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Epilogue - Six Months Later

It was Friday night and the Moonlight Shadow was crowded. Most of the patrons were dressed as vampires, which wasn't surprising because there was a contest for the most realistic impersonation of famous screen vampires.

Abby thought she had never seen so many personifications of Dracula – both the Christopher Lee and Gary Oldman's versions – in the same place, mingling with the pale-faced Edward of Twilight look-alikes. But the funniest thing for her was knowing that under all that make up and elaborated costumes were hidden real vampires too.

Abby now knew the Moonlight Shadow belonged to a vampire and that it had been created specifically to offer an environment were real vampires could show themselves as they truly were without fear of being discovered. Gibbs had explained to her sometimes vampires, especially the youngest ones or those without a mate that accepted them as they were, felt the burden of an existence spent in continued secrecy. The club offered them the chance to be themselves and loosen up when the burden got too heavy to carry.

As Abby took a pause from her dancing, she saw several couples practice for the 'Most Realistic Vampire's Bite' contest.

Watching them made her thoughts turn to Jethro and she wondered what he would think of that contest. Maybe she would ask him when she saw him later—if he returned from his meeting with Vance and the SecNav at a decent hour.

A very familiar feeling of happiness and completion surged in her as she thought of her Silver Haired Fox.

The past six months had been the most beautiful of her life, the only downside being she couldn't share the reason of her happiness with her closest friends at NCIS. Gibbs and she had decided to keep their relationship secret in order to avoid problems on the job, and so things would stay until he retired as field agent. That also meant she couldn't move in with him, but they found a way to be together almost every night.

Most of the times it was Abby going to his house, where they would spend hours working together on his new boat or cuddling on his couch, watching movies or just talking. Sometime Gibbs went to her apartment, where most often than not he ended up fixing something her landlord had not. Other times they went out, to bowl with the sisters. They all loved Gibbs and wanted him on their team. Or they came here, to the Moonlight Shadow.

Gibbs never danced, of course, but he liked to stay near the dance floor sipping bourbon and watching as Abby enjoyed herself. Feeling his eyes on her, knowing that his keen vampire senses missed nothing of the way she moved, always made Abby feel special and loved. Loved as she had always dreamed to be loved, but had started to despair she ever would be given her awful track record with boyfriends. Sometimes she felt the desire to pinch herself to be sure she wasn't dreaming. It seemed so incredible that a man like Jethro could have chosen her, plain Abigail Scuito, as his mate...but she wasn't going to question it. She knew he loved her as much as she loved him, and that was the only important thing.

Abby was recalled to the present when a loud murmur rose among the patrons. She noticed the crowd was parting like the Red Sea in front of Moses to let a single male figure pass. Her eyes widened when she recognized Gibbs.

There was something different in him that evening. His clothes were the same he had donned at work, but now he looked sexy as hell. Perhaps it was in the way he was moving, like a lazy, yet dangerous predator on the prowl. Perhaps was the way the torch-like lights made his hair and eyes shine. Perhaps was the way he was smirking at her, showing his long, pointed fangs. Or perhaps it was the power that was almost pouring out of him, a power everyone responded to, humans and vampires alike.

Since Gibbs had begun to drink her blood regularly, it was like everything in him had been amplified. His eyes seemed bluer, his hair shinier and softer, his magnetism and authority stronger. So far there hadn't been any evident sign he was starting to get younger. It would take time before he started to rejuvenate, given how long he had been without drinking. In any case he didn't plan to start the process any time soon, because it would be too difficult to explain the changes to other people. However, he was again at his peak form, his short-sightedness and sore knee and shoulder already part of his past.

Abby felt intoxicated to be the focus of Gibbs' attention as he strode toward her and couldn't help but grinning broadly when he stopped in front of her.

"Am I in time?" he asked.

"For what?"

"For the 'Most Realistic Vampire's Bite' contest."

"Yes...Hey, don't tell me you want to take part to it?!" Abby couldn't believe it. Jethro hated to be on the spotlight.

He smirked and flashed his fangs. "Yep, I do...but not here."

"Where then?" She replied, intrigued.

"Back my bed..." his voice dropped to a throaty, lust-filled whisper. "When you'll be naked and I'll kiss and bite every inch of your skin..."

Abby almost moaned aloud as she murmured, "Promise you won't miss any spot..."


"Then let's go home and start our contest..."

Jethro again flashed his fanged smile and put an arm around her waist, in that possessive, protective way she liked so much. He led Abby outside the Moonlight Shadow and into a night that promised to be very long and full of pleasure and love.


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