In this sequel story to Obsessed, J.J and the BAU race against time to stop Jason Hanson, J.J's obsessed love struck highschool sweetheart from hurting Henry. But the conclusion and Jason's plans will devastate J.J's life forever. Don't own Criminal Minds, Enjoy (:

Chapter 1

0930 hours

"J.J, go with the paramedics."

"No, this is my family at stake here."
"You're in no fit condition to go into the field, go with the paramedics."
"I'm fine!" J.J locked eyes with Hotchner and he sighed. She had such fierceness in her eyes, it was hard to refuse her. He looked at Morgan and Prentiss.

"I don't see the harm in it, and she's right. This is her family." Prentiss said. J.J looked close to tears.

"Please?" She said, her eyes swimming. Hotchner nodded slowly.

"Okay, come on." She sighed and ran to the car, opening the door and jumping in. Hotchner sped off and J.J directed him toward her house.

"Take a left here."

"Morgan, call Garcia. Give her an update. I was supposed to half an hour ago."

"On it."

"Prentiss, try dialling Will's cell phone number again. He can't go bursting in there by himself without any backup, he could get hurt."




"Prepare yourself."

"Hotch, how can you say that? You're pretty much telling her-."

"To be prepared with the fact that something bad could happen today." J.J closed her eyes and sighed.

"I'm prepared."

"Good." They all went silent, hoping that Will and Henry were okay.

"Anna?" Will called out. He raised his gun and tightened his hold on it, sweat dripping from his face. Anna, Henry's babysitter didn't answer.

"Anna!" Will yelled out again. He heard a creak upstairs and jumped. He took a deep breath and started climbing the stairs, one by one.

"Anna?" He whispered. Nothing. He started walking down the hallway, checking behind and sideways for Jason. He kicked the door of Henry's room open and found blood marks on the floor.

"No…" He whispered. He followed the bloodmarks and found Anna on the floor, blood pooling around her body, her eyes wide and staring.
"Anna!" Will kneeled down to her and checked for a pulse, despite the blood, but she was dead.

"It's a shame, she was beautiful." Will spun around, raising his gun and found Jason on the rocking chair, a bloodied knife in his hand, blood all over his shirt and Henry in his arms, fast asleep his face obscured. Will rushed forward.

"Ah, ah, ah." Jason held the knife next to Henry. Will blinked furiously.

"The baby is sleeping." Jason said, raising a finger to his lips.

"Let him go you son of a bitch. He has nothing to do with this!" Will said fiercely. Jason laughed.

"Neither do you. This is between me and J.J, and here you are, sticking your beak somewhere where it don't belong."

"J.J is my fiancée. I love her. What happens to her, happens to me."

"And what happens to you two, happens to Henry." Will shook his head.

"No." Jason nodded.

"Yes." He sighed and got up. Will raised the gun to his head.

"Don't move." He laughed.

"Hey Will. Think fast." Will looked at him, confused. Jason threw Henry into the air and Will ran forward, to catch him, dropping his gun. Jason stabbed him in the gut and Will yelled out in pain. Jason pushed him off and Will fell to the floor, trying to stop the blood. Jason laughed and walked over to Henry's limp form on the floor. Will gasped.


"NO INDEED!" He took off the covers to reveal a fake baby doll.

"Where's my kid you son of a bitch?" Will stuttered, spitting out blood.

"You know, you should check the crib first when entering a room where you think a serial killer is after your son." Will crawled over to the crib and found Henry fast asleep. He sighed and smiled, glad that Henry was safe.

"Any last words?"

"Yeah." Will said, laughing. He drew the extra gun in his belt.

"J.J, I love you." He whispered.

"What was that?" Jason said. Will turned slightly and saw he had gotten his gun off the floor and was pointing it at him, grinning. Will laughed again.

"I said, 'J.J. I love you.' Those are my last words for her. My last words for you…" Will laughed.

"SPIT IT OUT ALREADY!" Jason said angrily. Will laughed again.

"Bang." Will whispered. Jason looked at him, confused. Will raised the gun.

Does Will survive? You'll find out in a matter of hours.