So. Nicky's.

Getting in the groove. Letting my hair down(figuratively) and having fun for the first time in months.

I freely admit I went way overboard.

I checked out chicks, felt them up, got a few slaps but a lot more invitations. And Reid Garvin ain't one to turn down invitations.

So I had this blonde bimbette with me with a really slutty kind of dress which left little to imagination.

I always did like them trashy.

My face was in her boobs and my hand had just pushed past her wet panties. Her very wet panties.

"Horny darling?"

She pushed herself further towards me, if that was possible and started grinding her hips against me.


I thrust a finger inside her and she gasped slightly.

"Like it bitch?"

"Oh yeah but I'd like the real thingggg…Oh"

She trails off incoherently as I add another finger.

"You're gonna have to scream for that girl. I wanna hear you scream. Scream you're Reid's bitch. Scream."

She gasps again as I slip the remaining two fingers inside. Ok, generally I'm a lot more collected but today I'm just frustrated and pent-up and I want to make someone hurt.

"Still can't hear you scream bitch. Don't make me hurt you."

"I'm Reid's bitch." She whispered in a mortified voice.

"Louder girl. Let the whole Nicky's hear you!"

I grasp her hair and pull her head back. Painfully.


I grin at her evilly.

A few people around us snigger in amusement.

And then I go flying. I turn back to smack whoever dared to interrupt me but its Caleb.

Caleb in new clothes.

Showered and shaved Caleb.

Smelling nice Caleb.

Exactly like the before Sarah Caleb.

Except for the expression on his face.

The completely scary, furious expression.

He grabbed my collar and dragged me out of Nicky's.

He kept dragging me till we reached the parking lot and then he slammed me against the door of his car.

His whole body pressed up against mine.

His face was only inches away.

"What the hell was that?"

"What the hell was what?"

"You trying to play slave girl with that chick in there! What the hell was that about?"

"How about THAT WAS SOME FUCKING FUN Caleb! But you seem to have forgotten all about it."

His body pressed up harder against mine so that the door was actually pressing into my back. I really couldn't figure where his anger was coming from.

"You can't just do that to people Reid. Ok? You just fucking can't. I know it's difficult for you but get a little dignity!"

"Oh please! I used to do this all the time. You never had a problem before."

"You were never so desperate for attention before."

He might be right but hell if I'll admit it.

"What is your problem Caleb? And can you back up a little, it's hurting me."

"No Reid. I don't think I will."

His eyes had taken a dangerous turn. They were smoldering at me, robbing me of the capacity to form coherent thoughts.

He had only looked at me like that once.

And I hadn't been able to walk straight for days after that.

"Caleb back off!" I was trying to sound braver than I actually felt.

"Why Reid?" His hands trailed along the length of my body. "Are you scared?"

I felt a shiver go through me that was half terror and half excitement. I could explain the terror but I really couldn't understand the reason for the excitement's presence.


Caleb sighed.

"Oh well." He pressed me back hard enough to make body bend over the car roof. "We'll just have to keep trying then won't we?"

Suddenly, I wasn't feeling very tolerant to his dictatorship.

I let a burst of Power surge through me to knock him off his feet.

This only served to make him madder.

"You never learn, do you Reid? My powers are greater than you."

His eyes go black and Im doubled over on the car again. The harder I struggle, the greater the pressure gets. He begins walking back towards me. Bits of clothes start to tear up as the combined power of Caleb and me using hits them.

"Just give in, Reid."

"Caleb what are you talking about? Have you completely lost it? Let me go!"

"No Reid. You know what if you're such a slut then I'm horny."


Yes, I faltered. But wouldn't you if a guy who you considered a brother for so many years suddenly divulges a desire to get into your underwear?

He is almost right up to me now.

"Yes, you are so like her. The same hair, the same attitude. You could've been twins. Yes, you remind me so much…"

"So like whom? Caleb what is all this about?"

He comes right up to my ear and mummers softly, almost like a lover's caress.

"Shut up Baby."

And next thing I find myself unceremoniously shoved into the front seat of the car with Caleb in my lap.

He pushes the seat as far back as it will go. Pushing me down he comes to rest his whole body over me.

"I've been so alone baby."

I want to scream, to shout at him, to remind him that I'm Reid. Reid not Sarah. Has he completely lost it?

"Come here, Sweetheart."

He holds my neck pulling me towards him his lips inching closer to mine.

And then he whispers.

"Are you scared yet?"

I swallow. His eyes follow the movement of my throat and trace it lightly.


There was no point denying it he could see it in my face.

"See? That wasn't so hard, was it Reid?"

He says getting off me completely and getting out of the car.

I lay in the car, stunned.

"W-what? What was that all about?"

"A lesson in discipline, Reid. And a small dose of fear. You needed it."

Now I'm beyond angry at this guy. I get out of the car and shove him.

"I've been with you for months and the first time I step out for a little fun you think I need admonishment? God Caleb what's wrong with you? What do you want from me?"

His eyes are intense as he stares into mine.

"Isn't it obvious? I want you Reid. I want to rip you away from yourself and hide you inside of me. I want to take away your soul. I hate you for trying to bring me back. I hate you for caring. But now that I'm back I want to possess you, Reid. I want you to feel the pain I felt and feel the anger I feel and then tell me if it was right to pull me back."

Ook. I stare at him dumbfounded as he walks away.