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Must He Leave?

(Chapter Two)

It had been two weeks since Sora left Twilight Town.

Roxas had never been happier since he heard those three words escape Sora's mouth. But even though he and Sora are technically "together", Roxas was still sad because Sora's not with him, but in the other worlds.

One night, Roxas was sitting at his porch by the window staring at the beautiful night sky. Sky, it also meant Sora. Roxas smiled at the thought and stared at the picture of him and Sora which made him chuckle. Sora and Roxas were side by side with their arms wrapped around each other's shoulder while Sora had shoved a sea-salt ice-cream in Roxas mouth and Roxas pinched Sora's cheek.

Roxas looked at the sky again, and to his surprise, a ray of light was fast approaching in his room. He stood up, just to take a closer look on what the light was, but the next thing he knew he fell off the porch.

Once Roxas had regained himself, he felt something on top of his body. The first thing that he noticed was the oddly familiar brown messy hair that he always knew, under his chin. "Sora?"

"Aww…" Sora groaned as he sat up. "That hurt." He said and rubbed his head. "I knew I shouldn't have tried—" Suddenly, Sora stopped as he noticed Roxas staring at him. "Roxas! Are you okay? Did I hurt you? I'm so sorry." Sora said with a worry.

Roxas chuckled. Sora helped Roxas sit up. "I'm fine…" Roxas said rubbing the back of his head. He smiled. "What are you doing here? Are your missions already over?" He asked with a lot of hope.

"Nope. I just forgot something." Sora stated.

"Oh…" Roxas face fell. "What is it?"

"You." Sora smiled. Roxas blushed at this.

"You didn't forget me!" Roxas merely shouted. "For… you never brought me with you in the first place."

"That's why I'm here, Roxie." Sora said and Roxas smiled at his new nickname. Sora moved closer to Roxas and brushed his hand on Roxas's left cheek. "Without you, my life's a complete disaster. I couldn't think nor fight properly because all I could ever focus about was you." Sora said his last word softly.

"Really? All I ever think about is you too, Sora." Roxas smiled.

Sora stood up and Roxas followed suit. Sora summoned two keyblades (the Oblivion and the Oathkeeper) in his hands and said, "What I'm about to ask you is too risky and far more dangerous. But… as long as we're together everything will be fine right?"

Roxas just nodded.

"Anyway, I want you to come with me and fight with me." Sora said. "It'll give me more peace of mind knowing that you are just beside me even though we are in a risky situation rather than you staying here where I can't see and protect you."

Roxas smiled and said, "That's so sweet, Sora. Of course I'll come with you. I'll protect you too."

"See these keyblades…" Sora held the keyblades to Roxas. "… these are actually gifts for you."

"For me?" Roxas said as he took the keyblades. "You shouldn't have, Sora. You should've just saved it for yourself."

"I know… But my Roxie needs them and I need my Roxie too. So, I decided to give you this as your weapons once we're already at the battlefield. It's way cooler and stronger than the Kingdom Key." Sora said.

"Thanks… this is the Oblivion right?" Roxas held the black keyblade in front of Sora. "And this is the Oathkeeper?"

"Yup. You really are my Other." Sora said.

Roxas's keyblades had disappeared and he hugged Sora. "What made you come back all of a sudden? I know it's because of me but surely there's something else, right?" Sora pulled Roxas up so that he could look in Roxas's night blue orbs. He smiled. "There is… You see I kinda ran into Pooh and when it was goodbye time, he kinda said the exact words you told me the day I left. It reminded me of you which made me realize that I needed you to be around me."

Roxas smiled and gave Sora a peck on the lips. "C'mon Sora… The worlds are waiting for you." Sora laughed. "But before we start off you—our missions, let's visit the 100 Acre Woods, first."

"Alright…" Sora said simply. "But why?"

"I wanted to thank him because my favorite person came back to me." Roxas smiled. Sora smiled back and hugged Roxas. "Yeah… You're my favorite too."

The End