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Running In the Rain

Chad and Sonny were sitting on the steps at the backfield of the studio, eating cupcakes. They've grown pretty close now and they are getting close to becoming friends. If you were to describe their status right now, you could call them 'frienemies' cause they still have their constant banters and fights, but they have a friend-like bond. They were talking about some stuff and they laugh a lot. The sky was pretty dark and it looked like it was about to rain. Sonny stood up and walked to the field.

"You know what, Chad?" Sonny said and Chad followed her and walked beside her.

"What, I don't know." Chad chuckled at his lame joke.

"There is something I need to tell you." she said seriously.

Chad smirked while he said; "And what would that be? That I'm the greatest thing that has happened to you, or that I'm so hott that you're melting inside, or tha-"

"No.. eww. It's that you have some icing on you're face." Sonny said while holding up her already finished cupcake and what was ony left was the cupcake paper.

"Really? Where?" he said as he tried wiping off his face looking worried. "I can't find it!"

"Right over... here!" she said as she wiped of left over icing from the paper and smothered it on his cheek.

"Ohh, you did not just put icing on CDC!" Chad said.

"Maybe I just did." Sonny smiled.

"Oh you are so gonna get it!" he said with a devious smile on his face.

And they ran! Then it started to rain, hard! Their clothes were soaking wet, their faces were dripping, and they still kept running. Sonny was ahead, but Chad was able to catch up. Sonny squealed when she felt Chad grab her by the waist and spinning her causing her to laugh and giggle. He was laughing to. He placed her down and they both stared into each others' eyes. Both melting inside while locking gazes. They were still holding each other. Chad then whispered to Sonny;

"I really like you"

Sonny smiled. "I like you too, Chad."

And with that they kissed.

The rain made it much better. They broke away and both smiled. They held hands, intertwined fingers and left the raining field as happy as can be.

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