Temari leanded against the wall staring at the closed door in front of her. Behind it her little brother - the Kazekage - was sharing his bed with another man. Although she had seen them in their most intimate moment, she still could not believe it. Gaara was gay?

She eyed the cookie plate on the table next to her. When she had offered the one meant for him, the blond Konoha boy had been the one who reacted.

„Cookies!", he had shouted enthusiastically and began reaching over Gaara in an attempt to grap his clothes immediatly so he could go for the cookies.

Said person looked at her with the usual blank expression on his face. „Put it on the table. And leave." With the last sentence he turned his head to watch his lover desperatly trying to reach his boxers, lying on him for that reason. An expression appeared on his face comparable to an hunter watching his prey. „Now!", he growled.

She had hastily placed the plate on the table where Gaara kept all the framed photos and left.

Behind the door she could hear them moaning again. She took the plate she had made for Kankuro and went to his room.

Luckily there was light in his room, so Temari knocked at his door and opened it.

Kankuro was sitting on his bed and reading a book, only wearing his pyjamas. He looked up when she entered the room. „Hi Tem! Why are you so pale?", he wondered frowning.

„I… I just brought Gaara cookies."


„Erm… He was…" She hesitated a moment and thought over if she should tell him what she'd just witnessed. „…occupied.", she finished blushing at the memory.

„Huh?" He raised an eyebrow. „Occupied with what?"

She stared at her feet. „With… Naruto.", she murmered.

He had understood her nevertheless. „Naruto? Really? Now it makes sense!"

„What makes sense?", Temari asked puzzled.

„Well, it explains why Gaara came to me and asked me about love and relationships and all that stuff.", he answered thoughtfully. „Wondered who the lucky boy is he was talking about."

„You knew?!?"


She looked at him for a moment, stunned. „You… knew Gaara is gay?"

„I didn't know, I just assumed he is, because he was asking me about sex between men and I had to explain it to him in every detail.", he told her.

She did not know what to do with all this new information. Her little brother was gay and did not tell her and her other brother had known it and kept it a secret, too. But why? Suddenly she noticed something. „Wait, you explained the practices of men sex to him in every detail? How do you come to know those details?"

Kankuro blushed and looked away to avoid her gaze. „Well…"

At that moment the blanket beside him started to move and a naked body straightened up. „Do you have to talk in the middle of the night?"

Temari stared at the face with the red marks beyond the eyes in pure disbelief.

„Hi Temari!", Kiba said sleepyly and yawned. Then he sniffled and caught a certain smell which made him fully awake and smiling widly. „Hey, you brought cookies!"

* * * * * * * * * *

Here they are, the cookies again! I should have titled this story „Cookies"…

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