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Chapter 0: The Death of a Hero!

There at the Valley of the End is the test where the greatest shinobi of Konohagakure are tested. The Valley of the End has a significant meaning to the people of The Village of the Hidden Leaves, Konohagakure No Sato. This place was where The First Hokage (Fire Shadow), Hashirama Senju defeated his archrival and competitor for the village Leader. Hashirama was not only able to control the Kyuubi no Kitsune but was able to defeat Madara resulting in becoming the village leader.

Tobirama Senju (The Second Hokage) was with two teams consisting of Hiruzen Sarutobi, Homura Mitokado, and Koharu Utatane as team one and Danz┼Ź Shimura, Kagami Uchiha and Torifu Akimichi as team 2 were surrounded by Cloud ninjas at The Valley of the End. Tobirama realized that the only way any of them going to survive is if someone sacrifices his or herself. He asked the two teams who would sacrifice his or herself. Hiruzen was the first to raise his hand. Then Danzo raised his hand. The two shinobi argued who would sacrifice themselves, as they both wanted the honor to be among the Hokage as sacrificing themselves for their team. Both were passionate about the position of Hokage, one wanted to keep the 'Will of Fire' going, and the other wanted more disciplined with lack of emotion shinobi. Tobirama chose himself as the sacrifice and chose Hiruzen as the new Hokage.

The Fourth Hokage was training at the Valley of the End when he felt the most powerful chakra he had ever felt, it was the Kyuubi no Kitsune enraged while being manipulated. This was where he had a foreboding, a bad intuition. He knew of other nations sealing Bijus. He remembered he created a seal just in case something like this would occur. He knew he was going to die because of the seal but it was necessary to save the people of Konoha. He made the finishing touches for the Death Consuming Seal there in the river bed. This was the last time Minato was able to train and think clearly asthe Hokage.

The Valley of the End has stories that would inspire nations, crush nations, or eliminate nations. The Valley of the End is a symbol for Konoha it is the beginning and the end for all Hokages. The other symbolism is the light and darkness. The First Hokage became famous and looked at as a hero. Madara went into darkness. Sarutobi became the holder of the 'Will of Fire' and basked in the leaf while Danzo was writhing in the root. This is how the Valley of the End is the stage for the power of light and darkness. Each battle was between best friends that were separated by power and the use of it. Now the history has brought us to another situation. This time it is two 13 year old shinobis. They both have darkness but one chooses to embrace it the other fights against it.

The river flows between two statues. The statues are the originators of the curse and of the Valley of the End. On the right side there was The First Hokage. On top of his head was a 5'2 shinobi that had blonde spiky hair with a fox chakra cloak over him with red slit eyes, batted up destroyed orange jumpsuit. His name is Naruto Uzumaki. Many people believe he was dumb, stupid and an idiot but contraire to popular belief he was smart, very intelligent. He from a very young age knew that if he'd showed his intellect they will try to execute him because the 'demon knows too much'. He knew what he had to do. He charged up a spiraling red orb. Meanwhile on the other side there was the dark force.

On the Left side there was the statue of Madara Uchiha, the nemesis of The First Hokage. He is the great leader of the late Uchiha Clan. On top of his head was another shinobi. He was 5'4 with blue hair that looks like a duck's butt. He has become a monster with wings. He was the survivor of the Uchiha massacre. He has embraced the darkness to get revenge on his brother who committed the massacre, Itachi Uchiha. He left the village to gain power from the curse seal on his neck. The curse mark has become his drug that's why he looks like how he is now. He did three hands signs. Pure electricity came out of his hand.

"Teme! I'm going to stop you right here right now!" Naruto said as he jumps in the air. Sasuke jumped with his Chidori. He said, "It didn't have to be this way Dobe. But I guess it is time to die. DIE!" Naruto and Sasuke were up in the air. They charged their respective attacks and shouted "CHIDORI! RASENGAN!" Naruto's attack never connected while the Chidori connects to his stomach. Naruto smiled as the blood start coming out of his mouth, he said I might have died but I did stop you. Sasuke looked at him in confusion until he felt something hit his neck. His eyes went wide as he noticed the Kage Bushin connecting him.

Naruto laughed. He did it. Although he is dying he said he would stop him. Now it was time for the rest to get Sasuke and bring him back to Sakura. He kept his promise. "Here I come Shinigami take me away. And with that Naruto closed his eyes with a smile on face.

Kakashi Hatake watched at the event that occurred. He wasn't able to stop them. Now he saw another comrade die and he could not save him. 'Not again, not another one!' he thought. 'He went to the two boys and carried them in sadness. As soon as he made it to Konoha he saw a crowd of people waiting. There was Shizune, Tsunade, Hinata, Sakura, and Jiraiya. Kakashi had tears in his eyes as he knew that this was going to be the saddest thing that has happened to Konoha since 'The Kyuubi Attack'. They saw Kakashi carrying two bodies. Once the saw Naruto not moving not even breathing everyone went into shock.

Hinata automatically had tears in her eyes. She collapsed to her knees and had a hand over mouth as she cried streams. Her crush, her strength, her inspiration, her love is dead. He is gone from this world.

Sakura was in between happy and sad but more happy. She ran over to Sasuke's body screaming, "SASUKE-KUN!" she started to hug him, rocking him. She said to him, "What did the Baka do to my Sasuke-kun?"

Everyone but Hinata looked at her with disgust. Tsunade was crying. "Why WHY can't anyone who were that damn necklace DIE!" She bursted out int tears. Her grandson was dead.

Jiraiya is seeing red. He lost his 1st apprentice seal the demon into his 2nd apprentice. Now his second apprentice is dead because of the last Uchiha. He was so close to killing the Uchiha.

Shizune just passed out from the shock. That very moment and Earthquake occurred shaking the whole world to its core. Everywhere something was happening.

In Kumo

The Raikage was doing his paper work when an unusual event occurred. The whole city lightened up and boom everything was destroyed by a sonic boom. Everything was hit. People were electrocuted. The Raikage was thrown all around.

Kumo was practically eliminated.

In Kiri

The Mizukage was fighting against the former Mizukage's forces. That was until she saw the water come up and swallowed everything. She was shocked at what she saw. People drowning houses destroyed she barely made it herself. Kiri was like Atlantis gone.

In Iwa

The Tschikage (sp?) was having breathing problems as he saw Iwa crumbling from the Earthquake.

In Suna

The Kazekage council was trying to run but it was too late. They were buried under sand.

In Konoha

Everything that was happening in the word Happened in Konoha. There were flames everywhere. The earthquake destroyed the Hokage Mountain. A flood destroyed the civilian side. Shinobi were sucked into the dirt, Lightning struck the Training grounds and the Hokage Tower was on fire.

Over the entire world is unbalance because the Kyuubi and The purest soul died in cold blood.

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