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Chapter 19

Naruto, Jasper, Alice and Kakashi spent the rest of the day alone in the house, having returned after their little mishap with James well before lunch.

They were all just sitting in the living room, the television was on and running but nothing interesting was on.

"I'm bored," Naruto whined out loud, dropping his head onto the back of the couch.

"You could read," Kakashi suggested with an eye smile to which Naruto just stared at him with a blank expression.

Kakashi just chuckled, "right, only if it's for training do you ever read."

"What, you don't like reading?" Alice asked from her position on the couch, being nestled up to Naruto as per usual.

"It's not that I don't like it more that I just can't be bothered," Naruto replied, still utterly bored.

"Well, you haven't been into Forks yet have you?" Jasper asked to which Naruto shook his head, "why don't we go into town then? Maybe we could even go and visit Carlisle and also get you two something to eat."

Naruto just grinned, his boredom vanishing as he all but bounced in his seat, "let's go! I really want to go and see the town where you all live!"

"Alright let's go!" Alice said with a giggle, springing up from her chair with ease, pulling Naruto along with her as the two took off for the garage.

Jasper turned to the silver haired male, "you will accompany us won't you?"

Kakashi paused, thinking about it. "I'm sure my book won't be going anywhere soon, I don't see why not."

Jasper just nodded, following his two loves as he sensed that their other ninja friend was following.

"Jaz we picked the Aston!" Alice called out.

"Which one?" Jasper called back.

"Naruto picked the Scaglietti!" Alice said in reply, and Jasper heard a chuckle from Naruto in the background.

"It looks awesome!" Naruto yelled, earning a chuckle from both men.

Jasper and Kakashi entered into the garage and the silver haired man was indeed taken aback with all the machines which were in there.

"Wow…certainly a collection here," Kakashi commented aloud, eyeing the sets of keys along the wall. By the looks of it, not all the cars were even here by the number of hooks on the wall which were empty.

"I'm driving!" Alice shot gunned to which Naruto just let out a whine.

"But I wanted to drive!"

"You can't drive till you get a license Naruto but that can be easily done," Jasper said, earning a wide grin and an air fist pump from Naruto.


Kakashi just smiled beneath his mask. He could see just how happy Naruto was, more so than he had ever been in Konoha and the male had the sneaking suspicion that he was happier than he ever could have been had they been back in their home city.

So all four people, a mixture of men, women, ninjas and vampires all piled into the car, the roaring sound of the engine being brought to life resounding through the garage.

Alice reversed out precisely with practiced ease before speeding off down the drive way, much to the delight of Naruto who let out a whoop of excitement at the speed they were traveling.

Soon they arrived in Forks, the luxurious car pulling up into the local hospital car park as the passengers all piled out.

"Come on Carlisle will be in his office," Jasper said as he led the way, Alice happily taking Naruto by the hand and dragging him behind the blonde vampire, leaving Kakashi to follow.

Naruto had to assume that all hospitals had to be the same everywhere as. despite the lack of big breasted old women patrolling the corridors, Forks Hospital was just that – a hospital.

You'd know wouldn't you Kit, especially since you always seem to be in the fuckin' place, Kyuubi said with a growl, hating a little that the blonde always had to get himself beaten to a pulp and end up in a white walled room being constantly monitored.

Despite the fact that the Kyuubi was a feared demon locked away inside a cage within a sixteen year old boy's stomach, he was still being battered and bruised right alongside Naruto.

Naruto merely chuckled at the fox's words, shaking his head as he didn't even bother to deny it, he had experienced more than his fair share of time in the hospital in Konoha under the watchful eye of Tsunade-baa.

As they stopped before an office, Jasper knocking twice as the familiar voice of Carlisle inside told them to enter.

"Hey Carlisle," Naruto said as he stepped inside, the small vampire clinging to his arm adding, "we came to visit."

The blonde doctor rose from his seat behind his desk, the numerous files stacked up all in perfect neat rows.

"That's quite kind of you," Carlisle said with a kind smile, walking around the table to his family, "I'm afraid though that I won't be able to accompany you for very long, as you can see I have quite a bit of work to complete."

Carlisle gestured to the piles, smiling nevertheless.

Naruto looked at his uncle in the white coat, he looked very professional, much unlike his usual homely appearance of a sweater and pants. Carlisle was a dedicated doctor, he had heard so from Alice who had happily chatted to him about her father on the way to the hospital.

"I apologise for intruding in your work time," Kakashi said with a slight bow, showing his sincerity.

"Really, it's fine, you have no reason to worry," Carlisle said with a dismissive wave of his hand, "but please, do feel free to show Naruto around."

"We'll do that!" Alice said loudly, dragging the young blonde teenager off before anyone could even say anything in reply.

Jasper just nodded to his father before following off behind his two companions, keeping an eye out for their figures in the crowd as to not lose them.

"I do hope we haven't disturbed you," Kakashi added, his one eye trained on the piles of work which had yet to be completed.

"It's no problem at all, I frequently have visits like that," Carlisle said with a chuckle, "the staff of the hospital are more than used to it by now."

Kakashi could only eye smile in return, although his smile soon faltered, his one eye turning serious.

"I have to question you about something which had just happened, of course the others are not going to bring it up right now but I'd like to discuss it with you," Kakashi said slowly, continuing, "there was a vampire called James, or so he had called himself."

"James? I don't believe it," Carlisle said, disbelief spreading across his perfect features, "he was killed a long time ago."

Kakashi could only shrug, "seems not especially since my pupil was fighting him only hours earlier."

"Why wouldn't those three mention that, that's a very big deal," Carlisle said in reply, his eyes moving to the door where his children and nephew had exited moments earlier.

"I can only assume that they deem it unimportant, especially since this vampire seemed to just be wanting to take Naruto which is something he is used to," Kakashi offered in explanation.

"This is to do with that organization correct? That Akatsuki?" the blonde asked, recalling the information he had gotten from a friend about his nephew and his troubles with a criminal syndicate.

"Yes, that and he has always been a target since birth by many people for abuse for his…situation."

Carlisle just nodded, although he was silently pitying his nephew, he had lived a hard life but he was still so strong, the blonde vampire was proud of the young ninja.

"So, back on topic," Carlisle said, crossing his arms, "this is a serious situation, how could James still be alive? I know that my children had killed him, he shouldn't have been able to be there."

"There is probably an explanation for that, I'm sure that Naruto would know," Kakashi added.

"This is something that we'll need to discuss in more detail, I'll have to call back the family to discuss this, it's a big issue."

Carlisle walked back to his desk, picking up the phone from his desk, dialing as he asked for all his children to come home from their trips, it was urgent.

Hanging up he sighed, rubbing at his golden eyes, "we need to go home, this is something big and I get the feeling that we'll be having a lot more trouble now."

Kakashi stayed silent, leaning up against the wall as he let the elderly vampire gather his things and his work before they left the office to go find the children.

Seeing all three of the younger vampires sitting in the lounge, chatting away happily Carlisle only sighed and walked over, setting a hand on Jasper's shoulder.

"I think that you have something to explain to us which you neglected to before," Carlisle said as his son turned to look at him, his golden eyes seeking out his as he was obviously sensing his emotions as he stood.

Jasper could tell what this was about, he knew that it was important but Naruto hadn't thought so, in fact Naruto had ignored the attack all together, not even mentioning it once after it had happened.

"Come, we need to go home," Jasper said as he looked to Naruto and Alice, offering them a hand as they stood.

Naruto was confused, what was going on?

I think this is about your attack kit, especially since one eye over there seems to be looking this way in worry, Kyuubi said as Naruto only frowned, why was the attack important?

The attack shouldn't be important, it was just a crazy freaky vampire who had a weird attraction to me, Naruto said in reply.

A weird fuckin' vamp who also happened to now one fuckin' pedo snake man? I think it'd be fuckin' important.

Oh shit, right! Totally forgot about that, Naruto said with an awkward internal laugh, rubbing the back of his neck as he stood in the watery cavern before the cage of his demon.


The trip back to the house was a silent one, all four in one car as Carlisle had taken his own.

Naruto didn't want to break the silence, especially since his teacher and Jasper were so silent. This meant that there was a reason for their silence, it was probably because that vampire they had just killed knew Jasper and Alice.

Alice had to worry about the fact that James was still alive, she tried to use her foresight to see anything to help for her search for the answer but it was as clouded as usual.

She had been trying all day, trying to get some information to tell Carlisle but he had found out before she could find anything of use.

Stepping out of the car, all four entered the house, sitting down on the couches as they waited for Carlisle to come in, he having followed behind them on their return home.

As Carlisle entered, shrugging out of his coat he laid it over the back of the couch as he loosened the striped tie around his neck, sitting down on the armchair.

Esme pulled in a little bit later, having received Carlisle's call as she sat on the arm of her husband's chair.

"Is everything okay?" she asked, her tone filled with worry for her children.

Carlisle rested a hand on his wife's leg, "we're okay honey."

"Now, what is this about James being alive?" Carlisle said, folding his hands in his lap as he turned to his nephew, "Naruto, do you know anything about that?"

Naruto could tell that this was something which was important as Carlisle had such a serious expression on his face so he swallowed before he began to speak.

"That vampire, James, he was trying to capture me for his own…pleasure," Naruto said awkwardly, hearing the growl from Jasper the young blonde just looked over and shook his head before he continued.

"He mentioned a male, Orochimaru who is a ninja who had been exiled from our village many years ago due to having conducted human experiments on others," Naruto said.

"Orochimaru? He was alliance with him?" Kakashi said, his brow furrowing. This was not good.

"Well the vampire said that he had met Orochimaru and he had helped him create multiple bodies, just like the resurrection technique the snake man uses himself," Naruto said, although he wasn't too sure on other details.

"So killing him before meant that we didn't actually kill him?"


"Well that's troublesome."


"Oh you poor dear."

"We'll be fine."

"Yeah, we'll get through this."

Carlisle rubbed his temples, this was going to be something he'd need to discuss when the rest of the family arrived home.

"What will we do now then?" Jasper asked, "we can't exactly go after him now can we?"

"I think we should leave it, he poses as no threat," Kakashi said, adding in his two cents, "I believe our main focus now is the alliance between Akatsuki and this Volturi, this is currently the bigger threat."

"I agree with that," Carlisle replied, adding, "but it is still troublesome to know that there is a vampire out there who is holding a grudge against Naruto."

Naruto felt Alice squeeze his hand, looking over he gave her a reassuring smile as the rest of the party all fell silent, all seemingly lost in thought.

Seeing his smile Alice returned it with one of her own, resting her head against his shoulder as she closed her eyes, she didn't want to think about James trying to take Naruto away from her, she couldn't deal with that.

"Well, I'm going up to my office to work but we'll have to discuss this further with the others," Carlisle said as he ruffled Naruto's hair, "don't worry, we'll sort this all out."

"I'll excuse myself too, I need to make some cakes for the bake sale," Esme said with a smile, exiting to the kitchen.

"I know," Naruto said meekly, giving Carlisle a small smile as he watched his uncle walk upstairs.

Kakashi stood as well, moving over to the window sill, he was going to keep a look out for the others to arrive but as he sat down he pulled out a familiar orange book to which Naruto just rolled his eyes.

"I hope we'll be okay," Alice whispered out to Jasper and Naruto, "I hate not being able to see anything, this murky cloud is still masking my vision."

Jasper just rested a tender hand on her head, "you'll get it back soon, don't fret."

"Yeah, don't worry little Alice, I'll protect you and everyone else too," Naruto said as he slapped his chest as if declaring his strength.

"That's what we're worried about Naruto," Jasper murmured back.

Naruto frowned, he knew he'd be fine, "I can hold my own."

"Yes, you can which is why we don't want you go rushing off trying to take on all these bad guys at once," Alice said to her other blonde love, the ninja she was holding onto was someone she wasn't going to be letting go of soon.

Don't fight back, you'll never end this conversation if you keep fuckin' backchatting kit, Kyuubi said from his cage, letting out a yawn in boredom.

Naruto pouted but dropped it anyway, he didn't want to upset anyone.

"Well, I guess we just need to wait for everyone to come home," Jasper said as he grabbed the remote, flicking on the tv as he began to flick through channels.

The young blonde rested back into the couch, getting comfortable.

Alice moving from his arm to resting her back against his side, throwing her legs over Jasper who was sitting beside her on the couch.

Jasper finally settled on a movie, letting his hands rest on his wife's legs as his eyes zoned in on the moving pixels before him, the two beside him falling in sync as they were absorbed in the plot.

Esme came in half way through, offering them all cupcakes to which they happily ate, moving on to the next movie as they watched the clock tick by, waiting for the arrival of the rest of the Cullen household.

It was only much later than night was there the sound of a car approaching, alerting the residents of the house as the silver haired man by the window lifted his gaze to look out at the darkening sky.

Carlisle emerged from his office to return back downstairs. "Seems like they have returned."

The first couples to arrive back were Edward, Bella, Renesmee and Jacob.

"What's happening? We came back as fast as we could," Edward said, confusion reflected in golden eyes.

"It's fine son, it's just that we had a rather…unexpected guest," Carlisle explained.

"Really? Who?" Bella asked.

"A vampire named James," Naruto said from his position on the couch, turning around to face his family.

The change in Edward was incredible, he went from a worried expression to confusion to hate all in mere seconds.

"What? That's impossible!" Edward said in disbelief, it couldn't be true.

Bella seemed to have choked up on her words, stepping back. "Impossible."

Jacob who was holding Nessie shook his head, "vamps shouldn't have been able to get this way without the wolves picking it up, ever since the Volturi came we've been on alert for anyone coming to Forks now."

"Well he got past," Jasper said in his usual monotone voice, "we killed him though."

"That's a relief," Edward said with a sigh.

"I'm afraid not son, it seems that James has gained immortality in a whole new way, he has somehow met someone who has taught him how to recreate and resurrect himself." Carlisle explained.

"No way, that's….that's…" Edward couldn't even find the words to express what he was feeling as he had to sit down, resting his head in his hands.

"What will we do?" Bella whispered out, masking her fear.

"Nothing, it's out of our hands now, we have no idea where he's gone," Carlisle replied.

"Although I get the feeling we'll be seeing him sometime soon," Alice piped up from her seat.

There seemed to be a unanimous sigh throughout the entire group, all once again moving to do their own things, Edward, Bella and Jacob joining the rest of them on the couch, chatting happily about what had happened that day as Nessie snored quietly.

Once Emmett and Rosalie had returned and had the situation explained it had ended up with the entire family now worrying about the fact that there was a being out there that truly was immortal, there was no ways or means to kill him and it meant that they were in trouble.

Not only that, but they had to worry about the Volturi having teamed up with Akatsuki, a group which was targeting Naruto for the Kyuubi and was more than notorious for their powers, even more so than Naruto from what they could recall from that boy Sasuke.

As Jasper and Alice began to move upstairs Naruto followed, walking behind the two vampire with whom he had begun to grow closer with.

With a yawn he held the back of Jasper's shirt, letting the blonde vampire lead him up the stairs so he wouldn't trip.

Once he was dropped off before his door Naruto looked at the wood, turning to Alice and Jasper, biting his lip.

"Thanks…night guys."

Walking into the room Naruto stripped down, sliding under the covers as he lay there, breathing out slowly and evenly. It had been a big day, and he got the sense of foreboding, knowing that in the future there was only going to be a lot more drama.

At the sound of the door creaking open Naruto sat up, looking at who it was.

"Can we come sleep in here too?" a familiar voice sang out in its' usual soft melody.

Naruto smiled, "of course little Alice, Jasper, I…I'd like the company."

The young blonde boy blushed in the darkness, thankful it was dark but he was sure that Jasper and Alice could easily see it in the little light streaming in through the windows.

As the two vampires climbed into the bed, one on either side of Naruto all three settled in, Alice cuddling up to his side as Jasper threw an arm over the both of them, tucking them in to his chest.

Naruto let out a sigh of comfort, this was the first time he had ever truly felt such contentment and safety.

In the arms of these two vampires Naruto truly felt happy and as he felt his eyes begin to droop Naruto a smile came to his lips, his whiskered cheeks bright with bliss.

Naruto had finally found it, this was home.

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