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68. Finalizing plans

Harry wasn't home yet so it left me with more time to worry and ponder.

How was is possible that I have managed to find a wedding dress in a muggle store that was made by family of one of our Slytherin classmates? These things could only happen to me. I shook my head sadly.

Hermione, Luna and Fleur had advised me to tell Harry immediately. It would prevent issues later on if something would happen. The fact that the designer would personally meet anyone who would buy his dresses during the first and last fitting was an indication that issues could arise. I was pretty sure that Mr. Zabini would recognize me and my name in a heart beat. Even outside the UK Harry was well known.

Mom and Ange weren't so sure. Mom seemed to remember that the Zabini's hadn't been in the service of Voldemort. And to be honest I couldn't remember Blaise being a support of Voldemort either.

Sure he was a Slytherin and by default looked at as a dark wizard but I couldn't remember him to be like that.

"Ginny!" I heard Harry call from the hallway.

"In the kitchen!"

I took a deep breath and tried to relax. Telling Harry about the dress and it's designer wasn't something I looked forward too. I wasn't sure how he would react. While he was dealing with everything really well, Death Eaters and Pure-blood supremacy was still a very touchy subject with Harry.

"Hey, did you have fun today?" He asked as he kissed me a welcome home kiss.

"It was okay." I shrugged.

"Oh, that doesn't sound good. You went dress shopping. What I know about it is that it's supposed to be fun. What happened?" Harry asked as he looked a bit more closely at me.

I just shrugged and sat down at the table. Drooble immediately appeared with two bowls of hot chicken soup and slices of bread.

"Thanks Drooble." Harry said and took a slice of bread. "So what happened? Didn't you find a dress?"

"I did actually." I said with a smile. Besides that designer issue I was really in love with the dress. "It's beautiful and it looks made for my body."

"So that's good." Harry nodded. "Any color I should take into account when I go out to buy a suit?"

"No not really. It fits within the color idea we had but the dress is mainly white." I answered. "I also bought matching jewelry and shoes."

"Oh, than I don't have to get you that as a gift. I need to think of something else then." He muttered before looking up again. "So what happened that made the day less fun?"

I sighed and looked up at him. His face held a honest curiosity.

"Two things actually."

"Oh…" Harry said and took one of my hands while he continued eating with the other.

"I bought the dress at a muggle store." I started slowly. "We went to the magical story first but I just couldn't get my mind right for it."

"Was something bothering you?" Harry asked when I didn't continue.

"Yeah, something stupid actually."

"Something you care to share?" Harry asked. I chuckled, wondering how he would react to my silly childhood fantasies and ideas.

"It's silly actually." I said with a smile. I could smile about it now but that morning it had been so real and upsetting. "You remember quite painfully how I had a crush on you when I was little?"

Harry nodded.

"Well I used to dream about marrying you. At night after my mom told me bedtime stories about the great hero Harry Potter, I would dream we would fall in love and get married. You would come in like a prince and sweep me away to your castle to have this fairy-tale like wedding. I guess I read too many muggle fairy-tales." I said with a chuckle. It was funny to see Harry being half shocked half amused. "Anyway, after I got over my crush I thought I had let go of the idea of having this fairy-tale wedding with you. Real life turned out to be so much better than I had ever imagined. So I never thought of my childish dreams anymore. Until today…" I sighed and shook my head. Drooble quietly served us a large salad with steak.

"When I tried on all these dressed I didn't see the beautiful princess I had imagined myself to be. No dress made me look good enough to be standing at your side. Every dress I tried on didn't make me feel worthy of being your wife."

Harry opened his mouth to protest but I held up my hand to stop him.

"I know you think it's stupid and that I'm more than perfect for you. I know that, Harry. I don't know what went wrong in my mind but I felt awful this morning. It took a good heart to heart with Fleur to get me over it."

"I can't believe you felt like that. You know better." Harry sighed.

"I know, sweetheart. I honestly don't know why it became an issue today. It was silly. Though we did have great fun at the muggle store."

"You bought your dress there?"

"Yeah, it was actually Luna's choice. She pointed out the dress. Somehow she has great taste for these things."

"Can you tell me about it?"

"Nope!" I yelped. "You are not to know about how it looks until the wedding. Angela has already booked you a room at St. Mungo's though." I giggled.

"Really?" Harry asked surprised.

"Yeah, she doubts if you will survive the shock."

Harry shook his head and laughed.

"So what was the second thing that made the day less fun? I hope your mom didn't cause any issues?"

"Oh, no! Mom was great. She was still a bit annoyed with the fact that we are not doing the traditional wedding but she had just as much fun as we all had today. No there is one other issue. Something the majority thinks I should discuss with you." I said as I fidgeted with my knife. "It has something to do with the dress…"

"I told you that money didn't matter." Harry immediately jumped to that conclusion. I had warned him about the prices of wedding dresses but he had just given me permission to spend what ever I liked.

"It's not the money, though the dress was insanely expensive…It's a magical dress, Harry. There are all these spells on it to enhance the dress. I could feel the magic in it flowing around it."

"But you're a witch so that's normal."

"Harry, I bought that dress in a muggle shop!"

Suddenly all fell silent.

"Oh…" Harry said as I could see him thinking. "How can that be?"

"Well, the designer is probably magical and uses minor spells so that muggles won't notice."

"Who is this designer?"

I sighed again. I prayed to Merlin that the Zabini's weren't dark.

"An Italian guy called, Edward Zabini." I whispered.

"Zabini? Edward Zabini?" Harry asked surprised.

"Yeah." I said softly and waited for his reaction.

It was quiet for a while but I could hear the thinking engines in Harry's head working over time. It was after we finished desert that he spoke up again.

"I don't know much about the Zabini's. I know that Blaise never knew or saw much of his father, though he visits his grandma regularly in Italy. I also know that they stayed neutral during the war." Harry looked up at me. "Are you worried about the dress being made by a possible dark supporter?"

"Yeah." I nodded. "The designer takes interest in the people who buy his dresses. He will be there during the first and final fitting."

Harry nodded and ran his hand through his hair.

"I'll have a look into it but as far as I can remember from reading up on pure-blood families when I started to work for the ministry the Zabini's aren't really dark. Don't worry about it. If something comes up I'll send a few female aurors along with you to the fittings."


"Yeah, why you'd ask?"

"Well, I thought you would insist on me buying another dress or coming along to the fitting." I sighed.

"I would prefer to come along, yes but it's supposed to be bad luck for the groom to see the dress before the wedding and with my luck I really don't want to willingly add more bad luck." Harry chuckled. "Besides, you said you loved the dress."

"I really like it." I nodded.

"Well, then. No issue there. No if the designer's name was Riddle I would have been worried."

Harry and I laughed at that idea.


A few weeks later the wedding came awfully close and my first fitting appointment had arrived. Harry hadn't found anything negative about Edward Zabini or that part of Blaise's family so he felt comfortable to let me, my mom and Hermione go to the fitting by ourselves. He did remind me of the D.A. jewel and that he was only a message away.

"Can I help you, miss?" The clerk at the front of the shop asked with a bored look on her face.

"Yes, my name is Weasley, I'm here for my first fitting." I answered.

Up on hearing my name the woman paled slightly and looked very flushed.

"Of..of course, miss Weasley. Please follow me."

She led us through a small door at the end of the entrance hall into a large office. The office looked like a shop in itself. Beautiful expensive looking dresses were displayed around the room. It was clear that not all of them were from the same designer but they sure showed their worth. The hum of magic flowed around and I was sure all these dresses were made by designers with a magical background.

"Presenting Miss Weasley, Mr. Zabini!" The clerk called as she stepped aside.

I looked at the clerk in shock. She bowed and left the room. Apparently the Zabini's liked their formalities or she worshipped his clothes. Anyway, it gave a feel of grandeur being introduced like that but Hermione behind me chuckled at the silliness of it all.

"Ah yes, Miss Weasley!" A tall elegant looking man with brown hair and green eyes said as he walked up to me. I could easily see the Zabini trade-mark good looks. If Harry hadn't told me it was Blaise's uncle I would have thought him to be an older brother. "The soon to be, Mrs. Potter. The most famous witch of Britain. It's an honor." He finished with a thick Italian accents and a kiss on my hand.

"Mister Zabini?" I asked.

"Yes, my lady. The one and only! But please, it's Edward." He laughed. He introduced himself to my mother and Hermione. I notice his startle when Hermione told him her name. "It's such an honor to meet you all."

He walked with us to a fully set tea table and ordered us to sit.

"Now, first things first. I guess we have a bit of talking to do before we get started. I have to admit that I was very shocked and happily surprised to see your name on the order for the dress, miss Weasley. Even in Italy your up-coming wedding is a point of gossip. I'd never imagined I would be the one you would pick a dress from. However I'm pretty sure that finding a dress made by a magical person in a muggle shop came as a bit of a surprise to you, right?"

"Indeed." I nodded. "Also it was more of a shock because the name Zabini is linked to Slytherin house. We weren't quite sure what to make of it."

"Let me explain a bit about myself and my family." Edward said calmly. "Sadly I am not fully magical. Due to an accident when I was ten years old my magical core hasn't fully developed. I'm not a squib but nor do I have enough power to attend magical schooling. However I found out that I could do a few simple charms as I grew older. My mother taught me a lot. Unlike many pureblood families mine didn't send me away to live with muggles as an outcast. My mother arranged for tutors and later on a muggle school of my choice. Everybody in my family was really great about it." Edward said with a fond smile. "Anyway, I have always loved clothes, I'm Italian, we Italian men like to look nice. So I went into fashion design. I found out that the little magic I can do helps me creating beautiful clothing. Muggles won't notice it because it isn't strong. However the magical world doesn't see me as a magical person and therefore I'm an outcast. They won't allow me to sell my dresses there." He sighed sadly.

"I realize that with Mr. Potter's victory things might change but we will have to wait and see. Until then I'm selling to muggles " Mr. Zabini said with a found smile. "Anyway, with the recent war and my family being almost all Slytherin I would have understood that you would have cancelled the order after finding out my name."

"It was a bit of a shock." I admitted. "But I discussed it with Harry and we both couldn't remember Blaise being on the dark side. I know he is a good friend of Draco Malfoy but I also know he stayed out of the whole pure-blood thing."

"My nephew is a good boy." Mr. Zabini said. "His friends aren't the best but he knows where to draw the line. The Zabini family has always been neutral in wars. Mainly because of our business ventures but also because we just don't want to get involved. Look at my situation, with the pureblood supremacy I would have been killed or treated like a rat. My family isn't like that. However we aren't always in favor of letting muggle-borns into our world."

"Why not?" Hermione asked. She sounded slightly insulted.

"Well, muggle-borns haven't always brought the best to our world. You, Mrs. Weasley are a perfect example of a muggle-born thriving in our world but it was a muggle-born who sold many of us to the witch-hunters in Salem." Edward explained. "Muggle-borns are a great asset to our world but they can also pose a great danger. It's all about how you educate them."

Hermione couldn't fault that logic and agreed that perhaps it was good to start to look into some rules on how to deal with muggle-born witches and wizards in general. The conversation continued for a few minutes about the changes in the wizarding world while we drank our tea.

"Now, let's get you fitted." Edward Zabini said happily.

I nodded and followed his assistant to the changing room. The dress was still as beautiful as I remembered only now it fitted even more perfectly. I did notice a few changes to the dress. The swan like feeling was gone and it felt more like wearing flowing water. There were small signs of gold in the fabric that I hadn't seen before and there were symbols stitched on the top of the dress that looked shockingly like the Potter family crest.

Edward Zabini turned out to be anything but a Slytherin. He was an excited man that loved his work. He reminded me of Colin snapping his camera at Harry. Edward Zabini gushed and gooed about how good the dress looked on me. He became even more excited when I agreed to reveal his name to the press when we would release the pictures of the wedding.

"It's such an honor that you are willing to wear my dress." He sighed as we agreed on a date for the last fitting. Being a designer Mr. Zabini still managed to find a few things that could be corrected. "You are a pure-blood marrying the wizarding world's savior and you are one of the most beautiful Quidditch players out there. My resume will be complete."

Later when I told Harry about my meeting with Edward Zabini he was happy for me that this went without any drama. Planning the wedding was already taxing on my nerves and it was nice that at least something went without trouble.


3rd of December 2000.

"Harry, what do you think?" I asked for the thousandth time that week.

"I think I like the green and white the best." He said as he looked over my shoulder. We were finalizing decorations for the wedding. "And maybe add the gold color to the trims."

"Yeah that would look nice. But the main color will be white." I agreed as I signed off the covers for the tables. "Than the outside tables will be white with red and gold."

"Yes, that will work."

"Hello!" Somebody called from the front door.

"Fleur! Come in!" I shouted as I recognized the voice.

"Hello Ginny, Harry." She said as she stepped into the room. Her hair was covered with fresh snow and she looked like she was freezing. "I love Britain but I could do without the cold. I'm so happy you two are getting married at some warm location."

"Me too." I agreed.

"I received the invitation!" Fleur said happily. She was holding up the cards we had ordered two days ago. "They look really good."

"Oh yeah, they were being send out today." I remembered.

"I thought you were planning on a wedding in January?" Fleur asked.

"We were initially." Harry nodded as Drooble handed her a hot chocolate. "But with the changes in Ginny's game schedule and the last of the court days for the Death Eaters being also in January we decided to do it the day before Christmas Eve."

"That makes sense." Fleur nodded. "I was just at the Burrow. Your mother wasn't too happy about it. She was going on about how she had planned a big Christmas dinner and all. That was until she saw the location."

"We figured that would sway most people." I nodded.

"What were you working on when I arrived?"

"Finalizing details." I sighed as I flipped to the next page of decisions that I needed to make today.

Fleur stayed for a while, helping me and Harry through a lot of decisions. She had a lot of practical insight which we needed. We finalized the flower arrangements, entertainment, song for our first dance, which muggle traditions and which magical traditions we were going to keep and finally we approved of the cake. Mom would be making the cake together with Drooble and Kreacher.

"I never knew planning a wedding was so much work." Harry sighed as he lay down next to me that evening.

"Nor did I." I agreed. "I'm happy you took a day off to help me with everything."

"I'll take another day off next week so we can go shopping for our honeymoon and get the last things done. Arn won't need me to hold his hand every day."

"That would be nice." I agreed.

9th of December 2000.

"Where are we going on our honeymoon anyway?" I asked.

"Some place tropical." Harry gave. I was slightly annoyed that I had to find summer clothes in the middle of the winter and still not knew exactly where I was going to spend the first two weeks of my married life.

The plan was that we would spend until Christmas day at the resort and after dinner we would leave for our honeymoon. Harry had secretly arranged another location for our two weeks of rest but he refused to tell me where. "It's a surprise." He had said.

"How am I going to find clothes for a tropical location in the middle of the winter in London?" I sighed annoyed.

"Not in London." Harry said with a smirk. He was holding up an old pillow. "Take it, on Fleur and Hermione's suggestion we are going to shop on a much better location."

For a second I looked confused but I notice the smile of excitement in Harry's eyes. He had arranged something silly again.

"Let me grab my coat first." I sighed.

"You won't need it. Come on. We will need the whole day."

"Where is this thing taking us?" I asked as I grabbed one end of the pillow.

"Rodeo drive!" Harry said with a smile.

Before the shock could make me do stupid things, I felt the familiar pull from the portkey. Traveling through space by portkey wasn't my favorite way, especially when it was a long-distance portkey. So I closed my eyes and waited for us to arrived.

After almost five minutes of whirling around my feet hit solid ground. I was immediately overwhelmed my the heat and the bring sunshine. I looked around and saw that we had landed in a park between the trees.

"Perfect landing site." Hary muttered.

"Harry? Where are we?"

"Los Angeles! City of the rich and the famous. Hermione thought we would have fun shopping here and Fleur agreed that you would find all the things you needed here. So we are going to spend the day spending a lot of money."

"Harry! We can't go spending money like that." I groaned. "We have the wedding to pay for, our lives to live, we have to make sure our future kids will have money to spend, schools must be paid. We can't go around spending like that."

"We can, sweetheart and you know it" Harry smiled and kissed me. "The Potter vault alone would have seen to that our grandchildren won't have to work. You know that. The wedding won't make a dent in it and interest will make it up within two months. Besides that we still have the Black vault filled with money with the order from Sirius to spend it on silly things. On top of that we have the money the ministry has given us when last week it was decided that as a compensation Hermione, Ron and I are getting even shares in all the money from the killed Death Eaters."

"What?" I yelped.

"Yes, Kingsley and the Wizengamot in all their intelligence have decided that the millions of Galleons they recovered from the dark families should go to me, Ron and Hermione, as spoils of war. I have invested more than half back into the magical world. Like into private potion and spell research but also into the ministry. Still I have too much money left to spend. So don't worry."

"Why haven't you told me before?"

"Cause money is a non-issue. Honestly, I thought you knew. It had been in the Daily Prophet a few days ago. I thought you had read the article."

I shook my head and sighed.

"No I don't read the prophet all that much anymore. It's usually gossip they report. Witch Weekly report more facts these days."

Being with Harry caused a lot of changes in my life. The one I had the most difficulty with was the money part. Being raised in a family that never had a knut extra to spend made me very careful with money. Now, with Harry, we had so much but I never really saw it as a reality. Spending money was still something I did not do often. While planning the wedding I often looked for the cheapest option, Harry usually corrected me. He ordered me to spend.

"Come on, it's about ten in the morning here, the shops will open right now and the portkey will take us back in seven hours." Harry said as he pulled me through the park.

Muggle Rodeo drive was insane! It was so busy with cars and people that we had a hard time navigating through it all. The shops were amazing. The selection of clothes were brilliant.

In every shop we were received as tourists but as soon as Harry pulled out his creditcard they treated us like royalty. It annoyed me in the beginning but after a while I realized that they often had to deal with tourists who didn't have the money to spend but were taking up the sales-person's time. And of course we looked every bit the tourist.

We had already bought most of the needed clothes by lunch time. I was really enjoying the day. There were so many muggles that were behaving so differently than those in Britain that I learned a lot of new things about the muggle world. According to Harry we even crossed some muggle celebrities but I wouldn't have recognized them anyway.

"What are we going to do with the remainder of the seven hours?" I asked as Harry paid for lunch in a very expensive lunch room.

"Well, I know there is also a magical shopping street close by. Do you want to check that out?"

"Hmmm, didn't we do enough shopping already?" I asked.

"Well, you still need something dressier that fits in the magical world and isn't too warm. I need that as well and it can't hurt to take a look." Harry shrugged.

Again he made me wondering where we were going for our honeymoon. It was somewhere muggle but with access to the magical world. I was sure of that. And going by his words he had planned things to do as well.

Wizarding Los Angeles was even more shocking than the muggle version. Apparently a lot of witches and wizards from all over the world were trying to make a career in muggle movie making. So many internationalities could be found in this city.

I also learned that we, British were awfully old fashioned. Besides our old fashioned robes it seemed that we stayed in the middle ages with everything. All things magical seemed to be much more modern here. Also muggle inventions and magic had been incorporated much more. In this wizarding shopping street it wasn't weird to see muggle inventions like computers running on magical energy. It was a very flashy street with very modern clothing.

"I feel like I have traveled to the future." I muttered as I looked around.

"Me too." Harry sighed.

Suddenly I felt excited. I wanted to see everything! I wanted to try on those modern clothes and so much more. I don't know if Harry felt the same way but he didn't complain as I pulled him along.

We were almost too late for our portkey back. With just a few seconds to spare we managed to grab hold of the small wire that would take us back to Godric's Hollow.

As soon as we landed, an awaiting Drooble took all our bags and brought them upstairs.

"Me, will be packing most of this." He said happily.

Exhausted but still full of excitement Harry and I followed the elf up the stairs.

"Harry?" I asked when the exhaustion took over from the excitement.

"Yes, love."

"Can we go travel this summer?"

"On a holiday you mean?"

"No like, traveling around, seeing more of the world. Not staying in one place too long."

"If you want to." He nodded. "I think I can take a few weeks off."

"No I want to go traveling the whole off season. The season stops in May and we won't start training again till the end of July. I only have to attend the training weekend in the first weekend of June. So that's about five weeks."

"I'll have to discus it with Kingsley and Arn but we could at least go for a few weeks. If it's possible I'll take off more."

I nodded and kissed him.

"What has brought this idea of traveling around on? I thought you enjoyed the luxurious retreats?"

"I do, I really do but seeing such a differences between Britain and Los Angeles, it makes me wonder what else is out there. It makes me want to see the world."

"But you have ages to see the world." Harry said as he got into bed next to her.

"No, we haven't Harry. We both want so many things. Quidditch, work, a family and so much more. If we travel now than in a few years time we can focus on a family. Traveling isn't easy with little kids."

"Sweetheart, if you want to travel, we go travel. If you want kids, we have kids. Just tell me what you want first."

I laughed loudly.

"What did I tell you about you having an opinion as well!" I yelled at him before attacking him with tickling charms.


The third week of December brought a whole lot of chaos into our life. It was the last week before the wedding and everybody was racing around like crazy. Everybody except for Harry and me.

We had agreed that we were as prepared as we could be. Everything was arranged. Flowers, cake, dress suitcases, music, travel gear, anything Drooble and Kreacher could think of that we might need. I had been working on my vows for a while and finally found them good enough to give them to Harry.

Harry had taken a few days off before the wedding to enjoy the last few days as an engaged couple. He took me sightseeing in the UK, muggle and magical. He took me out for dinner every evening and we went to see a movie. Twice Ron and Hermione joined us on our little trips. It was a good time to reconnect as we didn't see each other as much as we wanted to. With work and all we just didn't have to the time hang out like we used to do.

An alarm at the fireplace indicated that somebody was approaching. We both looked up from our breakfast to see who would be arriving so early. After a minute Ron appeared and Hermione followed a second later.

"Good morning." I said as I turned back to breakfast. Knowing Ron would join us even if he had already eaten breakfast.

"Morning Ron, Hermione." Harry nodded and asked Drooble to bring two coffees and plates.

"We have already eaten and I take it you haven't seen the Daily Prophet yet." Hermione said as she sat down next to me.

"So eat more." Harry shrugged.

"What's with the Daily Prophet?" I asked. We had expected some reporter to catch on eventually. Even with the charmed invitation and the sworn secrecy of all involved we never expected to keep our wedding date or location a complete secret.

"Here." Hermione handed me the news paper.

I folded it open and was not very surprised by the sight of a picture of Harry and me on the front page. What did surprise me was the text below.

According to our ever alert team of reporters we can now safely state that the wedding we all have been waiting for is approaching fast. Rumors are that Harry James Potter and Ginevra Molly Weasley will get married any day now. People close to the couple have been spotted buying suits and dresses for this event in Diagon Alley.

Madam Malkin says: "Yes, we had quite a few customers buying dress robes in the last few weeks. More than normal during this time."

Other rumors are that an event at Hogwarts will happen shortly before Christmas. The older kids there have been asked to buy dress robes and get dates for a ball. One wouldn't find it hard to connect the two events together. Mr. Potter has always indicated that Hogwarts was his first true home and where better to get married than at home. Especially since the scenery is so beautiful there.

"And?" Harry asked.

"They don't have anything. They are good on the possible date but they think it's Hogwarts."

"How can you be so calm about this?" Hermione asked.

"They don't have anything, Hermione." I sighed. "They are talking about an increase in people buying dress robes. Yes, Bill and my dad bought dress robes last week. Not for the wedding but for the gala at the ministry on New Years eve. You know, that event where you are going to show your face as well?" I mocked her. "Besides that they are claiming that there will be a ball at Hogwarts where al the top years will attend. That we also knew and McGonagall is making it a yearly event on the day before the Christmas holidays start. Besides if they were really on to something they wouldn't be talking about clothes too thick for a tropical beach."

Hermione sighed and nodded, even she couldn't argue logic.

"Will Lee report everything?" Ron asked.

"Yeah, Lee will do a live show on the vows. We have promised him that. There will be a photographer to take pictures be he is under a magical oath not to sell or give away our pictures to anyone but us. Nor can he go to the press. He will have his name published in the paper with the pictures after Luna writes the article." Harry told them.


"Yeah, she asked if she could write an article about our wedding for the Quibler and the Prophet. The Prophet won't be happy about it but I honestly couldn't care about that."

"Any thing new happing with you guys?" I asked.

"Not much." Ron sighed and suddenly perked up. "Oh, I do have a piece of news, gossip actually. I heard that my dear brother has bought a ring."

"Which one?" I asked excitedly.

"Well according to my see-through brother, his twin has visited a shop run by goblins. According to that ghostly figure his twin was carrying a small box out of that shop. Further inspections showed that it contained a small round thing with a large hole in it." Ron said with a smile.

I couldn't help but squeal!

"That's so exciting!"

"I'm pretty sure George is going to drop the question on Christmas eve, either during the family dinner or shortly before." Ron said happily.

"Angelina, will be so surprised. She is always complaining about George not talking about marriage. She claims George doesn't have a romantic cell in his body." Hermione said.

"Talking about marriage, are you all ready?" Ron asked.

"Yes, Drooble has already packed everything. He kicked me out of the room twice. I wasn't allowed to help. Every thing has been arranged. All we have to do is show up."

"You are forgetting something." Hermione said seriously.

"Like what?" I immediately grabbed my checklist.

"Your hen-party." Hermione dead-panned.

"Hermione! I whined. "I told you I didn't want a Hen-party, nor does Harry wants a stag-party."

"Too bad, Fleur, Ange and I haven't been working for nothing. All you have to do is show up at my house tomorrow evening at six."

"and Harry will have to show up at Grimmauld place. Neville is looking forward to this a lot."

We both sighed and complained for another fifteen minutes but they wouldn't budge. Ron and Hermione both promised that there would be no strippers or excessive amounts of alcohol involved but they would throw a party.