Wow…I suck! It has been months since I last updated and holy crap am I sorry! A lot of things have been going on and there is just no time, but I'm going to try and keep updating every week or every other week, because I can't just update this story and wait another few months to update again, but here you go, the next chapter to You Found Me!


Nick, Coach and Ellis walked through the woods looking for supplies. "Alright boys, we need to hurry up and find as much food, ammo, and weapons as we can find." Coach said as he turned around to Ellis and Nick. "Whatever you say, big guy." Nick said going pass Coach and patting him on the back. Coach turned to Ellis who was facing the direction of where Annabelle and Rochelle went. "Ellis!" Coach said to get his attention. "Huh!" the young man broke out of his trance.

"Boy, you better stay focus so we can get the hell outta here!"

"Yeah. Okay, Coach."

Ellis kept walking behind the guys, once in a while giving a glance back in the opposite direction. Ellis stop in his tracks, not listening to Coach, and looked back at the opposite direction not paying attention to anything else that was going on. All of a sudden Ellis felt an amount of weight go on his back. "Oh shit! Get it off! Get this mother off me!" Ellis fell to floor waiting for his friends too shoot at what he thought was a jockey on his back. But all he could hear was Coach and Nick laughing. Ellis looked up to see Nick standing over him, laughing holding his sides. And turned to Coach who was also bent down laughing. "See, that is why you have to pay attention!" Nick said to the confused hick. "God dammit, Nick! Was that you?" "You're fuckin' lucky it was me and not one of those back humpers." He said still standing over Ellis. "Get the hell off me!" He said pushing Nick away. "Awe, come on, overalls! You gotta give me props for that one!" Ellis kept trying to hide the smile that was creeping up on his face. "Let's just go." He said holding in his laughter.

An hour passed and the guys still didn't find anything. Maybe a few bottles of water they found in little run down cabins, but that was all. "You think the girls are finding more stuff then us?" Ellis asked as he took a sip out of one of the water bottles.

"I pray to god they are."


"Keep fuckin' running!"

The girls ran as fast as they could trying to get away from the tank.

Annabelle held onto her stomach as she shot at the tank with her pistol, which was not making much damage. Rochelle grabbed Annabelle's wrist, "Let's go! Don't shoot, just run!" The two girls ran as fast as they could, but the tank just got faster.

"Son of a-" Annabelle fell on her knees, holding her stomach. It felt like a shock ran through her whole body. "Come on sweetie, we gotta keep going!" She got up on her feet and continued to run as Rochelle kept shooting at the tank.

"In there!" Rochelle pointed at a little cabin up ahead. The two ran to cabin that felt like it was miles away. The tank roared and throw a large rock a them, which barely missed. Annabelle kept running as the only thought running through her head was "I should have stayed with Ellis, I should have stayed with Ellis!"


"Ya'll hear somthin'?" Ellis turned away from the guys to see if anything was behind them.

"No." Nick said, still walking. "Hold up, boy." Coach grabbed Nick's arm as he kept looking in the same direction Ellis was. "I heard it too. Sound like someone screaming." They heard the sound again. But this time it wasn't a scream, it was more of a loud roar. Ellis held onto his gun and walked slowly to where the sound was coming from. "El, I don't-" Ellis turned around and put a finger to his lips in way of telling Nick to be quiet. He turned back around to listen for the noise. They heard a scream coming from the distance, and this time Nick did hear it. "Wait a second." Nick walked to where Ellis was to hear it better. They heard it again.

Nick's eyes got wider. "Holy shit, that was Rochelle!" Nick held his rifle tight and ran towards the scream. Coach ran after him but stopped to see Ellis just standing there with fear in his eyes. "Ellis! Snap out of it boy! We gotta go fine Annabelle and Rochelle!" Ellis snapped out of it and ran towards them.

Nick kept trying hear for Rochelle's scream again. "Splitting up…was the most…stupidest idea…ever!" He kept running not paying attention to the rest of his surroundings. "Rochelle!" he screamed on the top of his lungs. He stopped running at one of the cabins were he thought he heard Rochelle.



He looked ahead and saw Rochelle with an arm around Annabelle. A smile was creeping up on his face when he saw two, but quickly disappeared when he saw the tank. "Oh shit!" He started shooting at the tank. Ellis and Coach finally caught up to them. Ellis looked ahead and saw Annabelle and Rochelle with a tank right behind them. "Annabelle!" He ran towards her as fast as he could. "Ellis!" Coach scream to him trying to and get his attention, but it didn't work. Ellis just kept going.

Ellis finally got to Annabelle and Rochelle. "You go, I got her!" Rochelle nodded and let go of Annabelle and started to run. Ellis bent and picked up Annabelle bridle style. He let out a few grunts for the fact that it was like he was carrying two people, but he didn't care. "Are you okay?" He looked down to her. "I'm fine, just keep going!" And he did so. They finally got to the rest of the gang before the tank could. "Ellis take Annabelle inside!" He did as he was told.

He opened the door to the cabin and set Annabelle on a couch set against the wall. "Ellis you need to go back out there and help them!" She said panting. "You sure?" "Yes Ellis I'm fine! I'll be safe in here." She gave him a smile to let him know shed be okay. He smiled back and ran outside to help his friends. Annabelle laid on the coach rubbing her stomach to make the pain go away. She couldn't help but think the baby was coming soon. "He couldn't becoming soon! It's too, early…right?" Annabelle heard the finally ring of a shot gun before hearing the tank collapse onto the ground. She whispered to herself "thank god." And heard to door open back up, to see Nick, Coach, Rochelle, and Ellis come in.

Coach sat on one of the wooden chairs in the living room, while Nick and Rochelle sat up against the wall. Nick turned to Rochelle " You okay?" "Yeah, I'm fine." She smiled at him and he couldn't help but smile back. He quickly turned away so she didn't see the blush coming up on his face. Ellis sat next to Annabelle as she laid on the couch. "You alright? You hurt?" He said while rubbing her stomach. "No, I'm fine, I'm fine." He stroked her cheek thanking god that she was alright.

" Well, ya'll its getting dark, I say we just stay here the night." They all agreed going their separate ways. Finding food, sleeping bags, and to see if the water was working.

"Oh my god the showers working!" Rochelle screamed throughout the house. "Oh, there is god!" Nick ran into bathroom before anyone else could. Ellis and Annabelle laughed at Nick's actions. "Alright you two." Coach came up to Annabelle and Ellis. "There's only one bedroom in this place. We found at least three sleeping also. So if you want, you two could have the bedroom." "Oh dear lord, thank you Coach!" Annabelle was exhausted and couldn't wait to take a shower and just sleep in a bed. Nick finally left the bathroom. Annabelle sprinted up so fast and quickly ran into the bathroom. Rochelle stood there stunned.

"She didn't even run that fast when we were running from the tank."