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What's Mine is Yours

"You're a nice guy after all…"

They were different personas. Definitely different. They didn't even know of the other until that very incident…

It all happened last May 13, 2006. Sora Hikari was walking home from buying necessities from the grocery store. When a man dressed in black approached Sora and took him as hostage. The police chased the man who had Sora knocked out in his arms. "Stop!" The police said as they chased the kidnapper and his hostage. Suddenly, a blur of blonde went past the man. "Who the fu—" the blonde faced him, "Gee Mister… didn't your wife ever tell you that swearing at children isn't a nice thing to do?" The man was staring at a 15 year old blonde with sky blue eyes.

"Move it punk, didn't your mother tell you that meddling isn't a damn good idea?" He pointed a gun at him. The blonde gnashed his teeth but then he saw the brunette the man carried. That alone made him angry, "Put him down now!" The man smirked, "Or what? You'll call your mommy?" Roxas jumped and kicked the man straight at the face, causing the man to lose hold of Sora, sending the brunette to fly from his grasp. As the man landed to the floor, the blonde used his stomach as a cushion and jumped again to grab Sora.

"Gotcha!" He said as he grabbed Sora. Then he landed on the man's face.

He heard footsteps coming so he dashed off to the dark alley. Leaving the police to go to the crime scene without knowing who apprehended the criminal.

The guy carried Sora to the park and laid him on the bench. Sora's eyes fluttered open, "Where am I…?" He answered tentatively, "At Twilight Park." Sora looked to his rescuer, "Roxas?" Roxas grinned, "Glad you know who I am." Sora slowly sat up, "What happened to the man that tried to kidnap me?" Roxas was chuckling, "Roxas?" Roxas grinned, "Oh don't worry about him. He just has a broken nose." Roxas continued his thoughts, 'And maybe he has a fractured arm. Broken ribs and distorted face. :D'

Sora noticed the evil smile on Roxas's face, "Errrrr… Roxas?" Roxas snapped out of his reverie, "Uhhh… yes?" He flashed a grin at Sora. Sora smiled, "You know what? You're a nice guy after all."

Roxas smirked, "Of course, Sora. I'm not that much of a mean bully." Sora nodded, "I guess…"

-((xretarded love is retarded hatex))-

It's been two weeks since the 'Kidnapping' incident happened. Sora and Roxas had been bestfriends since then.

One day, Sora and Roxas were heading for a table at the farthest end of the Cafeteria. "Are you sure you have to sit with me?" Roxas whispered in Sora's ear. "Duh!" Sora laughed and pulled Roxas to the table.

They set their lunch trays on the table and took their seats. "Sora…" Roxas said anxiously. "… people are staring at us."

"What? No…" Sora turned around and true enough, everyone in the Cafeteria was staring at them. "So what?" Sora looked at the people at the Cafeteria and heard faint murmurs from the crowd

Isn't that Roxas… the bully…

What is he doing there? With Sora…

Has Sora lost his mind…

No, maybe Roxas threatened him to join him…

At those words, Sora's hands turned into a fist. "Sora… I told you I shouldn't sit with you." Roxas said with his eyes fixed on his lunch.

"Nonsense!" Sora slammed his hands and the table and stood up causing his chair to fall. He turned to the other people in the area and shouted "Alright, what's your problem guys?" Suddenly, the whole Cafeteria was dead silent.

"Why do you guys keep on murmuring things about me and Roxas? Don't y'all have something better to do, other than ruin somebody else's life?" Sora asked bitterly.

"We just couldn't believe that you're hanging out with Roxas." A girl with brown curly hair in front of Sora said.

"You're too good for him." Another brown haired girl said.

"Sora…" Riku said as he rose from his seat. He was seating two tables away from Sora and Roxas's table along with Kairi and Namine. "You're not thinking of ACTUALLY hanging out with him."

"I do, Riku. And we've been doing it for the past two weeks." There were a lot of murmurs again and Riku looked at Sora disapprovingly. Sora just glared at him. He climbed up their table and took a deep breath. "Sora?" He heard Roxas say but he ignored it. He counted up to ten… 1, 2, 3… Alright Sora, you can do this… Just remember: Do not lose your temper. …8, 9, 10.

"Guys… guys… listen up…" Sora said calmly. Immediately the crowd went silent again and all eyes were on Sora. "Look, Roxas is my friend and if you guys can't accept that, then maybe you're not my friends at all." Sora took another deep breath and said, "There's more to Roxas than just being a bully. He's sweet and kind and a true friend. You guys cannot see this because you're judging him immediately without even knowing the person."

"Sora…" Roxas said. Sora looked at Roxas, questioningly. "Get down from there." He said softly. Sora nodded and did as he was told. "You didn't have to do this…"

"Oh yes I did…" Sora smirked. "You're my friend and of course I'll stand up for you, literally." Roxas laughed at this. Sora joined him then turned back to his so called 'friends'. "So, have I made myself clear?"

The crowd could only nod.

Sora turned back to Roxas and said, "C'mon let's finish eating outside… I can't take anymore of this." Roxas laughed and took their lunches. Once Sora and Roxas passed the Cafeteria door, they didn't noticed Axel standing at the side, glaring at Roxas. "Roxas… what have you done?" He muttered to himself. He shook his head and went to his seat.

"It must be fun being the most popular guy in school." Roxas said. He and Sora were sitting on the grass under a big tree. "I mean… have you seen you're friends? They're like so protective of you."

"Yeah…" Sora scratched the back of his neck. "…that's what I hate about it." Sora sighed. "Being popular means I have to keep an image that's why everyone wants me to be careful of my actions so that I may not break my so called 'Reputation.'" He quoted the last word.

"See… I told you I shouldn't be seen—" But Roxas was cut off when Sora inserted a rice cake in his mouth. "Shh… You're my friend now and that's what really matters." Sora smiled.

Roxas swallowed the rice cake and smiled back.