A/N: This fic was inspired by the last cut scene in "The 100 Acre woods". It really hit me how Pooh shed his emotions with Sora. So… while playing the game, I thought, why not write a fic about this one. Of course, I immediately thought of my OTP as the main pairing. Hehehe…

Must He Leave?

(Chapter One)

After battling thousands of Heartless and Nobodies, Twilight Town was safe again with no Heartless and Nobodies in sight. Roxas was at the clock tower, alone. He has been there for an hour or so, just resting and relaxing to the peaceful atmosphere in there.

Roxas thought of how he and his "Somebody" beat those Heartless. Roxas still couldn't believe that he and his Somebody are together, fighting side by side as if they've known each other their whole lives. Like they were bestfriends or something. Like the battle between the two of them never even happened.

Roxas was so deep in thought that the only thing that brought him back to reality was when Sora sat beside him. "Rox?" Sora asked with a lot of concern. Roxas looked at his left. "Yeah?"

"What are you doing here? Hayner and the guys are having a party at the Usual Spot." Sora stated. "Don't you like to join them?"

"I'd rather not to. I still a bit tired though." Roxas sighed. "I'm also not in the mood for partying and stuff."

"Why? Is something wrong?"

"Nothing. I'm just sad. That's all." Roxas looked at the sky. The sun was already setting and the sky looked beautiful as its color blends with the mixture of blue, orange, red and purple. Sora stared at the sky too. "Because I'm leaving." It wasn't a question. It was a fact.

"Sora…" Roxas said. He was swinging his feet back and forth. "… I was thinking… maybe there's a way, any way to make you stay? You know… so you wouldn't have to travel different worlds and fight Heartless and Nobodies anymore."

"Rox…" Sora said. "You know I can't do that. It's a mission and I have to fulfill it. Without me the worlds would be—"

"Why does it have to be you?!" Roxas merely shouted. "I'm sorry…" His voiced turned softly. "What I meant was, why did the Keyblade choose you? Why not some other guy instead? Surely, there's a lot more guys out there with a pure heart, right?"

"Rox… you know I can't answer that." Sora placed a hand on Roxas' shoulder which made Roxas look at him. "But I promise I'd visit you every now and then."

Roxas smirked. "It would be a lot better if the words you used were 'now' and 'now' instead." Sora laughed at this and played with Roxas hair. "Sora?" Roxas said as he brought his head up to Sora. "If I… let's say go look for you, would there be any chance for me to find you?"

"Rox… you don't have to go and look for me." Sora said. He brushed some of Roxas's bangs that blocked his eyes and said, "Just stay here and I promise I'll always be with you… right here." He placed his hand on Roxas's chest, right where his heart is supposed to be.

"But I don't—"

"You have a heart, I know it." Sora smiled. Roxas just smiled back. He stared at the sky for awhile then back at Sora again. Roxas had something he really wished he could tell Sora, but he couldn't find enough strength to do it.

Sora noticed that Roxas had been staring at him for a long time. "Is there something you'd like to tell me?" He asked sweetly. Roxas took a deep breath and said, "I love you Sora!" Then he looked away. Sora wrapped his arms around Roxas's waist and rested his head on Roxas's shoulder. "I love you too, Rox. That's why I'll come for you, okay?"

Sora felt Roxas tears roll against his cheeks so he hugged him tighter. Sora noticed that the sun had already set. "I better go now." He whispered in Roxas neck. He stood up while Roxas just looked at him. "Don't give me that look!" Sora said.

"I'm sorry…" Roxas looked away. Sora suddenly felt guilty and sad at the same time. He knelt on Roxas's side and cupped Roxas's right cheek. He made Roxas face him and planted a small but sweet kiss on Roxas's lips. Roxas kissed back. His kisses were also sweet and loving. Sora placed his other hand on Roxas hip and Roxas wrapped his arms around Sora's neck. Finally, the need for air came to them, so they pulled apart.

"That's my promise, Roxas." With that Sora stood up, and pointed his Keyblade at the sky. He opened a keyhole and just like that he was gone. Roxas still hasn't recovered from what had happened, and remained frozen but when he DID recover, he brought his hand to lips and cried with his head down on his knees…