Summary: Kenshin could see something glittering out the corner of his eye. "The ocean..."

Set in chapter 28.

Sort of twisting the meaning of the proverb here. Or just going for the literal meaning, I guess.

:) Thanks to Lucathia Rykatu for helping me with the last line.

All That Glitters

By Dark Ice Dragon

The bustle of the crowd around him left Kenshin feeling uneasy, not used to being surrounded by so many players, especially when his only experience of them had always been to fight with them. 'Nearly always,' he corrected, steeling himself as he followed Prince's back. He still wasn't sure what to make of the elf, whose emotions shifted constantly, his gestures wild and exaggerated, yet Prince seemed entirely sincere in his want to help him and Sunshine.

The city was different from what he remembered of Snow village, if those memories could be trusted. But he put that thought to the back of his mind as he saw something glittering out the corner of his eye. He slowed down and turned his head to get a better look and saw a big mass of blue. It wasn't the sky; the sky didn't sparkle, not when it was that colour, and it was too low.

Like in a dream, he made his way towards it, ignoring everyone around him, drinking up the sight as the buildings thinned the closer he got, revealing even more of it than he thought there could be. It stretched far across into distance, touching the horizon, and he felt the sun warm his face as he stood there, entranced by the constant movement in front of him.

"The ocean..."

He'd seen water before, of course he had, he knew what it was, but what he had seen was puddles on a stone floor, where sometimes there wasn't enough there to even splash past his sandals. And the water that he had seen was in the depths of the cave, where there was no sunlight to catch it and if it was outside, it was at the very bottom of the cliffs, where the sun had to try very hard to reach there, and that was before the matter of the mist was factored in.

Kenshin heard footsteps come up behind him, but for once, he didn't tense up. Prince stopped next to him, his eyes pinned on the water too.

"Beautiful, right?" Prince asked softly. He agreed with him, nodding, just listening to the waves as they lapped at the dock, hearing the boats creak as they bobbed up and down. "After saving Sunshine, let's go the central continent together. You two will definitely be able to see many more beautiful scenes."

There was more like this? He couldn't imagine it. He couldn't think what else was out there that could be like this, but then, he didn't know much of the world, really. "Yeah." A slight breeze picked up, lazily tugging at his hair as he continued to stare out at the ocean. If this was just one of the sights that he could see, he couldn't wait to see the others.