Summery: LIME. Robin has a secret lover and Titans East and West are gonna find out Who! Speedy and Beast boy find that they are good a deductions and Starfire just wants to save Robin's 'earthy virginity'. Fem/Slash, Starfire/Raven, Cyborg/Beast boy, Aqua Lad/Speedy, Bee/Jinx, Mas/Meno.

Rating: M

Warning: Lime between two men. Language.

Notes:…XD This makes me laugh.

Beast Boy sighed as he sat down at the table with a 'plop'.

The green boy glanced around the room full of Titans East and West. Everyone was with their special other…

Speedy and Aqualad across from him at the table whispering into each other's ear quietly both flushed a bright red and smiling slyly.

Bumblebee and Jinx discretely holding hands and laughing at the vase that had broken in half when Jinx's face had flushed across the room.

Mas and Menos giggling together behind the couch while grinning and whispering together and shooting looks at the other team members.

Starfire and Raven both levitating in a corner and smiling at each other, and Beast boy could practically see the large pink heart over their heads.

Even Cyborg had his arms wrapped around him, pulling his smaller green frame into his arms, back to chest snuggly.

But Robin was alone. It wasn't anything new, when a team of people had couples in them and the number was odd, that meant either someone was alone or there was a threesome going on.

And Beast boy was positive there weren't any threesomes in the Titans.

But he couldn't help but notice that he didn't look left out at all-don't get him wrong. Beast boy loved Robin as much as the rest of the team(s). He was happy that Robin wasn't hurt that he didn't have a lover-or at least one in the team. The shape-shifter was sure he didn't have a normal lover either.

But it seemed strange to him…Robin never seemed bothered by his singularity.

He never tried hitting on the girls-or the guys-in the city. When someone flirted with him, he never reacted back in less it was for an undercover mission.

Not even a jealous or hurt look crossed his face when the two couples of his team left for a date on the same night-leaving him here. In fact…it seemed he was happy when they left.

The only reaction was a slightly more chippy attitude and double solo patrols for the leader.

Now, Robin was looking out of the sea, a dreamy look at his face as a group of red flying fish shot out of the water in patterns that seemed to cross in X patterns and crisscrosses.

"Have you noticed?" Cyborg finally asked, and the surprised shape-shifter glanced at his dark skinned-half robot lover to see that his one brown eye and robotic lens were discretely focused on Robin.

Beast boy nodded slightly, catching the attention of the two love birds across from them.

Aqualad was the first to speak in a whisper.

"Robin…I thought he was single?"

Beast boy looked at him strangely.

"He is…" his voice was questioning as he glanced at Speedy for an explanation.

"So it's a secret, hm? Kinky." The red head snorted as his arms wrapped around his boyfriend.

"What do you mean? What secret?" Cyborg asked as Starfire heard the question and pulled a glaring Raven over to the table, soon the other two couples were around the table as well, Robin being the only one left out and seeming not to notice as he quietly sighed and glanced down again.

"Secret lover. Duh."

"And how would you know?" Raven asked as she crossed her legs in the air in her normal meditating pose, Starfire soon following her smaller lover's example.

"Um…" Speedy glanced at Aqualad before answering.

"Back before I joined the titans…I wasn't exactly known for my commitments, okay? I know the signs. My…old acquaintances had some lovers they didn't want some people to know about too. And he is showing all of signs." The redhead winced at the death glare Aqualad threw at him before continuing.

"Sighing all the time? Extra patrols? Happy when you all leave the tower? Not even a slightly annoyed expression when you do semi-lovey-dovey stuff in front of him. I bet he didn't even look jealous about your relationship once." Speedy snorted again.

Starfire widened her green eyes and glanced at her leader and old crush.

"Robin is loving someone secretly without telling one of his team family? Why!" her shoat was muffled as Raven bowled her over to cover her mouth.

But Robin had heard and looked at them.

Raven's eyes widened and she quickly did the only thing she could think of that could warrant her to get away with tackling her lover outside of battle.

Starfire moaned in surprise as Raven covered her mouth with her own, both girls quickly joining each other in a make-out session worthy of both Roy and Beast boy blushes.

Robin stifled a chuckle before turning back around to look out at the ocean again.

Raven slowly pulled away from her dazed lover before she helped her up back into the air and they both quietly set again.

Roy cleared his throat before grasping Aqualad's hand in his own as he continued.

"It's a male, and it's one of the Titan's enemies…or Frienemies." He cast a look at the grinning, dazed Robin.

"It's not a girl-otherwise he would have reacted at least slightly more…aroused-" they all made faces at that thought.

Robin was like a sibling…Someone they would all protect with their lives. Not someone that they found sexually attractive (At least not anymore in Starfire's case)-though they all had to agree he was.

"-Towards that little display…And he wouldn't have to e it if they were just some guy. As he can see, none of us are homophobic and the world needs us so much that they wouldn't dare shun our main leader. So it would be either an enemy or a frienemy. Who do we know that Robin would feel enough attraction to, to sneak around with behind our backs?"

Beast boy's eyes had widened and he sat rim-rod straight in his lover's lap as his mind twirled.

"We have a lot of enemies…Males…They have to be intelligent. He likes older guys…but not too old. I can only think of two guys that we know that fit those…Slade-who is dead…And Red X."

They were silent a moment before Jinx smirked.

"He's distracted…Why not just sneak into his room. Whenever me and Bee were still hiding, I would always leave her love letters and such in her room. Something is bound to be there."

They were all silent, staring at the blushing dark skinned bumblebee before looking at the bad luck charm.

Raven sighed and looked at the others.

"He'll kill us if he finds out. Who's the stealthiest?"

The ten of them glanced around each other, and suddenly nine hands went up.

"Not it." They all whispered quietly and Raven growled softly as she realized she had just been played.

"Damn." She muttered before flying from the room with a grumbled excuse.

The room was clean. Dark but clean.

And on the dresser, sat a red X. A note tied around it and a rose attached to the vary middle.

Slowly…slowly…the note was opened in her shaking hands.

"What's it say?" the dark girl almost shrieked as her lover's voice was whispered into her ear and she whipped around to stare at the eight teens behind her.

"What the hell!" she growled before looking down at the note.

"What are you all doing?" The new voice made them all let out screams, dripping over each other in their haste to turn and face Robin. All of them-Raven included-ended up in a large pile of limbs and screams, the paper floated softly into Robin's gloved hand as they all settled in their pile situation.

Reading over the note-Robin's face flushed a deep red-and with a leap he was over the pile of nervous titans and picking up the rose and X.

The draw opened and closed and the two items were out of sight in a flash, the note stuffed in his belt firmly.

With a glare he glanced at the clock.

"It's time for my patrol. We'll be having a talk about this the second I get back. Understood?"

The nods were quick and nervously compliant as he stomped out of the room, his clunky shoes making noise until he was out of the tower and shooting from the island and onto the mainland on his motorcycle.

"We're gonna follow him! You were right! The lover is Red X and they're going too met now!" Beast boy cried as he tried to jump up but couldn't because Starfire's leg was on top of his back and Aqualad's upper body was over his legs.

His movement caused him to knee Aqualad in his stomach and Starfire's skirt to rid up farther enough for Speedy-whose face was on her stomach-to start freaking.

"Don't move! Damn it, if that skirt goes any higher-Aqualad will kill me and Raven will bring me back so she can kill me too!" he growled as he tried to move his arms- which were stuck under Starfire and Cyborg.

Raven snarled from under one of Cyborg's arms and Jinx-who had started it all-laughed from her place on top of Bumblebee with Aqualad's legs pinning under the, and Cyborg's leg over Jinx.

After a long moment of them all in their awkward pile, Speedy closed his eyes and turned his face away from Starfire's lower half.

"Beast boy, try to get up first. Aqualad-try and lift off of his legs. Starfire, lift the leg on his back." Speedy ordered and clenched his eyes shut.

Moments later, Beast boy was up and breathing harshly.

"That." He growled.

"Was so uncomfortable."

Aqualad rolled his eyes.

"Get Jinx up." The sea prince growled a moment later.

"I can't feel my legs. If she slides over, she can get out from under Cy." Soon, Jinx was out and Bumblebee was up as well. Aqualad was next and then Starfire when Cyborg lifted his arm's up. Raven followed and finally Speedy was up as well. Menos and Mas were next as they had just been sitting under Raven's feet and finally Cyborg was able to sit up.

"Ow." He growled as he cracked his neck to loosen it.

"Now it's time for some Robin Stalkin'!" Jinx grinned and Beast boy opened his communicator to track their leader.

"Quickly! We must hurry before our Robin has lost his earthly virginity to our most confusing of Frienemies!" Starfire almost screamed and Speedy cackled.

"From Robin's face-I doubt he's a virgin."

Starfire looked at him with large eyes and he chuckled again.

"Just in case, let's hurry?" he amended and she grinned before flying out of the room after Beast boy, and Cyborg-who had already run to the robotic man's car.

"Are y-you planning on giving u-up you're ev-vil ways now?" Robin tried to bite back a moan the dark teenager kissed down his neck, the strawberry blonde-turned-black haired man grinning before biting down on a piece of skin softly, leaving a light mark as Robin groaned out loud.

"I don't think you want me to renounce my evil…ways. You like how I give you a challenge that none of the other villains can give you. You like that I know just the right buttons to push to get you to just go crazy…That none of the other people on your team can even come close to beating me because of your own creation. That you're the only one that stands a chance." With each sentence, X was leaving red marks down the Boy Wonder's chest.

Letting his bare hand twitch and pinch skin on the younger teen's body, twirling a finger around the hard pebbles on his chest.

"But I know what you love more than all of those. The main reason you love the way I am-the anti-hero that only helps when you need it most, and sometimes not even then. It's a selfish reason…something that even you're ashamed of…" Robin's eyes widened and his fists clenched from their place under Red X's one hand.

"Don't say it!" he pleaded as his secret lover let his other hand slid to his waist and just under the waist band of his tights.

His legs wrapped around the black clad teens waist, his clunky, metal shoes locking together to support himself, his back still pressed to the dirty ally wall.

"You don't want me to be good…'Cause you know that there is no way in hell any good guy could fuck you they way I can. That the only way you'll ever get the pain you crave is by letting a bad guy fuck you…But not just any bad guy…Cause you're still a goody, goody my cute little birdie…You want to be able to feel something for them?"

The dark teenager grinned into the boy he had pinned.

Robin cried out in pleasure, almost losing control as the pale hand finally, finally slipped into the spandex to grip him.

"You love me? Don't you birdie?" he hissed into the younger's ear and Robin threw his head back, cracking it onto the wall behind him and not caring as bright lights flashed in front of his half-opened eyes.

X's hand was pumping and Robin couldn't control his hips-bucking into the fast, smooth hand that was so shamefully familiar.

"Say it, Birdie…You do don't you? You love when I fuck you against a wall, letting your back scrape the wall over and over as I pound into you. But you also love me, don't you Robin? Or should I say Richard?" Red X smirked as Robin cried out again, tears finally leaking from the bright eyes that the mask had hidden before he had taken it off.

His own eyes sparkling with accomplishment as Robin's bucking became harsher…he was getting closer. His hand kept pumping, squeezing lightly, the pale fingers rubbing over his smaller lover's dick.

And then he stopped.

Robin cried out, more tears leaking out as the hand moments ago bringing him so close to the edge, encircled the base of his cock and stopped him from moving or tipping over…his legs were weak and shaking from around X's waist.

"Say it, Birdie…" he whispered into the raven haired boy's ear harshly, tightening his grip on the younger's cock and letting the hand resting and semi supporting Robin on his hip crawl up the other's twitching skin to tweak around the boy's nipple, rolling it as he licked and lapped at Robin's neck-the boy wonder tilting his head back to show his submission.

"S-say what…" Robin whimpered, trying and falling to buck again, his arm's finally stopping the clawing on the dirty wall so that he could rest his hands in X's dyed black hair.

"Tell me what you love…Who you love…who you belong to." The hand at his base slowly slid up his erection, and Robin almost screamed at the shocking stimulation that raced up his body.

"I love when you fuck me…" Robin whimpered as X smirked and let his hand's leisurely pace quicken just slightly.

"I love-ah-I love you! Damn it! Please! Please Jason!" Robin rested his head in the crook on Jason Todd's neck, and Jay smirked as Robin whimpered in need again.

"Tell me, birdie? Who do you belong to?" he growled low, and the sound of the elder man's voice whispering so possessively in his ear went straight to his groin, the hand finally started to go faster and faster as Jason kissed at his neck.

Robin screamed then, as his release hit and his hands clenched in the dyed black hair, he yanked Red X's face to his, the two of them kissing harshly as the clear white coated X's hand and Robin slowly felt the mind numbing pleasure ebbing away to be replaced with such a satisfaction that he forgave his team mates for stalking his room then and there.

"I belong…to you." He breathed out softly as X sat him on his feet-only for his knee's to give out and his lover to catch him.


X grinned as he wiped his dirtied hand on the black cape he wore, supporting Robin until the wonder could stand by himself.

"Why is it that the only time you ever show up outside of the tower is when I go on actual patrols?" Robin asked with a raised eye brow.

Jason grinned, pulling Robin for a scorching kiss that left Robin breathless, his face flushed slightly.

"You're easier to seduce when you're off guard."

"I'm off guard on my fake patrols." Robin smirked.

"Exactly, you know how I am will challenges."

X shook his head, grinning before pulling Robin closer to him, flush to his body as he helped Robin to pull the tight-fitting shirt and cape back on, sliding the mask on at last.

"Can't wait for the next patrol…"

"Neither can we." The smug voice caused Robin to freeze and X to immediately set his own mask back in place.

"Guys…" Robin gulped and tightened his hands on his lover's shoulders as the man shifted towards the escape route he had laid out.

"Try it and there won't be another fake patrol for a long, long time." The boy wonder hissed quietly and Jason froze in place, his hands tightening around Richard's waist.

"What do I do?" the naturally raven haired boy leaned into his lover in defeat and hid his red face from his nine other comrades.

"Well…we can't hide it now. They're like, stalking you."

"How much did you see?" Robin asked as flash backs of the last twenty minutes played through his head…

His face turned a deep crimson as the things he had admitted in the throes of passion out loud and he hit X lightly in the chest.

"I think we came in sometime around 'Why is it that the only time you ever show up outside of the tower is when I go on actual patrols?'" Raven said as she glanced around the ally then at the wall that her leader had his back to.

Robin let out a faint sigh of relief before embarrassment washed over him.


Beast boy laughed loudly at the soft reply of his leader and Robin growled before slowly pulling away from the stiff Red X.

"How did you find me? I know we're in the dead end of town. No one but us ever comes here…"

Speedy grinned.

"Tracker. We-skillfully-deducted that you had a secret lover." The red head grinned.

Robin shook his head with a small smile.

"And how did you do that?" Red X asked skeptically as he turned around, Robin sort of hiding behind him.

"Well-" Speedy paced back and forth in front of the other people as he started his explanation.

"-it started with Beast Boy. He and Cy had been staring at you for, like the whole party. And then Cy asked if he noticed to. I knew what they were talking about. They wondered why-even though all of your people close to you are together and you were the odd one out, you never seemed hurt or jealous." Green Arrow's old side kick grinned and stopped suddenly, his hand straight up with his finger pointed to the sky in the universal pose of stupid questioning.

"And let us not forget the signs!" Starfire pointed out swiftly.

"What signs?" X grinned from behind the mask.

This would be good.

Speedy continued as if Starfire's interjection was all planned.

"The love struck sighs! Double solo patrols, not reacting in any way irritated or hurt by the others bluntly romantic nature."

"Is moaning in his sleep a sign?" Starfire asked after a second of though.

"Wet dreams! Haha! We have you!"

Robin flushed and pinched X as the villain started to chuckle.

"Anyway-after that we put our heads together. It wasn't anyone on the team. And even if it was a guy-you knew we weren't homophobic. And if it was a girl-you would have reacted at least a bit aroused by that little…show that Starfire and Raven put on. So it had to be a guy and someone that you couldn't tell us about."

Aqualad raised an eyebrow as Speedy hopped up and down in excitement for some reason.

"We knew your type. Older but not an old man, Smart. So that narrowed it down to two people-one of which is dead-"

"You really thought I would let Slade do something like that to me?" Robin shivered in disgust and gripped his lover tighter.

"…no…" Speedy muttered guiltily and Robin glared at the obvious lie. "So…all that was left was Red X. So to prove our theory, we got Raven to go into your room and look for something to prove it-where she found a rose, a note, and one of his X's." the archer grinned and then looked at Cyborg.

"We got a lock of your comm. and tracked you here."

Robin shook his head again, stepping out from behind X.

"But…You didn't see or hear anything…did you?" he asked again awkwardly.
"We came just as you admitted to fake patrols." Beast boy shrugged.

"Why? What was he doing to you?" Cyborg glared at Red X who put his hands up.

"Nothing he didn't want to do-that's for sure."

Robin flushed and glared at his lover with wide eyes.

"We were…talking!" he tried to cover what the other had said as the faces of his comrades changed from confused to smug or anger-directed at Red X.

"Yeah, about how much you like when I fu-" Robin slapped a hand over the other's mouth piece, muffling the other's next few words.

"You are making it worse." He hissed at the anti-hero as Cyborg powered up the canon on his arm.

"I know." The smug answer made Robin blush again and open his mouth to comment, but Red X had turned around, lifting up his mask-making sure the nine others couldn't see his face-to kiss him passionately.

Robin moaned softly as X forced his mouth open with his tongue, fighting with the wet muscle.

His now gloved hands slid down Robin's side sensually, one hand resting low on the younger's hip while he let the other creep up to Robin's chin to tilt his face up and deepen the kiss-both ignoring the sound of a canon charging up as Robin's fingers twined into Jason's hair to pull him closer.

Red X slowly pulled away, grinning at the dazed expression of his lovers face before finally hearing the canon sound as Cyborg brought it up to aim at him.

"'Till next time, Birdie." And then he was gone, up the fire escape and dodging the bullets Cyborg's canon shot at him until he disappeared into the night.

Robin leaned against the wall, a silly, dazed grin on his face as he looked at the place that X had disappeared.

His fingers touched his tingling lips as he tried to gain back his composer.

"Yeah, until next time…"

And then he was pulled away from the wall and stuffed into Cyborg's car as Speedy took his motorcycle-none of them trusting him to drive in his goofy state.

Robin grinned the whole way, only half-listening to the lectors each of the people in the car gave him as his mind raced,

And as the Teen Titan base came into view as they hovered over the water, he felt the grin widen and his eyes twinkle.

"-And when we get back to the tower-"

Robin smirked in his head.

Oh, the things he and X would do when they got back to the tower…