically shifted to the two people I was now going to be leaving behind; my little brother, and the woman I loved.

They'll be fine. I thought as I ran, but a big part of me had a terrifying thought. What if she couldn't?

"Wait, stop! There is danger ahead! If you don't stop now you will die!" One of the parasites shouted.

I don't acknowledge them, mostly because I don't care. If it could keep my family safe then I would gladly die. So I ran faster towards my doom: an open elevator shaft. They plead with me one last time before I reach my destination but I don't listen and I jump. I happily let the immense pain overtake me.

"Eons in the Stars, it's okay. You're okay." The same deep voice said in a soothing tone. "What's wrong with him?" I scratchy, irritated male voice asked.

"He is experiencing his host's last memory. You know as well as I do, it was a terrifying one." The first voice said.

"Look Ford's, he's waking!"

"Can you hear me Eons in the Stars?" The calmer of the two men asked.

I think I made some sort of motion or noise that let him know that I could indeed hear him, because he stopped asking that particular question. But then came a flood of new ones from the irritated man.

"Can you speak? Do you remember anything new? Can you tell me if anyone else was with your host? If so, how many?" Question after question came from this mans mouth.

"Blazing Trails, you must let him relax." Fords said quietly.

"Fords we need this information. If he was able to survive this long, there must be more!" The man named Blazing Trails exclaimed.

The tone of his voice was beginning to scare me, I could not believe a soul could be so demanding and harsh to another soul.

Fords didn't reply.

After a moment of silence I decided to try and open my eyes again. This time I was successful.

"Oh, good! You're able to open your eyes!" Fords said. "Can you see clearly?"

I nodded.

Blazing Trails intervened then, and continued to ask me questions. "Was there-"

Before he could continue, Fords said "Please take it easy on him and be patient with him."

Blazing Trails shot him a look and restated the question. "Was there anyone with your host, Eons in the Stars?"

A picture flashed in front of my mind, two people were smiling back at me.

"Yes." I stated.

NO! A voice screamed at me. Don't tell them ANYTHING!

I panicked for a moment, was my host defective?

I am not defective! I ignored him.

"Um, excuse me? Was I put in a defective host to find information for you?" I asked.

"Pardon? What do you mean by defective? According to our test results this host is now perfectly fine." Fords said with a puzzled expression on his face.

Just stop talking, pretend everything is fine. Just listen to me, trust me.

"N-never mind. I guess this new host is throwing me off a little." I said. I automatically felt like bile was going to rise in my throat. I had just lied to someone.

"Well, that's just to be expected. You are unfamiliar with this body, and these feelings." he explained. "And going off of that, you should know that these first few weeks are going to be a little scary. You are going to experience very new and intense emotions."

"Can we please get back to the fact that he just admitted that there were more people with him?" The angry Seeker asked.

Fords sighed, but let the Seeker continue.

"Who were they?"

I looked through memories but couldn't find any memory past the age of twenty, right when the souls took over.

"I'm sorry, but I don't know. I can't see anything past his childhood." I admitted quietly.

"What do you mean?" Fords asked.

"I can't, there's this wall… I can't see past it." I said. "I'm sorry."

"You need not apologize Eons in the Stars. Just take a break and see of you can later." he said.

"No, we need this information now!" Blazing Trails almost shouted.

"Blazing Trails, can you please stop. I will give him your contact information and I will make sure he gets a hold of you in the next few days." Fords said firmly.

"But-" Blazing Trails started to protest.

"As his Healer I an advising that he rest and talk to you later."

Blazing Trails left the room, but I could tell he was not happy about it.

"Thank you," I whispered.

"Not a problem," he said just as quietly. "I am sorry for his behavior he is just so anxious to find the last of the rogue humans."

I'm sure he is. My host said sourly.

Shh, I said in a weak attempt to get him to stay quiet while the healer was talking.

I nodded at Fords.

"Okay, well all of the information you need to contact me, Blazing Trails or your Comfortor Kathy is in this paperwork here. And there is someone outside who is going to take you to your apartment and help you find all of the local shops and show you how everything on this planet works." He said, handing me a thin folder of paper.

"Thank you for everything, Fords." I said, holding my hand out in the customary Earth manner.

"Not a problem, Eons in the Stars." he said with a warm smile. "And good luck with your new life."

"Thank you," I said standing and walking to the door.

It looks like I'm going to need all the luck I can get.

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