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Story settings:

Naruto – Pre summit meeting of the five kages.

Twilight – After Breaking Dawn.

The Real Truth

Chapter One – Konohagakure

The remains of the village of Konohagakure was a little more than a pile of rubble, with a giant basin like dip remaining were the once most powerful village stood.

Pain had been defeated and all of the ninjas that had lost their lives in battle had been revived by the Gedo Rinne Tensei no Jutsu that Pain had used before he died.

All the villages' residents were determined to rebuild their beloved village so the village was beginning to repair the damages and everyone was lending a hand to help out. Naruto had spent the whole day lifting fallen timber beams and rocks and moving them to the recycling area so they could be reused in the reconstruction of the buildings.

The sun was setting over head and Naruto was eager to return home for a hot shower and a cup of steaming ramen. After moving the last boulder he stretched his arms glad for the weight training and at the same time he was exhausted from the effort to move the debris. He had to move all the rubble from various areas to the outskirts of the forest where all the recyclable materials were to be placed.

Naruto began to head home whistling while he jumped from tree to tree in the direction of the tent that team 7 was sharing due to the lack of housing and the slow but gradual development of the new buildings.

As he arrived at the tent he saw that the mail had been delivered and there were envelopes scattered outside the door of the tent. He reached down and picked all of the envelopes and carried them inside. He put them on the round table that the four team members had to share before going of to the bathroom for a shower.

Sakura returned to the tent after she had spent the day at the makeshift hospital tent healing injuries from the war and also small wounds from the construction sites. Kakashi had also been to the hospital for a check up to make sure that all of his wounds had healed so he and Sakura had returned back to the tent together. Sai was away on a recon mission to search for builders and other handymen to hire for the village and he hadn't returned yet.

Naruto was still in the shower when Kakashi and Sakura arrived back and quickly got out. He knew that if he continued to use up the limited hot water supply that they had, Sakura was sure to beat the hell out of him.

He quickly dried off and put on a pair of jeans and a black shirt before exiting the small portable bathroom that they shared. He went to the back of the tent where all four of their beds were and found Sakura removing all of the medical gear she had strapped around her waist onto her bed.

"Hey Sakura, another hard day at the hospital ay," Naruto asked.

Sakura turned to him and gave him a tired smile before turning back to her bed and started to reorganize all of the equipment she had just taken off.

"Yeah, a lot of the villagers had been injured during the Pain incident and there are a few who haven't fully recovered from their injuries yet, so my job as an irryou ninja can get pretty exhausting," Sakura replied.

"So how has your day been removing the debris from the village?" Sakura questioned.

"Oh lots of fun, because everyone loves to lift boulders that are fifty times your own weight," Naruto said, his words drenched in sarcasm before letting out a weary laugh, "and don't even get me started on the fact that I was working with Gai-sensei, who just had to continue yelling about how youthful it was to be carrying boulders on you head, and how what a great training session it was before he accidently dropped one on his head."

"Oh so that's what had happened to him," Sakura said finally understanding it all.

"Huh, how did you know he had gotten injured?" Naruto asked.

"Because Gai-sensei was taken to the ward I was working at and I had to heal him and he kept mumbling on about how the others had to continue the journey to youthfulness without him or something like that."

"Well, we all were glad when he got taken away though," Naruto said with a grin, "you know, I bet he does that kind of training all the time, it would explain everything."

Naruto began to laugh at the truth in the sentence he had just said and Sakura couldn't help but laugh along too.

After a while Naruto walked over to his bed and threw all of his sweaty clothes onto the floor earning him a smack over the head from Sakura. Naruto rubbed the back of his head where a small lump was starting to form from Sakuras' inhuman strength.

Even without the use of chakra, Sakura could still throw a bloody hard punch.

Naruto picked up his clothes and chucked them onto his bed before proceeding to the kitchen for some ramen. When he walked in he found Kakashi sitting at the table reading his Icha Icha Violence book.

Naruto not wanting to disturb Kakashi quietly walked over to the cupboard and grabbed a cup of ramen before putting the kettle on.

"Hey Naruto," Kakashi said while he continued to read his book, his eyes never leaving the page.

"How did you know it was me, it could have been Sakura?" Naruto said with a cheeky look on his face.

"One because I could sense your presence and two you are the only person I know who constantly has the smell of ramen surrounding them, it's as if the smell is coming out of your pores," Kakashi explained.

"Do I really?" Naruto said with a surprised look.

"Yes you do, ask anyone that knows you," Kakashi replied.

"I will then Mister Oh-I-Know-Everything-'cause-I'm-so-damn-cool" Naruto said with a teasing tone in his voice. Kakashi just ignored him as usual not wanting to have to calm him down later.

The kettle began to whistle and Naruto poured the boiling water into his cup and using his chopsticks he stirred the ramen so that the water heated up the noodles.

"Oh yeah nearly forgot, I looked through the mail before and there're some letters addressed to you there Naruto," Kakashi said picking up the envelopes and rifling through them before picking out two letters and handing them to him.

"Thanks Kakashi-sensei," Naruto said as he grabbed the envelopes Kakashi held out towards him with his right hand as he carried the cup of steaming ramen in his left.

He walked awkwardly towards the tent door and managed to open the door without dropping the envelopes or any of the contents of the ramen anywhere. Naruto then walked outside and began to head to one of the trees that surrounded the tent and sat beneath one as he carefully placed the ramen on the ground.

He looked at the first envelope and saw it was from the former Jinchuuriki Gaara who at the present moment was Kazekage of Sunagakure.

Unknown to his friends, Naruto had been exchanging letters with Gaara for many years now. After the attempted attack on Konoha where Naruto and Gaara had fought in the forest Gaara had asked if they could stay in contact.

Naruto had agreed seeing that the once blood thirsty Gaara wanted to keep in contact with Naruto who was Gaaras' first friend.

Naruto opened the envelope and laid it on the ground before picking up the ramen. He began to eat the ramen while he read through the letter. He finished reading the letter as he gave a small smile glad to see that his friend was doing well. He continued to slurp at the noodles before he placed the cup on the ground and picked up the next letter.

Naruto didn't recognize the hand writing but saw that it was definitely addressed to him and it wasn't sent to the wrong address. He turned the envelope and observed the elegant hand writing which stated that the senders name was a Mister Carlisle Cullen.

He saw the airmail stamp that was on the envelope and became very confused. He didn't know anyone that lived overseas let alone some one called Carlisle Cullen. Curious, Naruto opened the letter and began to read.

Dear Naruto

My name is Carlisle Cullen. I know that you must be very confused at the current moment seeing as you have no idea who I am or the fact that I am writing to you. You may not believe what I am about to write but please do not discard this letter as lies. I have recently found information that you, Uzumaki Naruto are my brother's son. I would very much like to meet you in person so we can discuss this matter in depth and you can meet the rest of my family who will soon be yours too. I have enclosed a plane ticket to New York where you can catch a conjoining flight to Seattle where I will meet you. It is your choice whether you wish to meet but please know that I will not force you to come. I will be waiting for you if you decide to come.

Yours Sincerely

Carlisle Cullen

Naruto was indeed shocked at this information, he had always been told that he had no living relatives so he was very happy to hear that he had family and of all places they were living in America.

Naruto had heard many stories of America, the far off land where there were no ninjas and that machines did all of the work for the villagers. Even when fighting the people just used machines to fight one another, not even using kunai or shuriken to fight. Also that the people who lived in America don't have Chakra and that no one there has even heard of Konoha.

He looked into the envelope and pulled out the airplane ticket and looked it over.

It was true that it was a ticket to New York and that the plane would leave from Tokyo Airport. He checked the date of the flight and gasped. The plane was said to leave tomorrow at 9:30pm.

He clasped the letter and ticket in his hand, and ran towards the tent. He rushed past Kakashi who looked up in surprise at the speed Naruto had just entered the tent in.

Naruto ran to his bed and from underneath his bed he pulled out a backpack and he began to shovel in clothes and grabbed his wallet and passport which usually was only needed for oversea escort missions but had until now never been used.

Sakura who had currently been in the shower walked in to the bedroom area to find Naruto hastily putting clothes into his bag.

"Naruto, where are you going?" Sakura asked as she dried her hair with a towel.

"Sorry no time to explain won't be back for a while bye!" Naruto yelled as he slung the backpack over his shoulders and ran out of the tent.

"What was that all about?" Kakashi said as he walked in very confused at why Naruto had just left in such a hurry.

"I have no idea…" Sakura replied equally confused.

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