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A month had passed since Harry and Draco had gotten together.

Harry found himself happier than he had ever been in his life but still felt that lingering insecurity and doubt from time to time that perhaps Draco would eventually get tired of him and look for another dark haired bright eyed man.

To make matters worse Draco was being all secretive these past few days. He would disappear for several hours unexplained and when Harry asked where he'd been Draco would smile at him and dodge the question or distract him with senseless snogging. After which the conversation would have been forgotten because true to form Harry had been snogged senseless and secondly Harry did not want Draco to think that Harry didn't trust him or that Harry was insecure (which he was.)

Harry sank further into his seat and tossed back another shot of alcohol.

"Easy there mate." Ron said, taking the glass away from Harry.

Harry huffed and attempted to bat Ron's hands away from his glass. Harry was sulking because Draco had once again disappeared. It was Friday night, they always went out as a group, but at the very last moment Draco declared that something had come up and that he needed to go and before anyone had a chance to ask him anything he'd already slipped out the door, leaving Harry's chest monster to wreak havoc inside him.

"What's gotten into you Harry?" Neville asked worriedly. "We've been here less than half an hour and you've all but drunken yourself into a stupor."

Harry mumbled something under his breath that sounded suspiciously like 'leave me alone.'

"It's because ickle drakey didn't come with us isn't it?" Seamus teased him from across the table. The three Gryffindors laughed but when Harry crossed his arms and looked sideways their laughter died awkwardly.

Ron cleared his throat. "Harry you can't really expect that Draco will come with us every single time? I mean as much as we all get on now, I imagine he still feels the need to get away from all the Gryffindor-ness of our lot."

"Of course not. That's not it." Harry answered stubbornly and still refused to meet the eyes of his confused friends. "I'm just afraid that he's already getting tired of me and that's why he's been dodging our company, my company."

"Harry shame on you!" Seamus declared loudly. "Give Malfoy a little credit. You more than anyone should know by now that Malfoy is a very good man, if you ever get past the haughtiness that is."

"Harry..." Neville said softly. "Have a little faith in Draco. I think both of you have been in love with each other longer than either of you will ever admit and he won't just throw this away. He was a right bastard to me when we were younger but Seamus was right, he's a good man now and even I would have to be blind or dead not to see how unceasingly loyal he is."


Harry walked home that night repeating his friends' words in his head. They were right, he was being silly. Draco wouldn't betray him. Maybe he just needed some space because they did actually spend most of their waking time together.

Harry pushed his hands deeper into his pockets. The frigid weather successfully purged all of Harry's drunkenness from his system but it did wonders to clear his mind.

He walked up the familiar steps and down the hallway and when he was right outside their dorm room door he heard rustling sounds and frantic movement. It seemed too familiar and it was then that Harry had a sinking feeling. He opened the door slowly and was shocked at what he found.

Their room was transfigured. The previously plain white walls were turned a deep red. There were candles floating about demarcating Harry's path, leading him to the center piece of the room, a large four poster bed with its curtains closed.

Harry was salivating just thinking about what lay inside. He forced his feet to move forward until his body almost hit the foot board. Nervously Harry drew the curtains and what he saw made his knees weak.

Draco was naked on the bed his hair all tussled, his arms and legs bound to the bed with soft looking satin ties and his wand in hand. As soon as grey eyes met green Draco smiled seductively at Harry and let his wand drop unceremoniously to his side. "Took you long enough to get home." Draco greeted and laughed softly. "As much as that dumb founded look suits you I'd rather you move it Potter, I'm not a very patient man." Draco parted his thighs slowly.

Harry's eyes were drawn to the lovely curve of Draco's perfect ass and his breath hitched as he noticed the round plastic based protruding from his lover's ass.

"Mmm, you like that." The blonde teased, rolling his hips and moaned loudly.

A switch flipped in Harry and he began tearing at his clothes like a madman. Buttons popped and seams held on for dear life but Harry couldn't care less. He divested himself of his clothes in record time and launched himself on the waiting blonde.

Harry placed his body flush against his lover's length and kissed Draco passionately. His left hand went up to tangle in the baby fine blonde hair while his right hand inched downwards.

Traced the dips of Draco's stomach and the angle of his hips. His hands skirted along Draco's cock but at the very last moment went further down. Harry laughed as Draco cursed against his mouth as he lifted his hips trying to get Harry to touch his aching member.

Harry's fingers bumped the bottom of the plastic toy and Draco moaned beautifully, throwing his head back, exposing his lovely neck that begged to be licked, sucked and bitten- which harry did.

He slowly began to move the plug in and out of Draco as he moved to settle himself between his lover's thighs.

Harry smiled mischievously as he moved the plug ever so slowly in and out of his lover. Draco growled, urging Harry to move faster, straining against his bonds but not struggling to get out of them.

"Potter!" Draco chastised as he opened his eyes, his pupils blown wide.

Harry's smile grew wider as his other hand wrapped around Draco's cock, pumping just as slowly.

"Sweet fucking merlin Potter, I swear if you don't…" Whatever threats the blonde were about to say died on his lips as Harry suddenly pulled the dildo out and thrust it back in harshly. It silenced the blonde and his back arched beautifully.

It was all that Harry could take he withdrew the plug and discarded it quickly. He took a second to admire Draco's hole before he thrust in with one swift motion. They moaned in unison.

"Been looking forward to this all week…" Draco said breathlessly.

Harry stilled and asked. "So this is what you've been doing all week? Setting this up?"

"What did you think I was up to? Sneaking about?" Draco asked light heartedly. Harry squired and shifted his eyes away from his lover.

Draco's brows came together and his lips thinned. "You really thought that didn't you? That I couldn't keep it in my pants?"

"No!" Harry said quickly and mumbled under his breath.

"What? Look at me Potter and say it again."

"I was just afraid that you were already tired of me is all." Harry mumbled again as he braved staring into Draco's eyes. He was expecting steely grey eyes to greet him but what he saw warmed his heart. Draco had an oddly tender and vulnerable look that melted Harry's insides and took his breath away. Merlin, Draco was beautiful.

"Harry I would never give this up for a silly romp. I know we have so many issues to work through together but trust me when I say that I would never betray you, never."

Harry didn't know what to say. He stared dumbfounded at Draco for the millionth time that night. The blonde man never ceased to astound him and just when Harry was about to say something unapologetically cheesy when Draco interrupted him.

"As much as I'm enjoying our little heart to heart Potter, I would rather we finish this first" Draco declared rolling his hips. "We can finish this conversation later." He said breathlessly.

"I… uhmm… yes" Harry answered intelligently as he held on to Draco's hips, held them down and began thrusting steadily into his lover.

Draco thrashed his head back and forth as he arched his back and strained against Harry's firm grip against his hips. Harry released Draco from his bonds with a wandless wave of his hand.

Draco's legs wrapped around Harry's strong hips and his hands gripped the head board.

Their lovemaking was intense and passionate and Harry was pleased at reducing Draco's vocabulary to a string of senseless praises.

As Harry approached his climax he bent Draco almost double so that with each thrust Draco's cock rubbed against their sweat slicked bellies and within moment they both came one after the other.

They lay side by side in their post orgasmic state, sleepy and satisfied. Harry smiled and Draco smiled back tenderly and both men felt that it was the perfect way to end their conversation. No words were spoken but the message was loud and clear. Whatever it was that was happening between them it was surely bound to work.

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