I paced the floor of the front room. It's 10pm do you know where your husband is? I joke to myself. Not funny I frown, I actually don't. I had just got the kids settled and in bed and here I was pacing like a caged animal watching for headlights to come over the hill.

GRRR! GRRR! GRRR! I grumbled to myself. I can't just sit here and do nothing I have to do something. I stopped pacing when I saw the light at Rose and Em's still on. Grabbing my cell I dialed Rose.

"Hey, can you come over and sit with the boys for an hour?" I ask and held my breath waiting for her to call me out on why I needed an emergency babysitter. She knew Edward had gone out alone from my earlier crisis calls to her this afternoon.

"Ok, honey whatever you need. I'll be over in a minute." God bless my non-judgey friend!

Rose came over in her pjs and raided the fridge for her payment of beer before wrapping me in a hug and telling me everything would be fine. I hugged her back hard; I couldn't ask for better friends without them I would be lost in this.

I grabbed my purse and the spare keys to Edward's Volvo and set out to do… Well I still wasn't sure what, so far I had envisioned a Starsky and Hutch type stakeout to catch that shady mother fucker in the act.

It took about twenty minutes to find Daddy-O's. I pulled into the tiny parking lot avoiding all the kids that were walking around. God they all look so young. I circled the parking lot a few times and it was full so I followed a few other cars out across the street to an open lot and pulled into a spot. I cut the lights and watched the door for a few minutes.

I could see a bunch of people hanging out sitting on the hoods of nearby vehicles and they looked really young, like high school. I got out of the car and approached some of them.

"Hey, have you guys been inside yet?" I questioned.

"Yeah." I heard several voices answer then one boy snickered and asked if I was looking for a date and waggled his eyebrows at me.

"No thank you, I was going to met someone here, what is the age to get in." I prayed it was dark enough they would think I looked closer to twenty than thirty. One of the girls rolled her eyes. Fucking teenagers.

"It's an all ages club lady." She smirked.

"Ok thanks." I waved and walked toward the club. I approached the front that was guarded by a beefy looking dude and decided I had pushed my luck far enough. I couldn't peer inside from the sidewalk and I didn't have the cover charge.

As I crossed the street to head back to my car I dug Edward's keys out of my purse and hit the alarm button on the remote. I hadn't scene his car maybe he wasn't even here. His car burst to life with horns and lights and I quickly silenced it.

I walked over to his car and climbed into the passenger seat and dug through the compartments and papers. Nothing. I leaned over into the driver side and released the hood. I opened the hood and pulled the cables from the battery and then disconnected the starter. God bless my Dad for making me take auto shop in high school. I dropped the hood with a loud bang and strutted back to my car.

I settled myself into my car and pulled out my cell phone. "Hi, Triple A my car broke down and I need it towed to the dealership." I ended my roadside call and sat back and waited.

The tow driver arrived before I caught sight of Edward so I went over and gave the tow driver my member card, the keys and directions for the dealership. I watched the club door carefully as Edward's car was loaded onto the flatbed and driven off. I gave the car a sad little wave as it was hauled past me.

"I hope you had fun tonight ASSHOLE!" I yelled to no one from inside my car before pulling away to head home.

When I got home Rose was three beer into babysitting and watching Jerry Springer.

"I didn't figure you for a Springer Fan?" I teased.

"Well I'm originally from Arkansas, so I watch to see my family members." She laughed loudly. I slumped onto the couch next to her and snag her full beer taking a long pull.

Rose leaned her head on my shoulder and I leaned back resting my head on hers.

"You wanna talk about it?" I shook my head no. I didn't want to admit to anyone how low I had sunk; that I had let my immature conspiracy theory brain get away from me.

Fuck, I was a Mother, a good mother but I was pulling pranks on their father because I was jealous and petty and mean. I had become mean.

I sighed. Rose patted my knee and we sat like that until my cell phone buzzed. I didn't need to look at the display I knew it was Edward. I glanced at the clock. 1am. I shifted away from Rose only then realizing she had fallen asleep. She rubbed her face and stretched. With a little wave she headed for the door. My phone began to buzz again as soon as the door clicked behind her.


"My fucking car was stolen." He seethed into the phone.

"Oh?" I mumbled.

"The police took my report over the phone. I need you to come and get me." The silence was deafening as he waited for my answer.

"I have the kids asleep, you can't expect me to wake them up to get you." Surprising myself with the venom in my voice.

"Fine." He ground out disconnecting the call.

I saw headlights flood the window with light about an hour later and peaked out our bedroom window to see Edward climb out of Jake's car. The front door slammed loudly and I heard him stomp around downstairs for a few minutes before the house became silent again.

He didn't even attempt to come to bed. Fuming I stormed down the steps and into the family room where he was laying across the couch in nothing but his boxer brief.

"Not now Bella."

"No, I think now Edward." I hissed. "You can't avoid me forever, I'm sick of this. I am sick and fucking tired of your put-upon attitude and cold fucking shoulder. What the fuck is your deal?"

"Despite the look on my face you keep talking." He growled. He never moved from the couch. I could make out the tense line of his jaw in the shadows. I could feel the tension rolling off of him.

"I think you should leave, just move out." My voice was shaking trying to hold back all the hurt and anger I felt. "Every time you avoid and evaded my questions, I can't take this anymore."

He turned his face way refusing to look in my direction. I waited for him to respond but he never did. I gave up and went back upstairs refusing to break in front of him.

I cried myself to sleep again.