Supernatural: The Son and Grandson of Betong
by VeekaIzhanez

The Malaysian version of Supernatural. Sam and Dean went to Malaysia only for this?

Based with the Malay supernatural chronology, 'Anak Betong' (Son of Betong) and 'Cucu Betong' (Grandson of Betong)

Whatever, Enjoy!


This story was happen when one witch, Malika wanted to take over the world after she got one powerful sword that belongs with Hassan's family. Zaman Hassan, his wife, Melissa Hassan and his brother, Jagat Hassan needed to protect the Finale Sword from fall into Malika's hands. But it's not too easy to do with. Malika revelaled one secret, actually Jagat is not Zaman's biological brother. Their parent's found one baby inside the bamboo after it been cut down and named it as Jagat Hassan. There, Malika used Jagat to bring the Finale Sword to her to finish her mission. But he didn't thus his fight against Malika makes him almost paralysed, but his left arm had been amputated.

But it didn't end for all. 20 years later, The same incident also happen when Zaman and Melissa found another baby inside the bamboo. They adopted him and named him as Raqib. When Raqib was 10, Malika used him for her importance to get Finale Sword which Melissa (his adopted mother) kept it.

And..... Sam and Dean heard of this story thus they came to Malaysia to solve this problem. Let's find out.


At one cave not far from one forest. Hour 1200.
Malika walked in and she brought of empty basket. She looked over something. One hanging rock in front of her. Malika kneed down.

"Greet to you, Queen Solowangi. I kneed down to you, the Empress of the Region of Sumatera. I need your help," said Malika.

There was one woman appeared behind the rock. Her neck had been pressed by one rock above. She was Queen Solowangi, who she lived for over 500 years. She used to help Malika to achieve her evil plan with one condition, Malika need to help her to release her out from the rock that she had been trapped for a hundred years after her evil plan succeed..

"I need your help, Queen Solowangi," said Malika. "I need your 'secret weapon' as you told me before,"

"You say what?" scolded Queen Solowangi. "My 'secret weapon' that I told you is not good enough if you use it. Sometimes, it can 'kill' its owner if you misuse it,"

"I don't care what will happen to me. But I need it right now,"

There, Queen Solowangi began to cast her spell and much smokes spreaded around her then it flied toward Malika. There, one crystal ball formed. It's small as a marble.

"You need to listen, Malika," said Queen Solowangi. "That crystal ball is made by 'bamboo crystal' which it formed from bamboo dew which it frozen for over hundred years. It functioned to predict anything that you need to plan for future,"

"Thanks for that, Queen Solowangi," said Malika. "You can get your rest,"

"Sure I am, Malika. This rock at my neck makes me sick," Queen Solowangi sighed in pain.

Malika went out from that cave with the basket of crystal ball that she got.


At one wooden hut beside one river. Malika walked into there. She placed that 'bamboo crystal' on the table and then.... she began to cast the spell. Some inscents from surounding makes that place scary with some wind over the scene. She wanted to predict her action for a few minutes later...... She want to finish her job.

She saw of something appeared in that crystal ball........ Raqib walked along one place alone. He looked over surounding.

"There he is...." said Malika. "Raqib.... Raqib.... my grandson......"


Hour 1330

Meanwhile, in one school. Raqib walked alone out from school. He looked scared as he heard of Malika's voice from nowhere. That makes him started to run but.....

He knocked down with 3 students in front of him. Then, one of them pulled him up and beated him.

"Hey! Why are you always bullying me?!" scolded Raqib.

"Because you're freak for us!" said that bully. "We hate the freak person like you!"

That time, the rest of the bullies started to hit Raqib. All students around them were only looked over them.


At the same time, Malika began to cast her spell and she spredaed of one dust toward that crystal ball.

"Raqib... my grandson..... get up! Defeat them!"


That time, Raqib became lost of control and he began to hit the three of them then he ran toward the school building and ran upstairs to third floor. There, he moved up toward balcony and.....

"You need to listen up! I'm not a freak! I'M NOT A FREAK!!" screamed Raqib.

All students and teachers from bottom of that building looked up and worried of him.


Meanwhile, at one housing area.....

There was one black Chevrolet Impala moved along the road, to find before one house.

"You said, we're almost arrived," said Dean. "So, where's his house?"

"That's why we supposed to use GPS," said Sam. "We can know where's his house is,"

"You're only just use your damn brain for this purpose. And you think I'm of what?"

That car stopped there as there was one another car moved backward from one house.

There was one 45 year old woman (Melissa Hassan) walked out from her car. "Can you moved your car to anywhere else?"

Sam and Dean walked out from their car.

"Miss, may we ask you, you know of Zaman Hassan's house?" asked Sam.

"Yes, and this is his house. I'm his wife. Why do you ask?" asked Melissa.

"Actually, we're come from United States to solve one paranormal cases involving your family," said Dean. "We've been sent from someone here for that purpose,"

"Emm..." murmured Melissa. "But I need to....."

Melissa's handphone rang. She answered it.

"Helo," said Melissa. "What? Raqib? Okay, okay. I'll be there,"

Melissa rushed into her car then leaved the scene. That makes Sam and Dean moved into their car, moved after it.


Hour 1345, at the school.

The 2 cars arrived at the gate of that school. Melissa ran from her car, rushed toward the building and she gasped as she looked up. Raqib was up there.

"Raqib! What are you doing up there?" scolded Melissa. "Come down!"

"I don't want!!" scolded Raqib. "Everyone think I'm freak. I'm not your son! You better get out!"

Beside Raqib was Malika, imitating of his quote. But no one can see her.

Sam and Dean rushed toward them. They pushed against some students in front of them. They looked up as they saw Raqib acted weird.

"Is he your son?" asked Sam.

"Yes, he is," said Melissa. "Please, anybody! Please save my son!"

There, Sam looked over something beside Raqib, from above. Malika. He took out of his Colt and shot her. That makes all of them shocked, moved down.

That makes Raqib fell down suddenly, Dean grabbed him safely. Melissa rushed toward them.

"Raqib?" asked Melissa, waken him up. "Are you okay?"

Raqib fainted, shocked of his act.

"Miss, we need to take her into hospital. Maybe he had been possessed," said Sam.

"Allright," replied Melissa.

Then, Sam, Dean and Melissa took Raqib toward the Impala then they went to the hospital nearby with their cars. That time, all students there leaved home.


Meanwhile behind that school, Malika shocked as her right arm had been shot by Sam. Looking over her little injured arm, she returned into her hut and casted a spell to take out of a bullet from it. Slowly that bullet had been taken out but no blood flowing out from her arm. She looked over that bullet.

Malika's POV
It seems there's another else to stop me from get that Finale Sword.

First, Melissa....

She remembered of Melissa, Raqib's adopted mother. Everytime she's the scene when Malika did her job to posses Raqib to get the Finale Sword, her plan always failed. Melissa used to be a protective mother. As she kept of that sword, she make sure that no one can touch it, even Raqib. She kept it into one unknown place in her house.

And now, the 2 foreigners.....

She remembered when Sam shot her up and Dean grabbed Raqib from falling down.

Now, I need to finish both of them or I failed to get the Finale Sword.

There, she looked over that crystal ball and burnt of some inscent.

"I begged for you, all natures in universe! Give me uprising of a Dark Spirit to finish my ambition. To get a Finale Sword to take over the world!"

That sunny scene changed into cloudy and some lightning and thunder makes that place scary. The rain falling down heavily. That hut had been lighted of oil lamp.

What happen next? REVIEWS PLEASE! Whatever, Enjoy!