Chapter 1 Four long years.

"It has been 4 years…4 long horrible years since that day." Thought 16 year old medical ninja Sakura Haruno jumped from tree branch to tree branch. She was just a few steps behind her sensei and team leader Kakashi Hatake. Behind her was her new team, Hinata Kiba and Shino. She had joined their team because all the members of team seven minus her where either dead or a traitor to the village.

"Why Sasuke…Why did you have to kill Naruto." Thought Sakura as she remembered back to when she had found out her teammate and crush had killed her other teammate.


The 12 year old Sakura walked into the Hokage's office. It was strange to be called into the office of the Hokage since she was just a genin. She walked in to find Kakashi, Shizune standing on their side of a sitting Tsunade.

"You called for me Lady Hokage?" asked Sakura

"Yes." said Tsunade as she lowered her head. "We have a report on the mission to save Sasuke."

"So are they back yet?" asked Sakura

"No." said Tsunade as she looked down at her desk. Sakura finally noticed the two headbands. She knew the two headbands, one with a slash though it was Sasuke and the bloodstained one was Naruto's.

"What happened?" asked Sakura

"We aren't sure but at the moment it looks like Sasuke killed Naruto." said Tsunade as Sakura's eyes widened.

"What?" asked Sakura

"There was sign of a battle on the border with the sound and I found a pool of blood the blood type matches Naruto's." said Kakashi

"But no bodies then they can be alive." said Sakura

"It was too much blood for a single person to lose and live." said Kakashi "And my ninjas dogs were able to pick up Sasuke's scent leaving the field but the rain washed away most of the path."

"Naruto and Sasuke ran into the battle alone and only Sasuke walked out." Said Tsunade

"I just can't understand why Sasuke-kun would do this." Said Sakura only to have Tsunade slam her fist down.

"Sasuke? You are worried about Sasuke?" yelled Tsunade "Your Sasuke-kun killed your teammate Naruto and you're worried about Sasuke?"

"Lady Tsunade." said Shizune as Sakura just looked at her.

"No she needs to hear this." snapped Tsunade as she remembered the reports of Naruto's promise to Sakura "Naruto died for you don't you see that?"

Sakura just hung her head in shame.

"He loved you and you only care about the guy who killed him." said Tsunade "How can you live with yourself."

"Tsunade!" yelled Shizune

"I can't." said Sakura as Tsunade looked at her "If I had been stronger then I could of stopped it all from happening."

"Then there is only one thing to do, you will become my student." said Tsunade as Sakura looked at her. "Naruto would have wanted you to finish his mission and bring Sasuke back."

End Flashback

"Sasuke, I am only bringing you back because it is what Naruto-kun would have done." Thought Sakura

"Failing in your first mission is not a good way to start." Said Inner Sakura

"I know but we were too late the Akatsuki killed Gaara and then took off." Thought Sakura as she looked up at the giant white bird that flew just ahead of them. "But I will not let them get away."

As she thought that a line of bombs went off just in front of the bird. She looked up just in time to see the two figures standing on the bird to be joined by a third. The third figure quickly knocked the other two off the bird before jumping off a second before the bird exploded.

"What the?" asked Kiba

"Hinata can you see what is going on?" asked Kakashi as Hinata activated her Byakugan.

"Yes, the two Akatsuki members are on one side of courage and an unknown is on the other. They appear to be staring each other down." explained Hinata

"An ally?" asked Kiba

"We can't be sure about that. It could be one of Orochimaru people." said Shino

"If it is then we will have to capture them." said Kakashi before hitting his radio "Guy how long?"

"It will be a while." said Guy back as he went back to fighting his perfect clone.

"Alright be aware that a new player is on the field and has engaged the Akatsuki." said Kakashi

"Got you." said Guy as he cut his link.

"Let's hurry." said Kakashi as they kicked it up a notch they arrived on the battlefield just in time.

"So you're the unknown ninja who has been attacking our bases." said the blonde hair member of the Akatsuki

"Yes." said the new man. He was tall and dressed from head to toe in black. He had a black traveling cloak that ran from his shoulders straight down to his black boats. He had a black hood up covering his hair and forehead. He must have had a justu of some kind on his face because it was nothing but black and with two glowing red animal eyes.

"What is your name, I need to know who dies at the hands of my art." said the blonde hair man.

"You may call me the black fox if you wish." Said the man

"Why have you been attacking us?" asked the puppet man, Sasori

"It is my sensie's wish that I destroy all of the Akatsuki." said the Black fox

"Who is this guy?" asked Kiba as he looked at the man.

"I don't know." said Kakashi

"Well your sensei has no idea who he is messing with." said Sasori

"You don't know." said the black fox

"Well your not that smart if you just stood there and didn't noticed that you where surrounded by my art." said Deidara as hundreds of his spiders clay bombs appeared around the fox. "Now Die."

With that a large explosion happened as all the small bombs joined together into one powerful one.

"That was too easy." said Deidara

"Don't celebrate too soon." said a voice as Deidara looked up just in time too see the black fox coming down sword in hand.

"How in the world?" asked Deidara as his partner's metal tail came flying up hitting the fox in the chest.

"He dodged your so called art." said Sasori

"SO CALLED ART." snapped Deidara as the black fox landed on the other side, a small amount of blood running down his cloak, his hand covering the wound.

"No matter, the poison should be taking affect soon." said Sasori as suddenly the fox started laugh.

"No it will not, see I am immune to all poisons." said the fox he moved his hand only to show flesh, untouched by any wound.

"What?" asked Sasori

"All you managed to do was to ruin a perfectly good cloak." said the man as he took off his cloak to show. He was dressed in a long black coat that hugged his sides. It ran down his entire arm before stopping at his black gloves. The cloak stopped at the top of his boots which came up 3/4th the way to his knees. The boots themselves where black with metal running along the bottom and the tip. He had black pants with a sliver strip running down the sides. He had a dark grey shirt. His face was still hidden by a hood and that justu.

"Still hiding your face?" asked Sasori

"So are you." said the black fox

"Well it is time for you to die." said Sasori as he opened his mouth and dozens of needles came flying out. The Fox began moving with a strange mix of easy and grace to avoid the razor sharp needles. He was dodging it so well he actually had his hands in his pockets as if he was board.

"How is he doing that?" asked Deidara

"I have my ways." answered the fox as moved out of the way of another attack. "However I am getting boarded with this."

"Well so am I." said Deidara as he pointed toward the sky. Out of a large cloud came three of the clay birds. Each came swopping down forcing the fox to jump back as each one exploded where he was just a second ago. When the last one hit a line of needles came flying out of the smoke. The fox ducked but he was too slow the needle flew in the space between his hood and his head. Ripping his hood apart and breaking his justu.

For a moment nothing happened as the fox sat on one knee his face looking at the ground. Golden blonde locks where now free from the hood that had kept them hidden.

"Well now we get to see your face." Said Deidara

"You shouldn't have done that." said the fox as he stood up. Sakura's eyes and widened as dod everyone else they saw his face. His wild blonde hair framed his red eyes however the thing that stood out the most where the whicker marks on each of his checks.

"Naruto?" asked Sakura as the Black fox turned and looked at her. Then for a brief second in front of everyone those red eyes turned to sky blue before turning back to red.

"How can this be that is Naruto-kun?" asked Hinata as she fought the need to faint.

"How indeed?" said Shino

"We have to back him up." said Kiba as he pulled a kunai

"Your help will not be required." said a new voice as the others looked up to a higher tree branch only to see a large fox maybe the size of Akamaru sitting there looking down. Its jet black fur and somehow darker eyes sent chills down the ninja's spine.

"Who are you?" asked Kiba as he barred his teeth wondering how he couldn't of smelled the fox before.

"My name is Saito and Naruto and I are a team." said Saito with a small smile showing off his razor sharp white fangs. "And he has asked to do this alone."

"How can we believe you?" asked Sakura

"Your trust is not needed but if you should try to get in our way I will have no problem ending your life." said Saito

"There are five of us, six if you count Akamaru we can take you!" yelled Kiba

"Foolish dog boy, not knowing when he is outmatch." said Saito with a grin "Tell me do you not see anything different about me, something you wouldn't normally see in a fox?"

"You talk and a lot bigger." said Kiba causing Saito to roll his eyes

"Beside that?" said Saito

"You have three tails." said Shino as everyone looked and he was right Saito did have three tails.

"Very good, bug boy." said Saito "I am not a normal fox, I am a demon fox. With a rank of three tails."

"That is still 6 tails below the nine tails and we humans killed him." snapped Kiba

"My father is far from dead." said Saito with a grin as the ninja's eyes widened

"What?" asked Sakura

"You heard me, I am the son of Kyuubi 9 tailed fox, lord of all demon foxes." said Saito "And Naruto is his student."

"His student?" asked Sakura unaware to everyone else the pieces where coming into place for Kakashi.

"The Kyuubi must of taken him somewhere to train him but for what?" thought Kakashi "He wouldn't just do that for free he would want something. The only thing he wanted was to be free of Naruto could Naruto have freed him in order to be trained by him."

"Saito you don't have to tell them everything." said Naruto flatly "Also you don't have to scare them shitless."

"But is so much fun when I do." laughed Saito "I would bet you wanted your hood to come off?"

"Ya, maybe a little." laughed Naruto back

"So you are a Jinchuriki" asked Sasori

"I was but not anymore." said Naruto as the akatsuki looked at him. "However because of my past as one, it is one of the reasons why I am going to kill you."

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