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Phineas woke with a start. He sat up as fast as he could,whimpering softly. He couldn't remember what the nightmare had been about,
and got the bad feeling that he really didn't want to. Still, now the moonlight gliding gently across their bedroom floor had a distinctly creepy feeling to it- as did everything else.

No more horror movies before bed, he scolded himself. This is what happens. He knew that Perry was asleep at the foot of his bed, and he also knew that tonight, the platypus wouldn't be able to soothe his fears. Now was the time for more drastic action.
The diminuitive redhead slipped quietly out from under his warm covers, and tiptoed across the floor. Phineas shivered; even though he knew very well that his fears were groundless, the thought of being pulled into the shadows and messily devoured somehow seems to grab hold of the most rational of children's imaginations. Standing at his brother's bedside, still trying to work up the courage to shake him awake, Phineas realized that he had been crying in his sleep, and sniffled slightly.

Ferb stirred- he kept getting a restless feeling, like there was something he should wake up for. Try as he might the nagging sensation wouldn't go away, and he slowly dragged himself back to consciousness. He opened his eyes to a heart-wrenching sight.
Phineas was standing next to his bed in rumpled pajamas, tears leaking from the corners of his eyes, with an extremely frightened expression on his face; luckily, they had shared a room for long enough that he knew precisely what was wrong.

"Nightmare?" Ferb's voice was creaky from just waking up, but, as always, incredibly comforting to his brother.

Phin nodded quickly.
The elder boy sighed, and lifted the covers slightly. "Well, come on, then."

Incredibly relieved, Phineas scrambled into bed with his big brother, and curled up next to him contentedly, soon relaxing from his earlier panic.

Ferb simply sighed, and wrapped his arm around his little brother- he could feel Phineas's pulse slowing already. And just before he dropped off to sleep, he muttered quietly, "It's going to be all right, Phineas, as long as I've got you."

In the morning they would begin their routine again, more partners and best friends than siblings, but now, there was a tender kindness in the way Ferb draped his arm over Phineas so protectively, and how cozily Phineas's body relaxed under his brother's care, that threw into sharp relief the fact that these were simply two brothers, one younger, one older, who needed nothing else but each other.

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