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They said he was a lucky man. He liked to argue the point.


He was told he was lucky when that bloody snake bit right through his vein causing it to shrink back and seal, saving him from further blood loss.

He was told he was lucky that she had shoved a beozoar in his mouth before running off and getting him help.

He was told he was lucky that so many had stood in defence of him at his trial.

He was told he was lucky that people has accepted his reinstatement back into his former position, and had so quickly forgiven him for his crimes.

He didn't feel lucky.

They had released an official statement giving details of his work as a spy, all the ways he had tried to make up for the wrong doings of his younger self, he had been Dumbledore's man, he had followed everything he was asked to do, without question.

He hadn't killed him, they had called it, assisted suicide as Dumbledore was already dying and they gave him a fine? A fine, yeh, that would make up for his pain and give him absolution. Ministry idiots. They find him not guilty of murder, manslaughter, clear his name, but then fine him??


They had fined him 100, 000 galleons for using an unforgivable, even if it was under orders and a wand oath.

After working for the past 15 years and saving money from patents from potions he had created, he could almost afford that, but they had cleaned out his Gringotts account and sold Spinners End 'on behalf of him' to make up the rest.


Then he was not allowed to be reinstated as headmaster, as "putting him in a position of such power would send the wrong message". Wrong message to whom? He knew it had nothing to do with 'wrong messages' they just didn't want to try and take the position back from Minerva McGonnagall, that woman was a tyrant when messed with.

He didn't want to have the Defense Against The Dark Arts job, he had only had that position before to prepare the students for the war. He wanted nothing to do with it ever again. So they gave him back his old potions master job. He needed it now, he was bloody broke, he hoped the pay was higher than the 5,000 galleons a year he was earning before, then he could get himself some new robes, and perhaps a bottle of firewhisky, or ten.

So he was supposed to be lucky now? Lucky to what? Be alive? "Pfft" he snorted, he was supposed to die in that filthy shack, he had nothing to live for, no-one cared about him. Now he was alive and would continue to be a miserable, lonely old bastard, with nothing but the clothes he was wearing to his name.

Well if that wouldn't make him jump for joy.

Stupid, Hairbrained, not clever enough to have the brains of a flobberworm ministerial idiots.

'Well' he thought, 'best not to dwell on those delightful thoughts and get to todays meeting' and with that he stalked up the hill towards the Hogwarts gates.