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Chapter One

"Ellis you idot! You startled the witch!"

The four survivors began shooting at the screaming witch. She ignored all the shots and ran for Ellis. "Ahhhh, guys! Shes comin fer me!" He screamed while running in the opposite derection of the witch. Nick shot a glare at Ellis and began shooting again. "Damn this one aint going down!" Coach screamed as he shot with his pistol.

The witch finally catched up with Ellis and began clawing at him. " Help!" Ellis tryed shooting at it with his gun but kept missing since he was closing his eyes from the pain.

Suddenly the pain stopped. Ellis looked up to see Rochelle with an axe in her hand.

"Thanks Ro."

"Any time. I owe you from healing back there with that charger."

Rochelle held out her hand to help Ellis off the ground. A few grunts left his mouth as he got up. "You okay kid?" Coach said patting Ellis's back. He nodded slightly and started healing his self. "Nice goin hillbilly." The three turned there heads to Nick who was reloading his assault rifle. Rochelle hit Nick in the arm. "Ow! What the hell was that for?!" "You and I both know Ellis wasnt the only one having there light on that witch. He just so happened to be the closes." Nick just turned his attention back to his rifle.

Ellis felt bad for the trouble he caused his team. He was the closes to the witch, so therefor it was mostly his fault. Pluse he hated the fact that Nick hated him as much as he did. He never felt comfortable with the many glares he got from Nick. He always took the blame, said he was sorry, and when ever got the chance he always gave him his pills, medkit, and if he really needed adrenaline. But Nick still hated Ellis.

"Gee Nick, I'm sorry fer that whole thing." Nick just gave him and annoyed look. "Its fine, Ellis." Ellis's head hanged from the dissapointment in Nicks voice. Since Ellis was the youngest of the group he he kinda had Nick as a rolemodel. Nick always seemed so tough. He wasnt scared of anything. He choose Nick since Coach just seemed like the guy who was angery all the time. Unlike Nick who sometimes would crack some jokes. And Rochelle was just to motherly to everyone. So Ellis choose Nick as a rolemodel. The sad thing was, Nick didnt like Ellis very much...or at all.

"Ellis?" He turned to see a sad faced Rochelle. "You know how he is. Hes not easiest to please." Ellis just nodded.

"You guys ready?" Coach said done loading his pistol. Everyone nodded. "Lets go kick some ass!" Ellis said back to his old happy go lucky self.

The four survivors ran across the street and into an ally.

"Um guys. Were are we going exactally?" Ellis asked as he stopped running.

Nick turned around to face him. "There should be a safe house not to far from here. And since none of us has slept in over two days, were gonna rest there for the night." Ellis nodded and began walking again. They were almost at the safe house when they heard crying again.

"Damnit! Dont tell me thats another witch!" Coach said turning off the light on his gun. "Probably big guy." Nick said loading up his rifle. The four started to follow the sobbing sounds. "Hey ya'll I think shes in that house over there!" Ellis started running towred the run down house. Half of the house was blowen off so he just ran right in it.

"Ellis!" Rochelle knew he might mess this up or get hurt, so she ran to make sure he was okay. "We better go help." Coach ran after Rochelle leaving Nick to stand outside the house with an unempressed look on his face. "Whatever..." He ran after as well.

Ellis kept follow the crying nosies that lead him to a small closet. He opened the door slowly while turning off his light. As he opened the door he saw a young girl in the cornor crying. He looked closer and closer to the girl. As he looked closer, she looked less of a witch. He decided to turn on his light to get a better look.

"What the-"

He saw a young girl. Around the age of 18. She wore a white tank top, black baggy ripped jeans, and worn black van shoes. She had long blond hair and blue eyes. She was a curvy girl who was very well bulit. Ellis definitely notice that but he tryed not to staire. He thought it creepy for a 23 year old man staring at a girl her age. They were five years apart.

"Hey ya'll! This aint no witch!" Ellis screaming to his friends running to him.

"Hey there."

The girl didnt responed. She was shaking. Her eyes looked red and puffy, but it didnt look like she was infected, but it did look like she was crying. Rochelle made it to were the two were. "Ellis what is it?" She turned to the young girl. "Oh my god! Are you okay?!" The girl didnt respond again.

"Whats going on here?" Coach and Nick came up from behind.

Rochelle didnt know what to say, and Ellis just kept stairing at the girl. He thought she looked...well...pretty. Beside the fact that her face was pale and her eyes were red and puffy. "Who the kid?" Nick asked. Everyone staired at him. "I dont know. Whats your name sweetie?" The girl still didnt respond to Rochelle or anyone. "Please darlin! Ya gotta tell us." She looked at Ellis who had a concerned look on his face. "A-Annabell." She had a think southern accent, likes Ellis's. "Hey look hillbilly. Looks like you got one of your own kind." Ellis turn to Nick with a glare.

"So Annabell. Were you from?" She turned her attention to Rochelle. "Savannah." "Huh. Two in a row ay, Ellis?" Nick turned to Ellis. He knew Ellis also lived in Savannah.

"Here, let me help you up." Ellis held out his hand to the young girl to help her up. As he helped her up they all noticed something about her.

Her stomach was the perfact shap of a cricle. No she wasnt fat, it was just her stomach. And thats when it all came to them.

"A-Annabell, are you...pregnant?" She slowly nodded. Ellis let out a small gasp.

And thats when Annabell fell unconscious on to the floor.

"OH MY GOD!" Rochelle went on her knees to see if she was okay. "We need to get her to the safe house now!" The three men came back to earth from the surpriseing news about the 18 year old girl. "Alright lets go! Someones gonna have to carry her to the house." Coach looked at the Nick and Ellis waiting for one of them to offer to do so. "What you lookin at us for? Why dont you do it?"

"If you do remember Nick, I have a bad knee."

"Then why doesnt Ellis do it?!" Coach turned to Ellis "Do you mind, Ellis?" Ellis looked at the unconscious pregnant girl then back at Coach. "I'll do it." "Alright, lets go!" Ellis grabbed Annabell and held her bridel style. He looked down at the girl, a sweet little smile formed on his lips. "CHARGER!" Ellis stopped running out of the house.

"Ellis! Stay in the house!" Coach screamed ti him. Ellis did as he was told. He looked outside from the part of the house that was blown up. He could see Nick get pumbled to the ground from the charger. "Nick!" Ellis was about to run outside and help, but then he remembered who was in his arms.

Coach started shooting at the chrager with his shot gun. It then fell on its back. "That was close. Ellis, you guys okay?!" He heard Rochelle scream to him. "Yeah!" Ellis finally came out of the house. He right away ran to Nick who was still on the ground. "Nick, you okay?" Nick got on his feet and took out his medkit. "Yeah, I'm fine."

"Come on guys, the safe house isnt to far from here."

Everyone ran to the safe house that only took them a few minutes to get there. Luckly they only ran into a few zombies and not a charger or a tank.

"Finally." Ellis walked into the house. He put Annabell on a worn out couch.

"So, what do we do with her?"

"I dont know Nick. But she cant go out there on er own." Ellis said sitting next to the girl on the couch thrusting her hair. Rochelle had an "Awe!" look on her face. "Ellis is right. In her...condition, she'll need to stay here with us." Ellis gave a smile to Rochelle and mouthed "Thanks Ro." She nodded to him. She could tell Ellis came to have a likeing to the girl.

"Sould we wake her up?" Coach said while rubbing the back of his neck.

"I geuss." Ellis started to shaking the young. "Lets go darlin, time ta wake up." Her eyes started to open. "Huh? Whats goin on?" Annabell asked rubbing her head. Rochelle turned to the guys. "She must not remember we found her." She whisperd. "Hey there. I'm Rochelle. This is Nick, Coach, and Ellis."

"Howd I get here?"

Ellis stood up from the couch. "We found ya in a closet a mile back in an old house." Annabell turned to the man in the hat. Out of all of the four, she remembered him the most.

"Alright. now that we all know each other. I say we go get some rest." Nick said putting down his gun on one of the tables. "Good idea. There should be three bedrooms upstairs. Ellis and Nick in one, Rochelle and Annabell in another, and I'll stay in the other." As they walked up the stairs Annabell was noticeing a few staires coming from Ellis. She grabbed his shoulder to talk to him in private. "Hey!" He said not knowing who was grabbing him.

He turned to see Annabell with a disaponited look on her face. "Can I help ya Annabell?"

"Yeah. Ya mind tellin me why ya keep lookin at me like that?"

"Well, I-uh.."

"Its cus I'm pregnant, isnt it?" Ellis's eyes grew wider from the words coming out of her mouth.

"WHAT?! Oh god gurl, hell no!"

"Then why ya keep lookin at me?!" Ellis didnt want to say what he was thinking. His mother rasied him to respect women and to be a southern gentalmen. So he said somthing else that he was thinking.

"Well, um-ya know. I just think-ya know- your really...pretty." Annabell started to blush. Ever since she became pregnant, everyone thought of her as a skank. No one in a long time called her pretty.

A smile then formed on Ellis's face. He put a arm over her shoulder. "Come on. Ya look like ya need your rest."

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