Though I have only known about Code Lyoko since September 2010, I have realized that concerning it my life will never be the same. It has awoken in me a strange desire like no TV show I have ever seen before, including Avatar: The Last Airbender and Fullmetal Alchemist. I would be willing to dedicate the rest of my life to making Code Lyoko awesome, I decided. It is now March, and ideas are still forming in my head.

I am currently attending college for a degree in Video Production. My utmost hope is to be able to start making cartoon series by around 2020. When my dream of making cartoons does come true, I am very sure that I want to continue the story of Code Lyoko (picking up where the original story ended, regardless of whether or not anybody else has made their own sequel by then.) I have a great many ideas up my sleeves, and a great deal of ingenious twists awaiting the screen.

Right now, the reason for my writing this is to see what anybody else thinks. Is there anybody else out there who is interested in seeing a new Code Lyoko series? It will be a bit darker and more serious, but will still have the same characters that everybody loves, albeit many years older. The focus, I believe, will be more for people around the ages of 16-18, though I hope younger and older people will be able to enjoy it. At the moment, I just want to know if my idea would have an audience, so if the idea strikes your fancy, please leave a simple review and say so. If I have my way, the story of Lyoko is far from over.

Also, if I get enough reviews, I will give my current idea as to how the beginning of the sequel series would start. Since I cannot submit a good video, I will simply set it down as though part of a novel. Mind that it will only be the current, unedited idea and not the fineproofed version that will hopefully someday be on TV, but I hope it will be of a least a little worth and interest.

The Lyoko Warriors, as I would call the sequel series, would aim to target an older audience, somewhat like the audience for one of my other favorite shows, FullMetal Alchemist. The bloodshed in Lyoko Warriors would be significantly less extreme and there would not be any swearing. Nevertheless, the tone and depth of the storyline, along with the acting and script, would be of the same style as FullMetal Alchemist.

You would expect to cry and fear at moments, to become more and more drawn into the web that grows ever tighter around our small group of heroes. Xana would be back, but there would be a new menace to be feared as well. Also, to twist the story, Xana will have a little secret. That's all I will say. Perhaps someday the story will go onto TV. I can only hope and pray…

I have quite recently decided to up the feedback from this idea by creating a page on Facebook. I would like all fans of this story to join me there. The support of my fans means a lot to me, and so I would really like for you to join me there. Talk about the good and bad of this story, and tell me what you would like to see happen. Tell me what questions you would like to hear answered. Or just join to show me your support. That would be much appreciated. Without my fanbase, this would be impossible, so please enlist to the group and show me your support. Thanks!

Fansite - www(dot)Facebook(dot)com/pages/Lyoko-Warriors/174736052549361