Title: Bound to Work

Warning: Slash or homosexual content

Summary: Draco is in his first year of Auror training and is currently residing in a cramped dormitory with a hot but seemingly straight roommate.


Draco was tired and thankful that he finished the training course earlier than expected. He opened the door soundlessly and walked into his small dormitory room that he shared with his would-be Auror partner in training.

It was a plain looking rectangular room that had two of everything, two chairs, beds, desks and trunks. To one side was the door into the hallway and to the other side was the door to their bathroom.

He noted the sound of running water from their equally plain bathroom as he gently hung his bag on the back of his desk chair. His roommate usually got back earlier than he did because they were specializing in different fields. Draco was specializing in operations and skills related to illegal potions brewing and trafficking. His roommate however was specializing in DADA and learning techniques on how to deal with stand offs and hostage situations. Draco snorted, thinking that his roommate was so predictable.

The first few weeks into the Auror training program was hell for both of them, they constantly fought, argued to a point where they came to blows and almost got each other kicked out of the program, after which they decided to call a truce and things eventually got better.

Draco sat on his bed and bent down to take his boots off. He was undoing the many leather clasps of his footwear when the bathroom door, almost directly across from where he sat, opened. Warm steam escaped into their sleeping quarters creating a dreamy effect that faded within seconds which left Draco wondering if he had imagined it all.

"Oh you're back." His room mate said casually. Draco's glanced up at the sound of his roommate's voice and the boot that he successfully pried from his foot fell to the floor in a loud thud. His room mate stood in their bathroom doorway naked as the day he was born. Water droplets adorned his chiseled arms, his flat stomach and his strong thighs.

Draco flushed crimson and his roommate laughed. "Sorry, I didn't expect you to be back so soon." The other man apologized despite looking unabashedly unapologetic. He walked over to the foot of his bed, not far from the bathroom door, where his fluffy white towel hung.

Draco averted his eyes, focusing on trying to undo his other boot. He gulped almost audibly and bent lower, pressing his stomach into his crotch that was slowly coming to life. He bit the inside of his cheek trying to distract himself from carnal thoughts about his arrow-straight roommate that had no idea that Draco Malfoy was a flaming ponce.

His hands shook, making his boot straps seem excessively difficult to undo. It took him several tries before he was finally able to free his other foot and mercifully when his head resurfaced, his flush and his tent had already subsided.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) his dark haired roommate was now dressed, in pale blue jeans and a plain round neck shirt, sitting on the edge of the bed across from his, watching him intently with an inexplicable twinkle in his eyes and a wide grin on his handsome face.

Draco was feeling another flush threatening his incredibly pale complexion. "What? Why are you staring at me like that?" Draco asked.

"Want to go and get some dinner and a few drinks with the other blokes?" His roommate asked without answering his questions.

"Maybe next time." Draco said awkwardly trying to avoid his roommate's intent gaze. They had shared changing rooms before but he had never had the privilege of seeing the most intimate parts of the man he secretly lusted after. "I think I'll have a shower then go to bed early tonight, I'm a little tired from training."

"Okay, but you have to come next time, alright?"

"I will, I promise."

His roommate was thankfully appeased. Draco watched him push himself off of the bed and out the door. Draco collapsed back onto his bed, groaning as he closed his eyes and images of his naked roommate immediately assaulted him. He cursed under his breath, summoned his towel from where he lay and almost angrily trudged into their bathroom. He needed a quick, cold shower.

Draco felt frustrated; the cold shower only doused his desires temporarily. He felt fidgety and very horny. He cast a quick Tempus. It was only 8pm which meant that he still had a few hours to sate his desires and get back to normal before his roommate came back.


Harry carried a take away bag (take out bag) as he headed back to his dorm early. He had dinner out with Ron and their other new friends but chose to forego the drinks to bring his roommate some dinner.

He fished for his keys in his pocket when he suddenly heard muffled sounds of movement from within his room and a male voice that did not belong to his partner. He checked the crack under the door to saw that the lights were off. Harry carefully placed his take away bag down, near the door. There were still plenty of maniacs out there with a grudge against purebloods, especially his roommate and so he learned to be somewhat overprotective and a little paranoid for his safety.

In one quick movement Harry burst into the room which made the lights magically come to life. His eyes widened as a man stood above his blonde roommate who was naked, gagged and tied down to his own bed. His roommate's head rose and looked up at Harry his eyes wide with shock and panic. Harry took that as his queue. He quickly cast a binding spell on the pant stranger that sent him toppling to the floor.

Harry rushed to his roommate's site, undoing the cloth tied around his mouth before helping him undo the binds to his wrists and his ankles.

"Draco are you alright?" Harry asked worriedly. "Did he hurt you?"


Draco's head rose at the sound of the door bursting open and lights turning on. His eyes widened as his roommate burst into the room. 'Oh God no.' He thought as their eyes met.

'Fuck!' He cursed into his gag as he realized that Harry had misunderstood the situation gravely.

Harry quickly subdued the other man and undid his binds.

"Draco are you alright? Did he hurt you?" Harry asked.

Draco didn't know how to answer. He rubbed at his raw wrists.

"Harry I… we…" Draco stammered.

"Oh god." Harry said suddenly and Draco realized that Harry had seen his still half hard member. Draco scrambled to cover up his bits. He had forgotten his state of undress with all the stress of trying to explain the situation to Harry.

"Shit. I'm sorry. I'll wait outside!" Harry exclaimed as he made a hasty retreat.


"So Harry Potter huh?" The man asked Draco as he pulled his shirt back on. "You never told me."

"It helps me avoid the crazies." Draco said as he also went about dressing.

The man finished dressing and reached for his cloak. "So you really think I look like your roommate?"

Draco pulls his shirt on and shrugs. The man laughs light heartedly. "You are pretty messed up Draco. Maybe you should go ahead and confess to Mr. Straight-as-an-arrow-hero and if he rejects you, you know where to find me. That way we can have a real relationship and not just substitute Potter sex."

Draco smiles up at the charming man, with dark brown hair and deep blue eyes. "Easier said than done, love."

The man smiled, lighting up his gorgeous face. "He'd be crazy not to want you already." The man said as he gave Draco one last kiss before he walked out of the room and into the hallway.


Harry's face was flaming red. He chastised himself over and over. He stood outside their dorm room, take away in hand again.

He heard movement and muted conversation inside their and room but could not make out what they were saying. They were probably cursing him for coming back early and ruining their sex.

He wanted to bang his head against the wall. He didn't know Draco was already seeing someone. Up till after his carefully crafted shower plot earlier this evening he wasn't even sure if Draco was gay, which he obviously is. And now that Harry thought about it he figured there was no way a man like Draco would stay single for long. Men probably grovel at his roommate's spoiled yet charming feet.

After a few minutes the man came out of their room, fully dressed. Harry had the chance to get a good look at his face for the first time.

"Sorry." Harry said sheepishly. "I'm—"

The stranger smiled. "I know who you are mate." He said with a laugh. "Everyone does."

"Right." Harry answered awkwardly. "I didn't mean to—"

"Don't worry about it. It's as good as forgotten." He said extending his hand to Harry, which Harry took. "See you around. Take care of him for me." He said with a wink and he walked off.

Harry sighed and couldn't help but feel a little jealous. He had been secretly lusting after Draco all this time but now his handsome and confident boyfriend had entrusted him to Harry. He ran a hand through his hair before heading inside.



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