I used to be so scared. Father couldn't touch me for the first couple of months without me having some sort of episode. I wonder how he felt that time, his only child running scared from even the smallest of contact. That all changed after I opened up this bakery.

No, not only just opening it. The people helped me along the way. Eiji with his tough way in life, Chikage with the childishness I didn't really have, and Ono….dear Ono

I was the only man to ever turn him down, and he was the only man that forever stayed in my mind after that faithful day in high school. Saying those words to him….Making him feel like he did….I can't believe can still talk to me like he does now.

Well, more than talk now. I can't believe how far we've all come these past years. Eiji, now back from France, is better than Ono in making deserts. Chikage, still can't really do much of anything these days, but he's better and happier. Then there's Ono. Who would've thought that after all this time trying to find the man that kidnapped me, I would give up and just be happy with this small store and these people, especially with Ono.

I don't really remember how it happened. It was during the time that Eiji was gone and Chikage was still unable to finish unpacking, but Ono and I grew closer during those days. We talked more, spent more time together, and he even came over to my house more than once. Then that evolved into sleepovers, which evolved into being able to touch him, which eventually turned into a kiss.

Still surprises me that I was the one to kiss him first. We were in that back during one of our late night stays, and it just felt so right to walk over to him and plant one. I think he was shocked at first, I mean who could blame him, I was shocked. Eventually though, he kissed me back and we had to get the whole room sanitized for what happened next.

I don't regret what happened that night. It lead to the best time I can ever remember. Chikage was happy and so we're we. Eiji freaked a little when he first saw us kiss each other so naturally when he had returned.

I smile as I remember the times spent with my boyfriend…Actually, I think I'll go into the back and see if he wants to make more memories later when we go home.