Story Start

The weather of the planet was beautiful, clear blue oceans and the bright rays of the sun shined down on the beautiful canvas of the planet.
''You've been quiet.'' Naruto said as Starfire looked up, slightly startled.

''It's's going to take me some time to get used to this.'' she said quietly.

''You miss your friends?'' he asked as his gaze softened. ''Do you...''

''No...'' she quickly answered. ''I do not regret marrying you. I just need a little time.''

'I understand...'' he said as he landed the ship. They were greeted by a greeted and began looking around. Starfire immediately flew out and observed the surrounding trees. Her eyes sparkled like the bit of blue sea that they could both see in the distance.

"Beautiful," she breathed, turning round and round in an attempt to see everything at once.

Naruto chuckled at Starfire's behavior. ''Yeah it really is.'' he said as Starfire dropped down and grabbed his hand. ''Come on Naruto! I really wish to see the sights.''

''Alright just let me create a few kagebunshin to check us in and get our stuff. I want to check out our room first and put on a change of clothes before we do anything.'' he said as they made way to there hotel room. The first thing that came into mind was the feeling of soft colors when they peered in. The room was large, mostly mist with thin curtains that fluttered gently from the breeze that radiated from the ocean.

The carpet was unremarkable soft on their feet and the pillows look soft liked marshmallows with a fully stacked bar, a table, and a large queen-sized bed in the room where there were potted plants with a balcony and an amazing video to the sea. ''Now this looks nice.'' he said as he looked around, directing his kagebunshin where to put the items.

''This surely is glorious.'' Starfire said as she did a spin.

''Let's get dressed and check out the beach,'' he said as he opened one of the suitcases that was placed on his bed as he pulled out a stack of clothes. ''We can get to know our bed...I mean our room later tonight,'' he said as he felt his face heat up. He couldn't believe he had slipped up like that.

Starfire giggled, ''...sounds fun.'' she said before she started unpacking some of her clothes.

Naruto couldn't help but swell in pride and maybe a bit of ego as his wife was turning many heads. She was dressed in a two piece violet and green striped bikini under a blue-green twist tan-kini and swim skirt that showed off her long well toned legs.

''This really is peaceful,'' Naruto said as he rested his head in Starfire's lap. They were curled up together on a beach towel as they enjoyed each other's presence. They had spend most of today looking around at all the flora life and even visited the museum. The soft, warm glow of the sun seemed to have some sort of hynoptic effect as they found themselves almost wanted to go to sleep.

'' is.'' she remarked as she leaned over and placed a kiss on his lips. Her fingers ran through his air as the only sound that happened was that of waves crashing against the beach. ''Should we just stay here or do you want to look around some more?''

''Hhm...I think a walk would be nice.'' he remarked as he sat up. ''It'll be a few hours until it's night so we should continue to make the most of our worth day.'' he said as he extended a hand and helped her up. After spending the rest of the day exploring the cliffs and the planet's Zoo they made there way back to their hotel-room.

Without a word Naruto practically crushed his lips to hers, his hands exploring her back. They had just come back from dinner at one of the restaurants and had quite a bit of wine. Her warm body was writhing against his; her skirt riding up her thighs as she lifted one of her legs around his hips. He'd ground into her, the growing bulge in pants coming into contact with that sweet warmth between her partly-spread legs.

He bit her lower lip, causing her to let out a sharp cry of pleasure mixed with pain. He eased off a bit, soothing the spot with his tongue. She moaned softly, her body shivering at the sensation. His lips left hers, trailing down her neck to her collar bone. He palmed her heaving breasts, cupping them expertly for a few moments before sliding his hands down her sleeveless dress.

''Naruto,'' she moaned, grinding her hips into him and thrusting her breasts up into his hands begging for more. He grinned triumphantly, his hands slipping inside the neckline of her dress and tearing it open to reveal those perfect mounds barely concealed by her bra. He tugged the straps of fabric down, his lips suckling on her pert, dark orange tips until she was throwing her head back, mouth open in a silent cry as he devoured her hungrily.

"Naruto," she whimpered again as he suckled her flesh. One hand slid down her hip to reach under her skirt and cup her through her panties; they were soaked through. Taking her in his arms he gently placed her on the bed and began removing the rest of her clothing; hungering, seeking to taste her. His tongue raking along her body before finally settling on her crotch as he began to lap at her sweet nectar while massaging her thighs.

He could sense she was close already, by her whimpers and shutter at his swift tongue movements; though he wasn't ready to let her come just yet; he still hadn't had his fill of her. As Naruto's tongue raked across her front clit his fingers explored her depths as he softly massaged the second smaller nub that was apart of her Tamarenean physiology.

He was like a man starved; his tongue dipped inside her, swirling around to lap up every drop of her sweet nectar. Her hips were bucking wildly as she tried to get him to move where she wanted him. He ignored her pleas, as he wanted her good and ready to receive all of him.

''Naruto...'' she gasped again, tears springing to her eyes. "Pleaseā€¦"

His lips closed around her clit, his tongue flicking against it as quickly as an ice cube would melt in a pot of boiling water. She let out another cry, her thighs locking around his head like a vice as she convulsed around him; he greedily drank her in, his cock twitching in his pants who were becoming increasingly tight.

He had to have her soon before he exploded right there; he hadn't been this close to losing it since he'd been a horny teenager. Her voice rang in his ears again; she was calling to him. He rose to his feet, capturing her mouth in a deep kiss; she returned it, moaning softly again as his tongue massaged hers.

Her hands slid from his back as they went to his front and began removing his pants. After a few movements between feverish kisses she removed his hardened confines from his silk boxers after quite a bit of time was placed around with fumbling with his boxers. His cock twitched in her hand to which Starfire stroke with looks of awe. Though she wasn't able to spend much time gazing at it when he pressed his lips against hers, their bodies grinding against each other as his hands moved under her.

He lifted her up, feeling her legs instantly wrap around his hips as she guided him into her. They both moaned at the sensations of their bodies uniting. He slid into her easily; she was so tight, hot, wet, and swollen for him and it was enough to drive him wild. He let out a surprised groan when Starfire rolled them over so she was on top, her lustrous hair whipped a bout as her lustful eyes gazed down at him.

She felt the same way and was bouncing up and down on his thick cock, her hands softly sliding down his torso. He felt her come undone around screaming his name as she threw her head back in ecstasy at the sensations coursing through her. So enthralled by her orgasm she let out a cry as Naruto rolled them over as Naruto began pounding into her, his mouth latched to her neck as his hands massaged her breasts. ''I hope you're ready Sparkles. I plan on having you cry my name all night.'' he said as he placed a kiss against her lips again as their bodies continued with the sensuous dance into late of the night.