Chapter 100 The End of an Age

The sun was coming up over the Leaf, the markets where filling as the shop owners opened up their doors and started to set up their displays. As they did this a figure walked through the streets few played the person much mind as she passed. She had passed this way every day for almost a year nothing seemed to stop her not the hardest rain or the coldest snow every day she made her walk. The only difference this time was she had some flowers in her hands as her cane pushed off against the ground as she moved down the street. Little kids ran around her not knowing who she is, the older generation knew who she was but judging from the smile on her face she enjoyed watching the new generation. Slowly she made her way to a large field full of funeral markers. She passed a pair of Jonnin who saluted her like she was still in the Ninja core as she entered the cemetery. Slowly she made her way up a small hill until she reached the top of the hill; she looked down as she wanted to cry as she read the name plate.

"Naruto Altair Namikaze 6th Hokage of the Hidden Leaf first demon fox summoner." read the woman "Father, Husband and defender of the spirit of the Leaf."

A gentle wing swept through the ground as tears formed in her eyes as she spoke up again.

"How are you doing Naruto-kun?" asked Sakura as she looked down at her husband's grave marker. Her eyes watered as she looked at his grave. Sakura would never forget that day a little bit over nine months ago when she woke up in her sleep to find her husband of almost seventy years heart had stopped beating. "I miss you so much."

"And I am sure you will see him soon." said a new voice as Sakura turned to see the demon fox Katara walking up to her. Unlike Sakura Katara hadn't age since the battle against the demons then again demons did live for millions of years. In fact she and Saito hadn't even gotten matted yet, that wasn't planned for another million years. Sakura on the other hand had age great for a human but still at the age of 91 she looked like an old woman. Her once bright pink hair had faded into almost pure white, she had to walk with a cane and her face and body was covered with winkles. However she appeared to be very health for her age then again there was no one else her age in the leaf or that matter in the ninja world. Most ninja died by the age of thirty do to war or other injuries and the average life span for a woman was in the middle 80s. Maybe it was because of her demon healing ability that she lasted as long as she did but it wasn't without pain. She looked to her right and left as she read down the name.

"Shikamaru Nara, Temari Nara, Choji Akimichi, Ino Akimichi, Neji Hyuga, Tenten Hyuga, Kiba Inuzuka and Hinata Inuzuka." read Sakura as she placed the flowers on Naruto's grave.

"You are the last of your generation." said Katara

"I know." said Sakura "It hurts so much."

"I know but at least you get to see your grandkids and great grandkids." said Katara as Sakura laughed a bit

"My eldest Great grandkid first child is due in two weeks." said Sakura

"The Namikaze clan has grown just like the Leaf has." said Katara as she looked over her shoulder to see Naruto's face in stone in between the face of Tsunade and the face of the seventh Hokage Fugaku Uchiha. At the end of the line was the stone face of the newest Hokage who was a sworn in only a few days ago.

"Ya, Riki and Fiorella had five children all boys and Caden had two sons and a daughter. " said Sakura "And that isn't counting the three kids that Airi had with Agon when they got married. Then there is my granddaughters from my little girl."

"You had a good life." Said Katara

"Yes." Said Sakura with tears in her eyes

"You haven't told your children have you?" asked Katara

"No, Naruto was the only one who knew so why let them worry about something out of their control." Said Sakura

"I am surprised you look as good as you do." Said Katara "Most people with heart condition you have don't last as long you."

"Ya." said Sakura "I was able to hide the signs but I can feel my heart weakling with each passing day. I don't have much time left."

"I know." Said Katara "I would guess a day if that."

Sakura cried but they were tears of joy as Sakura shook her head.

"Less." said Sakura "I know it is wrong to want to die but I want to be with Naruto-kun again."

"There is nothing wrong with that, mates normally want to rejoin their lost mates." Said Katara

"Ya, Shikamaru died within a year of losing Temari, Kiba died when Hinata died in that ambush." said Sakura as she remembered the horrible day over 30 years ago.


"Last bit of paperwork." said the sixty one year old Sakura as she sat up from behind her desk.

"Going to enjoy retirement?" asked the top doctor of the Leaf her son and her student Caden Namikaze.

"It is only a state of Semi-retirement I will come in maybe one maybe two times a week and help you out." said Sakura

"Mom that will not be needed." said Caden

"I am not like some retirees who sit around and read I need to be active." Said Sakura as an alarm went off.

"We have injuries coming in." reported Caden

End Flashback

"Hinata died when she and Kiba went on a family trip, she took a kunai which was meant for her two year old Grandkid." said Sakura "Naruto himself went out and made the band of thief's pay with their lives for that attack."

"I know." said Katara

"That was the first death and others followed." said Sakura as she felt her heart begin to slow down.

When her heart began to slow the wind picked up speed as fresh cherry blossoms filled the air.

"Sakura-chan." Said a voice Sakura knew all too well as her cane fell to the ground. Instantly the guards who were standing outside the gate rushed as she fell to the ground.

"Mrs. Namikaze!" yelled the guard as he caught Sakura as she fell, instantly he turned to the other "get a doctor!"

"Don't worry, she has gone to a better place." said Katara

"Naruto?" asked Sakura as eyes closed for a moment however when she opened them again she was lying in a pure white room. She could feel a hand running though her hair, she knew the hands all too well. "Naruto?"

"It's me Sakura-chan." Said Naruto's voice as Sakura raised her head to see a much younger Naruto looking back at her, he looked just as he did when they first got married.

"Am I dead?" asked Sakura

"In a way." said Naruto "As my dad described it is like a holding area between life and death. If you are good and destined for heaven, someone always comes to meet the person to help them cross over but you can fight it and stay in the world of the living."

"No…I want to be with you again." said Sakura as tears formed in her eyes "I missed you every day."

"I know I watched you every night wishing I could remove your tears." said Naruto as he took his wife's hand "If you are ready we can cross, everyone is waiting to see you."

"Everyone?" asked Sakura

"Well everyone apart from Sasgay but I didn't think you would mind that." said Naruto with a smile as he helped his wife, his mate and the love of his life to her feet, as she rose her skin rejuvenated as her winkles went away as her eyes returned to their normal good, her hair turned from white to bright pink, her body shade the pounds that she had gained over the years as her body turned back to her twenty 22 years old body. Her cloths changed from the old lady cloths to a bright red tank top which showed off her chest with her black shorts.

"I never thought dying would fell like this?" asked Sakura as she looked into Naruto's eyes

"Does it have to be painful?" asked Naruto as he pulled his wife close resting his forehead against hers.

"I bet I look more beautiful now?" asked Sakura as she put her hands around Naruto's neck.

"Sakura-chan you are always beautiful." said Naruto as he moved some of his wife's hair behind her head. Sakura smiled as she started a make out session with her husband.

"Will you two hurry up." Yelled a new voice she knew belonged to Ino as Sakura looked over to see the all her friends, her family and Naruto's own parents and who she assumed was his grandparents standing there.

"You guys can do whatever you want when we are done welcoming you." said Ino

"So Sakura-chan you ready?" asked Naruto

"Yes." said Sakura as she crossed over, the last of the generation who fought in the demon war had passed on.

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