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"I am so excited to see Jamie, and to just lay in bed for a month." I said to the boys. It was a rough couple of weeks; living in two trucks with five men, and being sixth months pregnant. The first week I wept myself to sleep, much to the chagrin of the aforementioned men. Living like that, in such close quarters and raiding each day had just been too much, and I wasn't expecting the intense feelings of deja vu I felt. By the second week, I regained my bearings and we finished off the raid successfully.

"I'm excited to take a bath and just sleep." Kyle murmured, expertly navigating through the desert terrain.

Andy nodded in agreement. We were three miles from home, and counting down the seconds. I couldn't wait to just give Jamie a hug and then nap for sixteen hours. I had been dreaming about doing so for days.

Wes pointed out the drop off zone to me, and I began to almost cry with relief. We were almost home, almost to Jamie!

"I'm surprised Jeb isn't out to greet us. Normally, the sound of the trucks would draw someone out to meet us, or at least create a need for surveillance." Kyle said while slowly stopping the truck. I could see from the side mirror that Wes did the same in the second truck.

Despite Jeb's absence we pulled into the loading area and got out of the trucks. "I'm going to go see what's going on inside. Someone should have met us by now." Geoffrey said.

"I'll go too." I started following him, but Kyle caught my arm and warned me that something could have happened in our absence and nodded for Wes and Geoffrey to check out the inside. In the meantime, Kyle, Andy and I paced the loading area and tried not to worry. When fifteen minutes passed with no sign of anyone's emergence from inside, I made the decision to go in and see for myself what the holdup was.

"Mel, I don't think that's such a good idea." Kyle interjected. "We need to get out of here. Something is obviously is wrong, and personally I want to get the hell out before I get caught and turned into a parasite."

"No! I'm going in. Jamie is in there! Your sister is in there, Kyle." That seemed to snap him out of his selfish panic mode and the three of us stormed into the caves.

We were met instantly with the sound of talking and decided to halt and see if the voices came from friends or foes.

"I don't want her to see him." It was Wanda. "It would just cause her undue pain and suffering. Jamie either for that matter."

"I hafta disagree with ya there, Wanderer. It's their lives and I don't think we ought to be meddling in their business."

"Who's business?" I asked making my presence known. From their tones and the-albeit confusing-subject matter, I knew they were still human.

"Oh! Mel, there you are!" Wanda said, opening her arms and stepping toward me for a hug. "I've missed you!"

"I've missed you too, Wanda. But, don't try to distract me, what were you guys talking about? I heard Jamie's name, has something happened to him? Where is he? Why isn't he with you?"

"Well, no, nothing has happened to him exactly." Wanda said fidgeting with the hem of her shirt. Jeb stood at her side, just staring at me, head cocked as though he was trying to figure something out within his own mind. .

"Obviously something has happened!" I shouted and started pushing through them and into the caves, I could feel Wanda trying to stop me, but I was far too angered and worried to let her feeble attempts slow me down.. "And if you won't tell me, then I will find out what you are hiding myself!"

It wasn't hard to find the cause of Wanda and Jeb's interference, there was a crowd gathered around something in the game room. I was too far away to be noticed and couldn't hear what anyone was saying. However, from the sound of their voices, they were none too happy with whatever was in the middle. I stood stock still for a moment, my mind trying to figure out the scenario before my senses could see for themselves what was going on. Had Jamie done something that angered the entire group enough to start a riot? No, Jamie was too kind to do something that would cause people harm. If it wasn't Jamie, what could have happened?

"Mel, stop!" Wanda yelled from behind me. Damn, I should have just moved forward when I had the chance. Now, Wanda was going to try and stop me again. Jeb must have detained the other two because I couldn't hear them behind me anymore. I was hoping to use them as backup. "Please, just listen to me. You really aren't going to want to just step out in front of him."

"Him? Him who? Wanda, just tell me what is going on! I'm dying over here trying not to think of the worst possible scenario."

"Trust me, Mel. Even your worst fear about what could have happened wouldn't trump the reality."

"That really doesn't make me feel any better." I was even more anxious now to try and find out what was going on. "You have two minutes to try and get your point across. After that, I'm going to find out for myself what is going on."

Wanda just stood in front of me for a moment, probably trying to figure out what to say. When she noticed that I was becoming exasperated with her silence, she began to speak in a rush. "This morning, Jeb went out to see if you guys were near on his daily rounds, and found something laying in the desert. He came and got a rescue team and brought back what he found."

"And what did he find, Wanda?" My voice was becoming panicked. Something bad happened, I just knew it. I had a few theories as to what it was too.

"You see...I just..."

I couldn't wait any longer. This was taking too long and I just needed to see for myself what or who was causing such commotion. I approached the group quickly, not wanting Wanda to try and stop me yet again. The crowd didn't move as I approached, but rather closed ranks as the thing they were focused on spoke.

"I-I don't mean any harm."

Oh, god. I knew that voice better than I knew my own.

He attempted to speak again, but a loud 'whack' kept the words from reaching my ears. That and the blackness that clouded my vision as I slowly fell to the ground.

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