Author's Note: English isn't my mother language and this is not beta'd, so please bear with me and my mistakes.

She kicked in her sleep.

The realization hit him - literally and quite hard - on the second night of their stakeout in Marseilles, after the chemistry that they had been trying hard to ignore had finally become too evident and the urge to give into their primal desire to be together had overwhelmed them, leading them to here and now: Sharing the bed in a blissful post-coital slumber.

A first kick to his knee forcefully dragged him out of Morpheus' grip, alerting his trained senses. Once he had assessed the situation and made sure that his partner's long, beautiful legs were the only threat in the hot attic, Gibbs laid back and turned to look at Jenny.

Her sleeping figure looked peaceful, but it betrayed a hint of restlessness as she turned around fast in her sleep, her knee colliding painfully with his thigh.

A groan escaped Gibbs' lips and his hand darted forward to hook behind Jenny's bended knee, dragging her towards him.

Her eyes snapped open as her leg curled around his instinctively.

"You kick."

Amusement danced in her green eyes and her lips curved up in a tiny, apologetic smile, "Forgot to tell you." Jenny drawled, her voice thick with sleep as she turned around again, putting some distance between them with her movement.

Gibbs smirked. The simplicity of her answer might have been unsettling to some, but it just reminded him one of the reasons why he had been attracted to her in the first place.

She was independent, she was confident. Almost arrogant at times. She found in words her biggest strength where her petite female body lacked the physical strength to make her any man's equal, but she was just as comfortable being quiet. Enjoying the silence his company more often than not provided.

He trusted his life in her hands and she trusted him to always have her back in return. They had a working relationship founded on giving just as much as they took from each other.

And the night they had just spent together told him that it was exactly the same on a more personal level as well. It was a constant give and take, focusing on each other's needs, feeding each other's hunger for something that went beyond mere physical attraction.

Something he had experienced with very few women before. Something that made him feel alive.

Jenny muttered a string of incoherent words in her sleep and kicked the thin blanket again, miraculously missing his shin. A smile crept up on Gibbs' face as he wrapped his arms around her naked body, pulling her close. She pressed her back into his chest and sighed, relaxing in his arms as he tangled his legs with hers and placed the softest kiss on her tousled red curls.

If putting up with her kicking was all he had to do to feel like this every day, then he would certainly learn to live with it.