This is a story I have written as a request for Carter rules. I hope I have done your idea justice. The original request was for a story with Tim having a go with Tony on the jetpack after 'Ignition.'. I hope you don't mind but Abby and Ziva invited themselves as well. What can you do. Also, I'm not sure that the jetpacks were ever stored in the evidence garage, but for my purposes, they were. This is fiction after all. I hope you like it.


Chapter 1

Tony didn't understand at first what it was that Tim found so fascinating about Jetpacks. Like Abby he had seen the PowerPoint presentation. He had listen to the constant flow of trivia that had spewed out of Tim's mouth since the case had opened. But it wasn't until he saw and even felt that Jetpack flying over his head, being controlled by a remote no less, that he truly understood the man's passion.

The case was practically closed with just a few loose ends to tie up, and Tony knew that there would probably never be another opportunity like this one. Now was their chance. "Tim, my friend. I have an idea." He said, after checking that no one else could hear.

Tim looked at Tony sceptically. If Tony had an idea that was going to involve him? It probably involved trouble. "Okay..." Tim said slowly. "What exactly does this idea involve?" Tim asked.

"Well, I'll understand, if you're too scared, it might involve a little bit of trouble if we get caught."

Tim recognised that Tony was trying to manipulate him but he decided to hear him out anyway. "What kind of trouble? Gibbs type of trouble or jail type of trouble."

"Well probably Gibbs type of trouble. Gibbs would never let us go to jail, Anyway he could explain it away by saying we were testing the evidence or something."

"What EXACTLY are we talking about testing?" Tim asked his interest suddenly peaked.

"The Jetpack Tim. It's just sitting in the evidence garage. Just sitting there waiting for someone to try it out. This could be the only opportunity you ever have in your life to fulfil your dream." Tony said dramatically opening his arms and looking skyward, well celingward anyway, they were in the bullpen.

Tim started talking ten to the dozen. "Do you think we could really get away with it? Oh Tony if we could really get away with it, could you imagine. I never did. I never imagined in a million years that my dream of flying through he skies would come true."

"What dream would come true Timmy?" Abby said having snuck in without being heard. Well she wasn't heard but she had already heard plenty and there was no way they were leaving her out of this.

"Nothing Abs." Tony said before Tim could answer. "Men's business."

"OH REA...LLY?!" Abby said putting her hands on her hips. She looked from one to the other and decided Timmy would fold first. "What secret men's business Timmy? Wouldn't involve anything that you shouldn't be doing, would it? "

"I.... nothing...I'm not sure Abs." he stuttered nervously.

"Are you lying to me McGee?" She asked getting in his face. She decided to change tack.
"No matter. If it's secret men's business, I'll just tell Gibbs. He's a man." She said looking at Tony cockily. "He'd be really upset if he wasn't involved."

Tony and Tim exchanged nervous glances. "Alright, we'll tell you." Tim said."But you've gotta promise not to say anything."

"You know you can trust me Timmy." She said her face lit up with enthusiasm.

"We're gonna try out the Jetpack from the evidence garage." He said his voice filled with childish excitement.

"Yes!" Tony said punching the air. "I knew you'd do it."

"WOW!!!" Abby said. "You do know that Gibbs will kill you if he catches you?"

Tony and Tim looked at each other and then back at Abby. "We know!" they said simultaneously.

"But Abby some things are worth the risk." Tim said.

"Wow!!!" Abby repeated. "I think if it's possible, I could have totally underestimated your love of jetpacks McGee. They must be much more special than I realised. I want in." she said in her no nonsense tone.

Tim looked at Tony who looked really unsure. "You know if we don't let her, she'll go running to Gibbs." He said. Abby nodded her head in confirmation.

"Oh Alright!" Tony grumbled. "You're in."

"Yay!!!" Abby cheered.

"Your in what?" Ziva asked coming in on the end of the conversation.

Tony rolled his eyes. They were gonna get caught for sure now, with so many people involved. Tim shrugged his shoulders.

"Can't give up the dream now Tony."

"Ah what the hell! What's the worst that can happen!" Tony replied.