Paper Courage

An Avenue Q fan fiction

Rod X Nicky

I don't own the characters. I just came up with the story. Oh, and, everyone should see Avenue Q, or at least buy the CD! It's awesome!

~Chapter 11~

Nicky scarcely had time to look up as Rod lunged at him, tackling him! The chair rocked dangerously for a moment under the tumultuous motion of the struggling men. Rod positioned himself automatically in a straddling position, grabbing futilely for the envelope Nicky kept out of reach as a natural response to the grasping efforts of the smaller man. Losing balance, the chair tipped backward, both occupants hitting the ground hard, but not hard enough to put an end to their shenanigans.

Nicky smiled broadly at Rod's desperate air, still pinned under the red-head. Despite Rod's advantageous position, Nicky's greater strength and reflexes kept his possession of the parcel.

"Give it to me!" Rod grunted.

"Why?" Nicky laughed. "What is it you don't want me to see?" but remembrance struck and the man underneath fell silently shocked. His eyes were wide, mouth agape. Rod seized the opportunity to snatch the letter but made no move to get up. He could see it in his friend's face. He knew. They stayed like that for a while - Rod's face hovering dangerously close to Nicky's.

"Wh-" Nicky started, unsure what he was about to say. He didn't need to finish, though, as Rod cut in frantically.

"I didn't even read the thing! I just put it in the mailbox." His eyes showed his fear. He sat back, opening up the space between them. The weight gone from atop him, Nicky sat up too. Rod clutched the letter protectively to his chest. He made no further move to horde the thing as Nicky reached out slowly and took the letter back.

"Is this for me?" Nicky dared to ask, his heart beating in his chest so hard. Rod closed his eyes, raised his eyebrows, and tried to form some kind of dismissive response. He stuttered over his words which came out as a string of incomplete syllables. He adjusted his glasses, finally finding his voice.

"Nicky, I never even read it. I don't even know what it is."

Opening the letter, not even removing his eyes from the other man, Nicky unfolded the paper and handed it over. "Read it, Rod." He insisted meekly. Those puppy-dog eyes and very un-Nicky-like demeanor made it difficult for him to refuse. Rod took the letter, flicking his wrist to straighten the paper with a crisp, snapping sound. He adjusted his glasses down on his nose to see the print better. He took a moment to skim it over.

"Read it out loud." Nicky requested.

Rod looked up uncertainly. "No." was his quiet response. Nicky's breath hitched in his throat. He was afraid, but Rod was too. "I can't." Rod added in a tiny voice barely above a whisper.

"Is it for me? Did you mean to send it to me?" Nicky asked again, his inflection growing emphatic. He leaned forward, an urgency in his eyes.

"I - I didn't know - " Rod tried to defend, grasping for any excuse to cover his exposed emotions. It was true. He hadn't read the letter before, but it was a lie that he hadn't suspected the content. Sure he had sent the letter, but he hadn't thought about the consequences. How he wished he could go back in time and undo the various events that had led them to this uncomfortable moment. Blushing profusely, Rod stood, ducking himself into the bathroom and locking himself in. The note was left behind, crinkled on the floor.

The sound of Rod hyperventilating for a moment preceded the sound of the shower turning on. Nicky grabbed the letter and pressed himself up against the door. He checked the knob. Locked.

"Rod! Let me in! We gotta talk!" There was a pleading tone to his voice as he rested his forehead against the wooden barrier.

"Go away, Nicky!" the voice called from within. The splashing sound of water signified the shower running into the filling tub.

It was one of Rod's many methods of escapism. He'd just sit there, letting the water pour down around him. The loud noise of the splashing torrent helped drown out the world around him and kept him from thinking about things too deeply. The heat relaxed him, the steam blinded him. It was like he could not exist for a little while and that's what he wanted to do more than anything right now. He didn't think any further beyond that.

Nicky's muffled voice called to him a few more times. Rod remained silent and tried to ignore him. The scratching sound at the door went unnoticed until it swung open. Nicky stood there, an unbent paper-clip in his hand. Rod's first reaction was to shriek - which he did - and his second was to try to cover himself. Having nothing substantial handy, he grabbed a washcloth and slapped it on the surface of the water, letting it float just above his private parts.

"Nicholas! You can't be in here!" he shouted, trying to reach for the shower-curtain that was just out of his reach.

"Oh, you don't have anything I haven't seen before." Nicky remarked, rolling his eyes. He closed the lid on the toilet and took a seat. Rod groused, facing forward, the shower still pouring water over him. He stared blankly into the tub, keeping his eyes off of the intruder.

"We need to talk about this, Rod. I want to talk about this." Nicky shook the letter a couple of times to emphasize his point. His roommate continued to act like he was ignoring him but Nicky went on. "You knew what I had given you, right? You knew I wrote out a confession letter, right?" Rod continued to stay silent. "And I told you to mail it to that mystery guy you like. And you mailed it to me!"

Rod slowly dropped his head to his knees as he clutched them close to his chest. This was torture. It had to be some kind of torture. What horrible thing had he done in a past life that would lead to so much suffering in this one? Nicky leaned forward far enough to tap Rod's shoulder with the paper a couple of times.

"Read it to me." Nicky requested over the sound of running water.

"No, Nicky! Go away!" came Rod's perturbed yet muffled reply, his face still buried squarely in his raised knees.

"Then I'll read it to you!" Nicky's response came out defiantly. "They're my words anyway." he cleared his throat, preparing for his spiel. "I thought very hard about what to say in this letter. I wanted to mention your good looks, I wanted to fawn over your sense of humor, and I wanted to smother you in a list of 'sweet-nothings.' But in the end it all sounded a little contrived and cliché. It was then that I realized why I love you." He paused, looking at the other man who seemed to bury his face further. "I see you every day. We sit together, talk together, sometimes even laugh together. These are little things that may seem unimportant. But to me, they mean the world." He looked to his friend who still did not look up, didn't move, just stayed closed up.

There was a long moment of speechlessness between both men. The humid atmosphere of the small bathroom made the air heavy, lending to the already difficult time they both had breathing - the root of which was anxiety. Nicky's face took on a determined expression. He stood up, throwing off his pajama top and bottoms, leaving him only in a pair of dark blue boxers. Rod hadn't even noticed until he felt the water level rise significantly. The splashing sound of water running over the edge of the tub is what really brought the red-haired man out of his shell, jerking his head up in terror and surprise.

Nicky reached behind him, pulling the plug to drain out some of the water. Rod scrambled back as far as he could in the basin which was probably too small for two adult men to occupy simultaneously.

"Nicholas! Wh-wh-what are you doing?" Rod eeped, his eyes as wide as they could possibly get. Nicky leaned forward, getting on his hands and knees, the shower running over his head and back, weighing his hair down against his scalp and into his eyes.

"That was my confession, Rod. I wrote it from in here." Nicky gestured to his chest as he continued to invade his friend's space. "I wrote it for you, but I also wrote it about you. Ya know?"

"Nicky, I…" Rod's voice was soft and quiet, unsure if he should even be allowing himself to believe it could be real.

"Cut me some slack, buddy. I've never done this before." Nicky half warned with a nervous smile as he pushed himself the rest of the way forward, pressing his mouth against Rod's. Their lips were slippery from the water. Nicky tilted his head slightly, introducing his tongue into the mix. Rod's eyes slipped closed as he accepted the kiss and returned it in kind. He mewed a soft sound into Nicky's mouth and the instigator continued to move forward until his whole body was pressed against the others. More water sloshed over the edge into the floor but neither paid it any mind.

Nicky had never kissed another guy before. He had scarcely even thought of doing so, but as he hungrily claimed the other man, it felt so natural - it almost felt like something he should have been doing all along. He loved him. He loved Rod and now he realized it.

"Oh, Nicholas." Rod moaned in a tiny voice. He had his arms straight under him, supporting him in his seated position - holding his own weight and Nicky's. He slowly lowered himself until he was leaning against the back of the bath.

Nicky took his right hand, sliding it gently behind his friend's head, pillowing it. He took his other hand and wrapped it behind his back, holding him close. So tight pressed were they, that when Rod's body began to react, Nicky felt it immediately. The hardness nudged against Nick's groin in a futile attempt to stand in such a confined space caused him to shudder in that good kind of way where electricity seems to jolt up and down one's body. The very idea that he was eliciting this response in the other man, that his actions caused his friend's body to come alive in such a way - well, it was almost too much. Nicky's own erection began to form and suddenly their make-out session was less about seeing what it would be like and became more about pleasuring the other.

"Holy fuck, Rod." Nicky whispered impassioned as he began to kiss furiously down the other man's jaw and sucking on the warm flesh of his neck. The water level was rising fast and if they were still, it didn't spill over, but every movement drenched the floor even more. Nicky sat up, panting, pulling the plug behind him and turning off the water. "Can we move this to the room?"

Rod nodded wordlessly. Nicky got out first, picking a towel from the rack on the wall and drying himself off quickly, albeit incompletely. He stripped out of his sopping wet underwear and tied the terry-cloth around his waist. He handed a second towel to his roommate who did about the same - drying himself hurriedly and wrapping it around his waist. The black-haired man didn't wait for Rod to get out of the tub, instead grabbing the smaller man up in his arms. He proceeded to carry him into the adjoining bedroom, flopping Rod onto the bed and crawling predatorily over him. The red-head accepted the domination eagerly as the barrage of fervent kisses.

Rod couldn't believe it. He couldn't believe any of this was happening! But it was! The culmination of a life-time of fantasies was transpiring right here, right now. Shy, conservative Rod was giving himself over fully to man of his dreams - a man who had professed his straightness as long as he'd known him! And here that man was, running his tongue sensually between his lips, across the roof of his mouth, and brushing past his own tongue! He tasted amazing, he felt even better. His roommate's hands roved over Rod's body, up and down his bare, hairless chest, nails scratching down his sides, and hands moving up to cup his face as Nicky sucked tenderly on his lips.

Rod moaned and mewed. He'd never felt like this before and had never imagined he ever would. He took his own hands and ran his fingers through Nicky's wet, black hair. His panting breaths took him away from his lover's mouth as he turned, gasping. His body was heated and excited.

"I'm going to give this a try." Nicky whispered, pecking Rod on the cheek before removing himself almost entirely, sliding down to the foot of the bed. He made himself comfortable on his knees and Rod hadn't even had time to comprehend what was happening when the hot, wet sensation on his erection caused reality to shatter, sending him hurdling into a pool of pure bliss. It was clumsy, awkward, but still exactly right. Rod's moans grew louder, taking on a dissonant chord as Nicky sucked hard, bobbing his head in an unsteady rhythm.

"Nnn - Nnn" Rod tried to say after a while but the warning went without being understood or heeded. His ecstasy washed over him and he in a final tidal wave which pushed him over the edge. It was so much fuller an experience coming from the loving manipulations of his best friend. The sudden release caught Nicky off guard and he pulled his mouth away but still maintained a firm grip on the member. The mess got all over but Nicky ignored it, moving back up over the trembling man, running his teeth up the other's torso and biting at areas of soft flesh here and there.

"Can I?" Nicky asked softly in a throaty, husky growl, grinding his pelvis firmly against Rod's.

"Please do." Rod replied breathlessly, his voice almost sounding pained through the veil of complete fulfillment.

Nicky's mind raced and swirled at what he was doing - what he was about to do. Though it would have been an easier position, he figured, to turn his friend over and take him from behind, he wanted to see his face, he wanted to hold him and kiss him and experience him. This was their first time with each other. He wanted it all. He took Rod's slender legs, nuzzling one lovingly before draping them both over his shoulders, positioning himself for entry.

Nicky ran his hand along the other's thigh to just below the hip-bone, settling his hand over one of the many sensitive body parts. He squeezed his thumb into the skin a little, taking his other hand to guide his phallus gently into his lover. Rod squeaked and moaned. His breathing was fast and shallow as Nicky pulled back, only to push back in again.

Nicky bit his lip and squeezed his eyes closed for a moment. A look of concentration clouded his features as he repeated the slow and steady motion, building a rhythm and his own confidence. He couldn't stop now, he couldn't hold back. His thrusts became faster, harder. He gripped Rod by the hips, pulling him into him simultaneous to his forward thrust.

The deep penetration hit nature's little irony - the pleasure point deep inside the man that nothing short of the delicious bludgeoning from a rock-hard cock could possibly bring to complete fruition. And it did just that. Nicky shuddered, crying out as he doubled over, grasping Rod around the back and hugging him close, grunting into his lover's chest as he came hard, deep inside the other. The final deep, lasting stab set Rod off too. He grasped at his best friend, hugging his head tightly as he growled through a second orgasm.

Tumbling gently from their clouds of euphoria, Nicky pulled out, lunging himself back onto his partner, hugging him close and peppering him with kisses as if he could never get enough. Rod tried to return the favor as best as he could but he was dazed and winded. Still too enthralled to fully comprehend the awesome scope of things, Rod managed to choke out:

"Nicky, I love you so much. I've always loved you."

"I love you too, Rod. I just never knew how much." Nicky said, his mouth still buried against the other's skin. He grew serious, raising himself up, supporting himself with his elbows. He wedged his hands underneath the red-haired man who was still laying back on the bed. "You're everything to me, Rod, buddy. You're my world. I need you. I had never really pictured things turning out like this, but - but it just feels so much like it's the way it's supposed to be. I can't imagine life without you."

"I've wanted to tell you how I felt for so long." Rod replied, looking deeply into Nicky's hazel eyes as the other pulled his hand up to brush the tips of his fingers gently through Rod's short, orange hair. "I just didn't want to drive you away. You've always been the only one I've wanted. You're the love of my life."

The two gazed peacefully at each other, enjoying one another's contact. Suddenly Rod's eyes widened as reality set back in, encroaching on his peace of mind as he sat upright suddenly.

"I left the stove and oven on!" His voice was shrill and frantic. Nicky chuckled slightly to himself, tenderly bringing his hand up to Rod's face, smoothing his thumb gently over Rod's lips.

"I turned them off before I unlocked the bathroom door." Nicky reassured softly, putting his forehead against Rod's.

"Now what are we going to do about dinner?" he asked, not looking forward to getting back in the kitchen and resuming his cooking.

"I'll call for pizza." Nicky said, smiling.

"Aw. You take care of me." Rod nuzzled his nose against his partner's.

"I guess we take care of each other." Nicky replied, placing a small kiss at the corner of Rod's mouth and enjoying the new-found familiarity between them that far surpassed what they ever shared before.

"Mmm," Rod uttered softly, gliding his fingers behind Nicky's head, plowing through the thick, black hair and drawing him firmly to himself for a deep and passionate kiss. He pulled away breathlessly. " I wouldn't want it any other way."