Temari closed the door behind her and leaned against it. She took a long breath. This was sure an… interesting day.

„Hey, you're here! I already wondered if you let me sleep alone!", she heard a voice from her bed.

She exhaled the air she had hold in a long sigh. She was not sure if she wanted to have him around right now. Before she could come up with an reply, he had moved out of the bed and was standing in front of her. He laid his hands on her arms and gently stroked them. „Are you alright? You are really pale!", he asked her worried.

She looked up and smiled half-hearted. „Erm, yes." After a short pause she added „I guess…"

He frowned. „What happened?"

She opened her mouth, but closed it again without saying anything. How should she tell him what she had just seen? It sounded so surreal. And should she even tell him? It was not her place, was it?

„Temari, would you please tell me what happened? Your still pale and slightly shaking, and avoiding to look at me proves that it's something important. Please tell me so that I can help you!"

This caused her to laugh shortly. „Help is definitley not needed here.", she stated, making him confused. „I… just saw something very strange."

He frowned again. „So what was it?"

„Eerm…" She desperatly searched for an answer.

He sighed. „Woman, please talk to me. It's troublesome to ask the same question over and over again!"

She hesitated a moment. „They're both gay…" she finally whispered.

She could feel him tense. „What?"

„They are… both gay. I just wanted to bring them the cookies I baked earlier and when I opened Gaara's door they… I… I…"

„Wait! You're telling me your brothers are together???"

„No!", she shouted promptly, shocked by his imagination. „It was Naruto. He had Gaara tied to the bed…" She shut her mouth. Better she kept the details to herself.

A sigh of relief. „Don't shock me like that again, woman! Geez, it sounded really bad, but it's just Naruto. Now his behaviour he showed when we decided to stop in Suna makes sense." He smiled at her. „I know you must be shocked, but it's not a bad thing. Let's go to bed!"

She stared at him blankly. That was it? That was everything he said when he was told one of his teammates and friends was having a relationship with the Kazekage?

„Temari? Are you sure you're alright?", he asked her, again a worried look appeared on his face.

She slowly nodded, then shook her head. „I… don't know. How can you take it so easily?"

He chuckled. „It's not a bad thing to be gay, Temari. Just be happy that Gaara found the love he longed for his whole life." He brushed her cheek. „Ready to go to bed?"

„But… it's hard to find out that both of my brothers are gay within half an hour.", she said.

He blinked in surprise. „Both of your brothers? So Kankuro's gay, too?"

She nodded.

„Huh, would've never thought of that. How did you find out?"

„He shared his bed with Kiba."

Another surprised blink. „Kiba? You're sure?"

She nodded again.

„Alright, that's a surprise. I always thought he has a crush on Hinata…" He shook his head. „How troublesome."

She looked up in his face again. It was framed with long black hair that was usually bound in an pineapple tail and the low light of the few candles next to her bed created moving shadows that were outlining his features. He was beautiful. All of a sudden she had forgotten what she had just seen,what she was so shocked about, why they were standing here. There were just her and him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and placed a kiss on his lips. „I love you, Shikamaru!"

When she entered the kitchen the next morning, her brothers and their… lovers were already there. Kankuro was pouring coffee into the mugs and discussing training methods with Gaara, who was actually eating breakfast, something she had never seen before. The two Konoha nins were eating as much as they could, it seemed, and Temari recognized the food on the table as their supplies for the upcoming month.

Naruto was the first who spotted her and flushed bright red. He swallowed the wrong way and coughed while turning his head in the opposite direction. Which was towards Gaara who stared at him curiously, causing the blond only to become even redder and finally resting his eyes on his plate.

Gaara's gaze swifted to her. She did not know if she should be glad or afraid when he showed a little smile. „Good morning!", he said to her, before returning his attention to Naruto, who concentrated on his eggs as if they were something very special. The redhead's smile softened.

„Morning!", she replied, taking the mug Kankuro was offering her and sitting down on the nearest chair. She felt slightly uncomfortable, but everyone was acting as if nothing had happened the previous night – well, except Naruto, who was avoiding to look at her.

„So tonight's the fireworks. I wondered if you are interested into watching it.", Kankuro broke the silende after a few minutes, adressing the two Konoha nins.

„Hell, yeah!", Kiba shouted grinning.

Naruto's eyes sparkled. „Fireworks? Let's go!" He jumped out of his chair, but Gaara caught his wrist and stopped him from running out.

„As Kankuro said, it's tonight!", he reminded him smiling. As his lover pouted, he added: „But we can go to the festival, if you want."

The blond cheered up and flung his arms around the smaller boy. „Of course I want!", he replied, his face only inches away from Gaara's, before capturing his lips in a kiss.

Temari looked away, not wanting to be reminded of what she had seen the previous night. She saw Kankuro grinning while watching his little brother. He seemed to be happy for him. Shikamaru was right, she should just accept that Gaara was gay and be happy for him, too. But it was not easy, espacially not with her little brother. Somehow she had already accepted that Kankuro was gay, after all she had remembered several moments that had been ambigous. But Gaara…

„Morning!", Shikamaru said when he entered the room, his hair still a little wet from his shower as if he had not bothered to dry them. He stopped when he noticed the kissing couple. „Huh?"

„Morning Shika!", Kiba replied. „Guess what, we are going to the festival today!"

Shikamaru answered without taking his gaze of Naruto and the Kazekage, who seemed to have forgotten about the people around them. „Troublesome!"

Temari understood, that he was merely referring to Kiba's announcement than making a statement about what he was seeing.

„Why is Neji looking so unhappy?", Temari asked while they were strolling through the streets.

„He is missing Tenten", Ino told her. „We went on this mission two weeks ago and he hasn't seen her since then."

Temari was surprised. „They are together now?" Last time she had seen them it had been obvious what they were feeling for each other, but both denied it when being asked.

„Since two month now", Ino informed her. „Bet he wants to have her by his side right now. Tenten loves festivals!"

„She won't be the only one envying us for having been here", Sakura assumed. „The others always enjoy festivals, too."

„You're right. I bet Chouji would have tested everything eatable to find here by now!", Ino said.

Sakura chuckled. „You're sure you don't have a crush on him? It's the fifth time today you're talking about him!"

Ino went beet red. „Shut up!", she shrieked. „I told you I don't have a crush on him!"

„Yeah, riiiight!" Sakura laughed. „Why don't you admit it?"

„I have nothing to admit!", Ino snapped. „Would you please stop it, Sakura? And don't laugh on me!"

Temari had to smile at this skirmish between the two friends. While they were continuing their debatte about Ino's feelings for Chouji, she walked a bit slower so that Shikamaru could reach her side.

„What's up between those two?", he asked.

„Sakura wants Ino to admit that she has a crush on Chouji", Temari explained.

He raised an eyebrow. „That's all? As is we wouldn't know what she's feeling. Women are troublesome!"

She chuckled. „And what were you discussing?"

He rolled his eyes. „Kiba and Kankuro were talking about dog puppets, and Naruto is jealous, because all the girls are looking at Gaara as if they want to eat him alive."

She stopped and turned around. Kankuro and Kiba were passing them while discussing the sense of a dog puppet in a fight, but Gaara and Naruto were standing several feet behind them, occupied by three girls who were talking to Gaara.

Temari had to admit that he was looking really good in his black and red Yukata. No wonder the girls went crazy about him.

Naruto on his side was looking unhappy. When they had finally left the house shortly after noon, he had been really excited to share this event with Gaara, but now he seemed to wish he was somewhere else.

The girls were leaving the two of them with a bow, but they could only make two steps before the next girl was stopping Gaara.

When they had finally reached Shikamaru and her, Naruto was pouting and avoiding to look at Gaara. The redhead was looking at his lover, a frown on his face as if he was wondering why his lover was acting like he was.

„Enjoying the festival?", Temari asked in an attempt to cheer the blond up.

„No.", he scowled.

Gaara's frown deepened. „Why not?"

Naruto turned his head to look at him. „Because I wanted to spend a nice time with you, but you are not even paying attention to me!"

The redhead seemed to be taken aback by this. Then a smile was slowly spreading on his face when he understood why the blond was so upset. He grapped the midnight blue fabric of Naruto's Yukata and pulled him to him. „I always do!", he replied and kissed him.

Everyone around them including his siblings and the Konoha nins let out a gasp. He ignored it and wrapped his arms around his lovers, pressing them even closer together.

Temari had to smile. That was so Gaara, not caring what the people might think and doing whatever he wanted to do. Showing his affection in public was something she could have never imagined, so she was not only surprised, but proud of her little brother, too. He truly had changed completely, had turned from a blood thirsty and cold hearted monster into a responsible and caring leader. And they owed it all to the blond in his arms.

He had awakened something inside of Gaara that everyone including himself had believed was dead: his emotions. He had given him his dream: becoming the Kage of his village to be respected by everyone. He had given him what he had needed the most: understanding, and now love.

Gaara broke the kiss and looked into Naruto's eyes. „I love you!", he said.

* * * * * * * * * *

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