Summery: Red X growled, flipping backwards to avoid the dangerous criminal, and slipping on the sludge covering the ground.

Who's fucking bright idea was it to fight in a fucking trash heap?
And on the one day his poor Birdie was home, sick with the flu-and he was stuck fighting the Trash Man.

What kind of name was the Trash Man anyway?

Rating: T

Warning: Language, maybe some other stuff I don't remember XD

Notes: Mmm, thanks to PorcelainQueenXD for reminding me to get off my ass and type this up…I think they're only gonna be one or two after this one, because I'm slowly moving away from this fandom-or actually writing Fan fiction at all XD I still love it dearly, but I've been working with my girlfriend on some original works and I'm more focused on those right now so I'm sorry for no new stories/updates if you are waiting for anything ^^ Again, though, Thank you to PorcelainQueenXD! I hope you like it.

*This was inspired by something that Red X said in one of the other chapters (I believe it was Plus, but I might be wrong T.T)


Red X growled, flipping backwards to avoid the dangerous criminal, and slipping on the sludge covering the ground.

Who's fucking bright idea was it to fight in a fucking trash heap?
And on the one day his poor Birdie was home, sick with the flu-and he was stuck fighting the Trash Man.

What kind of name was the Trash Man anyway?

The Titans surrounding him were fighting just as hard, trying to destroy the little monster-robot-garbage minions that Trash Man referred to as his little Litter-bugs.

Red made a face behind his mask, wrinkling his nose.

Ugh. It smelt so bad…Where had that smell come from?
He looked around, spotting where the gas was coming from.

He could see the light green smog bellowing slowly from the machine that Trash Man was sitting on, where he was controlling the Litter Bugs.

He blinked, watching in surprise as Beast Boy collapsed, making some stupid crack about how bad Trash Man smelled, before losing consciousness.

He looked over at Starfire, surprised when the red headed alien fell to the ground as well, coughing.

"S-Some fo-form of…toxin…" she gasped, before collapsing completely, eyes falling shut.

"Star!" Cyborg called, trying to run to her, only to drop to his knees.

"What the-'the helldija do to me?" The darker teenager growled, glaring at Trash Man.

Said fat, acne-covered man laughed loudly, throwing his head back.

"Mwahahahaha!" He laughed, literally pronouncing every 'ha', as if he were mocking the stereotypical laugh rather than actually using it, like he'd learned how to be evil from a kids show.

"This is my secret weapon! A specially made gas I've dubbed 'Trash-o-nator'!" He cried, laughing the stupid, 'evil' laugh again.

He wanted to see evil? X could show him evil.
Before he could move though, the gas slowly began to leak into his mask.

His muscles seemed to have suddenly stopped working and he fell to the ground as well, watching Raven hit the dirt with a loud cry as she fell from the air.

What-there was no way this guy could have beaten all of them.

He coughed, falling to his hands and knees.

His vision began to darken, and he buckled completely, hitting the dirty ground with a soft 'splash' of sludge.

Oh God, ewewewew…

He closed his eyes, trying to breathe, for some reason unable to get air into his lungs.

"Hey!" That voice…

It was muffled and stuffy, but Red would recognize that voice no matter what.


He looked up weakly, just able to make out his lover, standing on top of a garbage pile, completely covered in garbage. His nose and cheeks-and his eyes, Red knew, though they were covered by the mask-were a dark red, and his nose was running from sniffling and sneezing throughout the day. His hair was mused and almost dirty looking-though that might have been from the disgusting trash and sludge everywhere.

"Get away from my friends!" Robin growled, and before Trash Man could react, a bat-shaped ninja-star had been thrown at him, hitting his target, and knocking the fat man off of his machine-which controlled the Litter-bugs.

"Why you little-" Trash Man cried, but was cut off by a loud screeching as Robin threw another bat-shaped star (And since when had he used Bat-shaped stars, Red thought groggily) at the machine.

He watched in surprise as the star embedded itself into the thin metal he'd recycled from the surrounding garbage heaps; make three loud, short beeping noises, before it blew up.

The machine fell apart in a matter of seconds, the parts flying in all directions, and raining down around them, though none were big enough to actually harm anyone should they fall on them.

Red felt his vision darken, but not before he looked at Robin once more.

God, he was so beautiful…


"Red X…Come on, Jason, wake up." He heard his lover's soft, stuffy voice whisper into his ear, and he could feel the small, gentle hands he was so familiar with shaking him awake.

His eyes cracked open, and he realized suddenly that his mask was gone. He didn't panic though, trusting that Robin had known better than to take it off while the rest of the team was present.

He might have been dating their leader, but they still didn't like him and he still didn't like them, either.

He grunted quietly, looking up at him.

"B-Birdie? You're supposed to be at the tower…" he whispered, voice weak and raspy.

"Beast Boy comm'ed me. Are you okay?" The Titan's leader asked, gently helping him sit up.

"Fine…" Jason coughed, shaking his head.

"God, that guy was a freak…what happened to him?"

"Mmm, he got…" Robin snorted, smirking slightly, "Mmm, he got trashed."

He motioned to trashcan nearby, which had the top welded on, and a small hole in the top-out of which came the loud banging and screaming of an angry Trash Man.

"Oh, Man, I can't believe you just said that…" Jason laughed, looking at Richard.

Said boy only giggled softly, winking, "Mmm, I'm sick. Don't blame me for horrible puns, Beast Boy is rubbing off on me."

Red X laughed softly, leaning up to kiss his forehead, growing only slightly worried at the obvious fever he felt.

"Time to get you home. The others okay?"

"Yeah…they went to deal with the cops, so I could make sure you were okay…" Robin murmured, gently helping the other boy stand up.

"Good, good…" he murmured, closing his eyes for a moment, before standing on his own.

Jason waited a moment, then smirked, and picked his Birdie up bridle-style, ignoring his sudden squeak of surprise.

"J-Jason!" Richard cried softly, clinging to him, though obviously relieved to not have to support himself any longer. "What are you doing!"

"Carrying you, silly. You're sicker than a dog, and you just fought some random man. You need to be taken home."

"I can walk."

"Now you don't have to."

They both stared at each other silently, a battle of wills, that Richard eventually lost.

He looked away, pouting.


"Mmm, you like my ass." Jason smirked when his Birdie finally relaxed into him.

Richard didn't reply, only snuggling closer and closing his eyes.

Mmm, good Birdie…