He got coffee more and more often now. He couldn't go to sleep in this crunch time and at least the door was always open when he wasn't there so that she could be heard if something did happen to her when Emil wasn't around. He came back around and sat in the seat by her bed. He alternated between the seats a lot. There were times when he couldn't stand to look at her and he positively didn't want to be around her but then there were also bouts of compassion that would guilt him closer to her.

Her chest heaved with a huge breath and he was worried. Everything, in her body slowly began to regain life and the color came back to life. She slowly opened her eyes and looked at him. She smiled when she saw the scene and his heart leapt in his chest. "Hey," He said, as he brushed some of her hair from across her cheek down to on her ear. He had his Nicolette back. God, he was glad she woke up right now. He didn't even think about all the people who wanted to know when she awoke. All he wanted was to right now, know she was alive and she was awake and coming back to him. She was always his anyways. She could never be possessed but he liked to think that there was something that was keeping him here.

"Hey," She said with a small smile, "Where am I?"

He looked down at her and clutched her hand now with a great force. "Nicole, you're in the hospital. You had a pretty rough concussion and then you had a seizure. I've been waiting for you to wake up."

She put her hands on the bed cautiously and pushed herself up. "What?" She said in a tone that I knew was not to be messed with.

"Nikki," I started, "You blacked out on the sixth, the blackout caused you to hit your head and you hit it really hard, like really really hard. I walked you to the hospital and they got you mostly cleared about the concussion, they wanted to keep you a couple more days for observation, you were sleeping and then you had a seizure and you haven't been up since about the ninth. But you're going to be fine. I promise. I just need Amy to come check on you."

She seemed to accept this as an acceptable answer and let him duck out quickly. Well, at least I'm not sleepy anymore. He thought. That was an incredible experience to be a part of. He ran out the door and went to the nearest nurse's station. Surely, they would know where Amy went. No need to fear for his sake because he was getting Amy if only to pacify Nicolette.

The nurse at the desk looked incredibly bored and quite frankly he didn't blame her. If he had to sit there all day and answer people's questions he would be incredibly bored too. He smiled politely to start the conversation, "Hi, umm, do you know where Amethyst is?"

The nurse looked at the spreadsheet that was laid out in front of her. She lazily searched for Amy's full name and then looked back up at him after what seemed like five minutes. The way she laboriously trailed her fingers at that sluggish pace was a punishment to him, he was sure but as she look up he noticed that she didn't even have the decency to look him in the eyes. "She's off right now, her break, but she'll be back around in like twenty minutes." Gah, this woman was of no use at all. He looked at his hand but the numbers were too faded to make out what she had written there so long ago. He put his hands in his pockets and felt something. He curiously pulled the mystery item out and saw that it was the phone that Nikki brought with her to the hospital. The one that Simon had called him on and the one Damon had called as well. He knew what he should do in his gut but it wasn't right. He didn't want Simon to be with her. He didn't even want Amy to be with her. He wanted no one around her.

When walking and looking at the mystery item, he crashed into someone. Tons of papers went flying everywhere and everyone else around them looked angry for a minute and then helped them pick up all the papers. He looked down at the papers and they had names he knew but it wasn't like that was unusual. Their work got published a lot and he didn't bother with it. Once all the papers were collected, he got from his knees and then looked back to the person he ran into.

"Hey, babe. What are you doing up and about?" Oh, god. Thank you, it was Amy. Well, he spent all that time with that damnable woman and the moment he looked at a simple phone and paid little attention to where he was going was when he found her. Well, at least he didn't have to running all over the place and have Nicole worrying that he wasn't going to come back for her because she was paranoid enough right now that she would probably believe that nonsense. He just tried to have the best relationship possible with all of this. Well, now soon, he had to admit that he would have to call Simon.

He looked at what time it was, usually, he was resting his eyes right about now and 'not falling asleep' but he was. He knew it. He fell into a pattern because they had been here so long. "Well, actually I was looking you. Nikki's up and you said you wanted to see her when she woke up."

She gasped in a breath and then took hold of his hand with all her papers in one hand and dragged him back to the room. She was finally getting to meet the infamous Nicolette. She just hoped that Nicolette wasn't like the papers made her seem. From what Amy could tell about Nicolette was that she was a genius as was Emil and they were also kind of famous. In the science world, she was a rockstar.

She walked down the hall at a brisk pace, each movement done for the purpose of getting their. There was absolutely no way that she was going to take longer than they had to. When they got to the room, she smiled at the girl who sat up and was gently bobbing her head to the music that she had put in.

Emil took his hand away from hers, put the phone back in the pocket of his pants and started to approach Nicolette. He was different, Amy deduced. He took out one of her earbuds carefully and she looked at him. They proceeded to whisper about something she couldn't quite hear. He pointed at her and then Nicolette looked at him and then looked back to Amy and from the small smile on Nicolette's face she seemed pacified. He waved her over and Amy put her papers on a small end table in the room and proceeded to the girl.

When she was coming nearer, he got up and started to the door. He met her in the middle of what seemed to be gigantic room. "Hey, I need to make a call out. I'll be in the hall, if you need me…" He kissed her head and went out. She went to check the vitals of her patient. Someone might actually think that the relationship had been going on for several months instead of just a few weeks.

He dialed the number quickly, wanting to get this over with in as the least amount of time as possible. He didn't think it was possible but he was going to try. Nothing was stopping him right now. 323-985-4012. Dial tone….dial tone…dial tone, and then there was the click of someone picking up. "Hello, Emil? I suppose you have something to tell me because there certainly isn't any other reason you would be calling me at this absolutely god foresaken hour from the phone of a girl who is supposed to be comatose's phone?"

Emil looked at his watch. It was indeed, very late. "She's awake Simon. She's been awake for about half an hour, just thought you might want to know since you care about her so much."

In the couple of seconds after the sentence came out of his mouth, he heard a rustling of fabric and the scrape of metal. Well, whatever Simon did, none of it affected him in any way of much pertinence. He heard a grunt and then some snapping. What the hell was he doing? Emil, decided that he didn't want to know. "I'm coming right now. Don't tell her either. I want it to be a surprise." Click. That was him being hung up. Well at least it wasn't too bad talking to him. He didn't have too much to say to Emil other than to chew him out about calling which admittedly he would have hated to be called by Simon at 2:30 in the morning and he probably would have done the same thing.

He went back into the room and the women were giggling with each other. He smiled at the sight of them. They looked so perfect together. The woman he wanted and the woman he had were laughing and having a good time. They were better for it. He clapped his hands together. "So do we want to go get something to eat? I mean Nicole, you must be starving from that coma."

They had put tubes in her to get her nutrients, which had been taken out last night as test out theory. It had been right that once she slipped into the coma and put the tubes in her it was just feeding the condition. He wanted her to be healthy but at the same time she wasn't fighting the tubes. She was just complacent. So they took the tubes out to humor him and it turned out she fought harder than she had before to wake up without the nutrients. He knew that she was a fighter but she needed a little push in the right direction.

She nodded an affirmative to going and getting food. Amy said that she needed to get a least a pair of pants before she could, because the dressing gown that they had put on her while it covered everything while she was in bed probably would not be appropriate for walking around the hospital in. Amy scurried off quickly and Emil helped Nicolette back on her feet for the first time in several weeks, moving her IV drip and steadying her.

When Amy came back, she helped Nicolette into the pants. Nikki was embarrassed that she had to have someone else help her into her pants but she didn't complain about it and it was one of the first times in her life that she hadn't complained about having to be helped. She wouldn't let them help her walk to the cafeteria though. She was an independent and she was not letting them let her become a helpless dilettante. She walked slowly and with purpose, never waiting for them to catch up. Step and another and step and another and step and another, they watched her walk like this for several minutes. She was determined, there was nothing that could be said to the contrary. She even got the hang of gathering her own IV stand in front of her and pushing it along at a comfortable and meaningful pace.

She soon turned and kept walking reading the signs above her to find the Cafeteria. Nicolette looked especially concentrated and she was knocking each step out with a force that God would have been proud of. Several turns later, she stopped at the Cafeteria, finally noticing that they were still behind her.

She picked a spot that was comfortable and since Amy had eaten a while back, she decided to keep the table for them. Emil and Nicole got up and they walked closely together. Amy looked back to the papers that she had collected determined to find anything out that was useful to the mystery suit that came in to see Nikki. Normally, she didn't check into her patient's background but lately she had had trouble sleeping and she knew that Mr. Simcoe was very edgy lately and he was one of the only suits around her patients. She supposed it couldn't hurt. There was very little news about what they did or how they did it. Apparently, it was some government operation and the people working on it were very hush hush. Nothing seemed blantantly more apparent than she could find nothing on her subjects. She knew there was something underneath the surface of this but she didn't know exactly what.

Nicole was having a hard decision about what she wanted. It had been only a couple of weeks but it was different than they ever would have expected. Nicolette was having indecision. Emil had never seen this type of behavior from her. He didn't worry about it though; he hadn't exactly seen her get hurt before either. She accepted some help choosing a light meal that she would probably enjoy. He knew what she liked still. He got her a cup of orange juice and a few muffins. That would at least nourish her. He got the same for himself and the lady at the counter didn't even look at him while she scanned the items and he gave her the money. He had been down here way too many times.

They sat down and Amy put all of her papers back away, so that it didn't appear that she was ungrateful to be here with them. She watched Nicolette eat and smiled. Well, at least the girl had enough sense to eat. Emil was looking better too. He watched over Nicolette unwaveringly and she knew that there was a very special bond there with them. He had already told her of some of it but Amy suspected more than just a college friendship and roommates. She knew their records, they lived in the swankiest hotel in town and they lived in the penthouse of said swanky hotel. She knew that they were not just normal people. How to bring it up was another matter. You can't exactly comfortably stalk someone when they are uncomfortable with it. Well, at least she couldn't. She knew people who stalked others who were just fine with the people they stalked being uncomfortable about it. Nicole smiled up at Emil from behind her cup of Orange Juice and Amy smiled with them even if it was a bit unnerving knowing that Nicole and Emil were roommates and Amy was slightly intimate with Emil.

They finished quickly and Amy wished that Emil would go home and get some sleep and do things to keep himself in shape. She knew it wouldn't happen though. He wouldn't let her stay here alone and there was no one else readily here that she knew for Nicolette. So far, all she knew was they had each other. Amy looked at her watch. They spent about an hour getting here and then eating of which Amy had nothing to show for it but a few clues about the operation that they were running.

Nikki stood up quickly, moved her IV stand with her, and took her tray and put all the trash in the trash can and then put the tray on the counter above the trashcan. She was really getting walking down and she was going fast now. Amy looked amazed at the whole scene because Nikki had only gotten control of her legs recently and she was really working with him. She was kind of happy for her little patient that could. Nicole was showing no fear when it came to trying to become normalized so that she could go back to work and go back home and all of it. Amy was almost ready to get the doctor into look at her. Judging by the look on Emil's face, when looked to him, he was thinking the exact same thing.

Nicole surprised them both by not waiting for them to walk out with her when she just left. She wasn't about to let the lovebirds hold her down. She just wanted to be where all her stuff was now. They got up quickly to follow her and to show her the way back which they figured she didn't know after one time of walking it. She just couldn't. Catching up to her slow and deliberate steps quickly, they walked a little in front of her and they smiled at each other.

They went in and out of remembering that Nikki was there and that they might want to be a little more discreet about everything. They didn't have to be so far. She was just in a coma and so they could continue their relationship with it's no expectation from now until forever. They treated her like a child in many ways and as long as it lasted, it would be okay. Nicolette always had a tendency of making what she liked and didn't very clear, usually with very loud and obnoxious yelling that brought even the toughest men to their knees. She was no ordinary girl. Amy and Emil entwined their fingers and kissed each other lightly at the corner before coming to the room, but just as they did Emil saw a flash of black. He looked back, Nicole was still following them. He sympathized with the look on her face. She was exhausted. She had come this far tonight. He was very proud of her. No one else he knew would get out of bed on their first day awake in four weeks. She had done that and more. He looked back in front of him but the flash was gone. He decided that it was just his imagination.

He waited for Nicolette to catch up to them and put a hand around her. She didn't fight it. He pushed her in the right direction and was looking down at their feet. He pushed her slowly into the room. He counted feet, he counted two set of female feet and his and one more? Wait. That wasn't right. He looked up to see Simon.

"Nikki!" Simon said in a warm tone that made Emil shiver. He couldn't be that happy to anyone. Simon embraced her and Emil had to fight the urge to hit him in the face. He was touching her and the worst thing about it was that she seemed to light up with delight that he was there. He saw a lazy smile and her eyes close as she was embraced. How could he? Emil had been here first and then he just came in and scooped up all the little girl he wanted, Emil noticed that in one of Simon's hands there was also a bunch of flowers, a multitude of fuchsia roses and bluebonnets with some maroon colored flower he didn't recognize. Simon put her down on the floor and righted her and then he gave her the flowers and he saw how happy they made her. All of it was incredibly crazy. He was the one that should get those gorgeous smiles for being with her. She clasped Simon's hand and hers looked so tiny in his.

He couldn't stay here with them like this. He would end up saying something stupid and he was already googly-eyed at Amy in front on Nicole which he felt guilty for even though they were not together. God, this was fucked up. He coughed and got everyone's attention. "Simon," He said starting.

"Emil," He got bit back at him. There was no way he didn't expect it though. Nicolette and Amy looked at the two man in anticipation of what was about to happen. They honestly didn't know what to expect. Nikki had never seen the two ever say anything to each other but she knew that Emil didn't like Simon and Amy knew nothing of the hatred but she knew that something was up when he showed up right now on the day that Nicole had woken up. That was no coincidence.

"Since you've been gone at your dad's funeral, would you like to stay with Nicole right now. I know you might be busy, but Amy has ordered that I get out of the hospital for at least a few hours. And I'm sure that Nicole would love someone to get some clothes and some stuff that would make it a little more comfortable to stay in the hospital." All he got was a nod.

He left the room with no remarks after that. He needed to get back to the hotel and into her bedroom. She had her laptop in there which he was sure that she wanted after a few hours of being awake in the hospital. She would also need the necessary chargers for everything. What they thought was just going to be a quick visit to the hospital was never going to be that way though. He just rubbed his face with his hands and Amy came trailing after him. He supposed as much. "Hey," She said, looking worried into his eyes. "What was that about?"

He honestly didn't want to talk about all the problems with Simon he had, but ignoring Amy would be wrong. God, if he wasn't such a nice person he thought to himself, he would have just let her stay hanging. "Look, Amy, there's bad blood between me and Simon, mainly because of how off and on he is with Nikki. I would do anything to protect her, but around him, I can't. And you probably don't want to hear about this and I need to get home and get a real shower and get some clothes for me and for Nikki and get some things that would make her more comfortable."

That was the end of that conversation because he couldn't go for longer than that. He didn't need her pity and he knew that she would never understand his complicated relationship with Nicolette. He just walked off and walked and walked and kept walking. He forced himself not to look back. He would probably be able to see her cry if he did. He wouldn't be able take that. He told himself that he was just here to help Nicolette but really it was much more than that because if he was really only here to help her he wouldn't be so protective of her when she was with Simon, but he was and he couldn't admit to himself anything of that nature. Because then it would mean that he didn't really like Amy and that it was a coverup and it was most certainly not. He was just confused. He was allowed to like more than two people at once….he was sure of it.

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Nicolette beamed up at him. She scooted down in the bed and rolled over to face him as she laid him. He still held her hand and she smiled up at him still. They were oddly normal, even though they were super genius scientists. Their relationship was still quite the same. He stroked random patterns on her skin and she was at ease. It wasn't even a few minutes that passed until the girl was asleep. When she was asleep he turned out the lights, careful not to wake her with his feet clamoring on the floor."