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1. Waking up.

I woke up with the first light. It took me a while to remember why I was feeling so terrible but just a few seconds later everything came flooding back into my memory. I was laying in the four poster bed that had been mine for six years now. Only the last few months I hadn't slept in it. The sight of this bed, the red and gold curtains and the room it stood in brought back the last twenty four hours.

The battle, the Death Eaters, Harry dead at the feet of Voldemort. I shivered at the memory, at that moment I thought my world had ended. In a short moment of distraction that a very heroic Neville had provided Harry had disappeared and I could breath again. Knowing he was ok almost made me smile. He was there somewhere, hidden under his cloak.

The fight had been far from over but with the knowledge Harry still lived I felt a renewed power to win. I could perform the strongest magic I ever had. Even my mom was able to kill that foul Bellatrix woman. It should have been the most happiest moment of our lives when Harry finally defeated Voldemort, or Tom as he had called him, but it wasn't. To many lives had been lost in the last fight.

Tonks, Remus, my own brother Fred and so many more I had cared for. I sat up and stared out the window watching a beautiful sunrise with tears streaming down my face. The pain of loss was overwhelming. I knew the next few weeks were going to be hard, that I needed to be strong, not only for my mother but also for Harry. He would need time to work through this all. I don't know what he went through the last year but it must have been hard.

Harry would need someone to be there for him and I was wanted to be that one. I had seen it in his eyes when our eyes met after the fight, the fire that I had seen so many times before was still there. He still felt for me but I also saw the pain.

Yes the up coming few weeks, maybe months were going to be though.

Pushing back the tears, fighting to find the strength in myself to be the strong one, I raised from my bed. To my surprise I saw that my trunk was standing at the end of the bed. There was a note attached to it.

Dear miss,

Master Harry ordered me to get some cloths for the Weasleys.

I hope I selected proper clothes.


New tears were running down my face. Even while he must be in such an emotional turmoil Harry always thought of us first. Always caring, making sure we were alright.

"Ginny? What is wrong?" Hermione asked with a sleepy voice. I must have woken her with my crying.

"Here." I said as I handed her the note. While she read it I brushed away the tears.

"That's very attentive of Harry." Hermione muttered.

"Yes, you would have thought he has other things to deal with."

Hermione looked up at me wit concern in her eyes.

"Ginny, you should know that Harry always had you and your family in his mind the last year. Worrying about you, I even saw him checking the map to see if you were safely at school. He never stopped loving you." Hermione said, misinterpreting my words.

"I know," I sighed, "I just meant that he has been through a lot, he should be thinking of himself now."

Hermione laughed, "Ginny, Harry never thinks of himself first, mostly it's you he thinks of first, and the rest of your family."

I tried to smile at her but failed. The tears were still to close to the brim. Hermione put her arm around me.

"Come, lets take a shower and see if the boys are ready to wake up." She said.

I nodded and opened the trunk, Kreacher had packed a lot of clothes. Probably not knowing what I wanted to wear he decided to get as much as he could find. Making a mental note to thank Kreacher later, I grabbed the first things and followed Hermione to the bathroom.

The bathrooms at Hogwarts were always so beautiful, decorated to perfection. I took a deep breath and let it sink in that for the first time in a very long time I was really back here and that I could now really relax while taking a bath. I took in every beautiful detail of this room, the painted windows, the coloring on the ceiling, the smell of the soap, everything.

Hermione was standing in the shower cubicle next to me, she had her eyes closed as the warm water ran down her face.

"Ah, that feels good." She whispered.

"How did you keep clean al those months?" I asked her. I wanted to know everything that had happened to them but I had the feeling Hermione wasn't able to tell it all now. She too must have been traumatized by everything.

"Well we spend some time at Grimmaulds place and I had a tent borrowed from your dad which had a shower, that was nice but I haven't had a shower since we broke in to Gringotts." She answered subdued.

"So you three really broke into Gringotts?"

Hermione broke out in laughter again.

"Yes…, we had to find one of the pieces that was needed to destroy him." She said, "We had help though but I'm sure Harry will tell you everything later. In fact I bet he is planning on explaining everything to you and your family soon. There are some things that need the whole story to explain and now I don't have enough time."

She turned of the shower and grabbed a towel. I followed suit. As Hermione dressed herself I saw a scar on her upper body, one that hadn't been there before. I was shocked but decided not to ask, the stories would come later. Silently I wondered how many more scars Harry had gained during his travels.

We got dressed quickly and walked down to the common room. To our surprise Harry and Ron were all ready waiting for us. They were sitting in front of the fire place staring silently into nothing. When they heard us approach they both got up. It must have been the most awkward sight ever between Ron and Hermione. Or rather Ron was feeling awkward, always so shy, his ears were turning red and I had the feeling to look away.

"Don't be stupid, Ron." Hermione bristled, she took his hand and kissed him softly on the cheek. Which made him even more red.

I caught Harry's eye but instead of breaking out in laughter over the stupidity of Ron, he smiled softly at me. It wasn't just a smile but something that made my legs feel like jelly. Again I came to the same conclusion as I had after I woke up, Harry still loved me and knowing that made me feel strong enough to face the world, or to begin with, my mother.

Harry held out his hand and I grabbed it strongly, hoping to never have to let go again.

"Lets get some breakfast." Harry said.

As we walked through the castle it was clear that there had been a lot of destruction. The fight had taken his toll on the castle. I didn't know what I had expected but not this. Maybe deep down I had hoped the castle would have healed itself over night but it still seemed to be in shock. Even most of the pictures were empty. I could see it in Harry's face that it hurt him to see the castle in this state. I squeezed his hand softly, he looked down at me and smiled a bit.

We entered the great hall slowly, I could feel Harry's reluctance to be out in public but he squared his shoulders and walked in. There was only a small group of people sitting at the end of what used to be the Ravenclaw table. My own family, Kingsley, and some of the teachers all smiled at Harry as he sat down next to my father. As soon as we sat down, plates appeared, that reminded me of something.

"Harry, thank you for asking Kreacher to get some clothes for us. That was very thoughtful." I told him.

"Yes Harry, thanks for that." My father injected. "Clean clothes were much needed."

"It's nothing, I needed stuff as well and I remember you all didn't have clean things with you, so I thought Kreacher could get those as well."

"Well, he did a good job." I said.

"You should tell him yourself later," Harry said with a smile, "it would make his day."

"I will." I promised as I placed some food on my plate.

For a while we ate in silence. I looked up and down the table. My mother had still tears running down her face and wasn't eating very much. Professor McGonagall was talking to her, trying to comfort her. George just stared in front of him, not eating at all. It would take a lot of time for him to get his spirit back, if he ever would. My father and Percy were sitting next to each other like old times. I only then noticed my other two brothers missing.

"Dad? Where are Bill, Charlie and Fleur?"

"Oh, they are busy restoring the castle. Bill and Charlie are outside working to restore the entrance of the castle with Professor Flitwick and Fleur is helping madam Pomfrey attending the wounded." He answered casual.

The door of the hall opened again and Neville and Luna walked in. Neville was limping a bit, he was supported by Luna. I was happy to see my friends in fairly good conditions.

"Are you ok, Neville?" Harry asked as Neville sat down next to me.

"Yes, I'm fine, just a bit sore from yesterday, madam Pomfrey says it should feel normal soon." Neville looked around searching for somebody, "Hey do you know where my grandma is?"

Harry and I shook our heads, I hadn't seen her since last night.

"She is with Tonk's mother, taking care of Teddy." My mother said through the tears.

I could see Harry's face draining of all the color it had. The reminder of Tonks and Remus's death hit him hard but I could guess that being remembered of his godson was hurting equally as hard. I realized very quickly why, poor Teddy was now missing both his parents. Not even two months old and he was now almost alone and Harry realized it too. I bet he could see himself in that.

"We have to do something about that." He whispered to me.


"I can't let Teddy grow up without knowing his parents." He said sadly.

"What did you have in mind?" Hermione asked following our conversation.

"I don't know, all I know is that I'm going to be there for him." Harry's face turned determined.

I squeezed his hand again. "I know, I'll help you if you want to."

"Thanks Ginny."

After we finished breakfast we all looked at each other, trying to figure out what to do next. Over the past hour the hall had filled with people to eat breakfast. To most people we smiled or talked to. Many of them came over to talk to Harry for a few seconds. Most of them because in a quiet corner the Malfoy's ate their breakfast silently. No one had acknowledged them, except for Harry. When Mrs Malfoy walked in Harry gave her a nod and a soft smile. That was something he had to explain to me some day. I couldn't understand how he was able to forgive her so quickly.

As Kingsley and professor McGonagall raised from there seats, Harry looked up at them.

"Kingsley, wait, I would like to talk to you and professor McGonagall." Harry called after him.

"I'll be back in a hour." He whispered to me and raced off after them.

"What's that about?" Ron asked.

"I don't know." I answered.