Finally, I'm back! It took me almost one and a half years to post again, but here it is: my newest and btw first Naruto fic!

It's just some random idea I had yesterday and it was still in my mind when I woke up, so I decided to give it a try and here it is! As you may have concluded there's going to be a second part and depending on your reviews maybe a third! ;D

So please tell me if it's worth reading or a complete waiste of time, praise me as your new god or send me to the deepest place in hell, give me an award or a punch in the face, but please tell me what you think of it!=)

The necessary disclaimer: All characters belong to Masashi Kishimoto, and because he concentrates only on their fights and training, I took the part to tell you some stories about their private lives! *snickers*

* * * * * * * * * *

Temari let out a sigh of relief. Finally her work for this day was done and she could take a bath to relax. But before that, she decided, she would bring their brothers a little reward, because they had worked even harder than her, Gaara doing tons of paperwork and all the Kazekage-stuff and Kankuro organizing quarters and food for their unannounced visitors from Konoha plus doing the training with his pupils.

Another sigh escaped her lips. Because of chasing two dangerous criminals and finally capturing them only one hour away from Sunagakure, the Konoha nins had decided to come by and visit their allies. Which lead to more paperwork for her little brother and Kankuro and her desperatly trying to find a place for their guests to stay. At moment their was a festival going on so every hotel was booked up, making it difficult for the siblings to find an option besides letting them all stay in their house.

Much to her annoyance a certain walking pineapple had decided to stay at their house no-matter-what and she knew he would be waiting for her now – in her own bed. She blushed slightly when memories of her last visit in Konoha flashed before her eyes. Okay, he was a really good and skilled lover, she had to admit, but she was dead tired and with him in her bed her chances to go to sleep right away were practically zero.

She pushed this thought out of her mind, because she would have to deal with it later anyways, and went to the kitchen to grap the cookies she made this morning to bring them to their brothers. Temari would never tell anyone, but in her opinion her cookies were the best and this was the reason she saw them as the perfect reward for hard work. She wondered if she should bring some for their guests, too, but let go of the thought immediatly – after all they were the ones who caused all the trouble.

In the end Kankuro had only found places for half of the Konoha nins. Sakura and Ino shared a hotel room near the gates of Suna and Neji was put up in the only free room of the academy's quarters. The other three had to stay at the Kazekage's mansion.

Temari passed the guest rooms as silent as possible and walked up the stairs. Gaara's room was the first door on the left, so she placed the plate for Kankuro on the nearest table and raised her hand to knock at the door, when she heard the strange noises coming out of the room.

A little worried and without further thinking she opened the door. Only to wish she had not.

The sight that was presented to her was shocking.

The two men did not seem to have noticed her, because they were not stopping what they were doing. Moaning and gasping they were caught in their… interaction, only eyes for themselves and forgetting the world around them.

What surprised Temari the most was that her little brother was on the bottom. She knew he had changed in the past years, but she would have never guessed that he trusted someone that much to let down all his guards and the other person take control.

Yet here he was, lying on his back, hands tied to the bed above his head and legs wrapped around his lover, who was kneeling before him and giving him a hard ride. A loud moan escaped his lips when his partner seemed to have hit a special point, causing the blond to quicken the pace and hit this spot over and over again. At least that was what Temari guessed, listening to the whole new range of noises coming from Gaara.

„N-Na-AH-rut-OH", he managed to say in a begging voice, before moaning again.

The Jinchuuriki understood what he wanted and started stroking the readhead's member in the rythm of his thrusts.

It was the first time Temari saw how well provided her little brother was. She had to swallow hard at this sight. He was huge. A solid eight and a half inches, maybe even more. She had always heard the girls talkig about the size and that the bigger ones were the better ones, but seeing this she was glad with what her boyfriend had to offer her. A little less than seven inches was more than enough in her opinion.

Gaara's panting became heavier and his lips parted for a cry, but where sealed by Naruto's own. In the middle of this no doubt hot and passionate kiss, Gaara's body began to rock violently and his seed spilled over both of them.

Naruto parted the kiss and burried his face in his lover's neck. „G-Gaa… GAARA!", he groaned when he released himself.

The two of them stayed like that for a while, breathing heavily and snuggling up to another.

Suddenly Gaara's voice cut through the silence: „Enjoying the view, sister?"

Temari blushed and took one step back, feeling incredibly guilty and caught, while Naruto's head bounced up with a horrified look on his face. He tried desperatly to find the covers until he realized that they lay on the floor at the end of the bed and that he would present himself in full glory to the girl in the door if he reached for them, so he tried to hide behind his lover's small body instead.

Gaara slowly turned his head to face her. „What are you doing here?"

Temari needed a moment to regain her speech. Her little brother was still tied to the bed and his legs still spread, his embarassed lover hiding behind him, but nevertheless his tone was as calm as ever and he was surronded by a deadly vibe.

She gulped.

Than realized that she was still holding the plate. She held it out in front of her. „Erm, cookies?"