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Chapter 5

Cutter made his way into the car, his head still buzzing with Mrs Lewis's words . . . 'she's just using you' . . .'she'll throw you away too' . . .'she's too good for a loser like you' . . . he got in the passenger seat and slammed the door behind him harder than was necessary. He turned to Jenny who was in the drivers seat. She was so pale that her skin was almost translucent, and her expression was a mingle of shock and disgust. Almost as soon as his seat belt snapped into place, she reversed the car at lightening speed and as soon as they were out of the drive way, she put her foot down and sped off down the darkened lane. Whether it was her eagerness to put as much space between herself and her mother, or just her general unbalanced mood, she was driving like a maniac.

"Maybe I should drive?" Cutter said quietly. "You've had a bit to drink."

"I'm not over the limit," she replied, making a sharp turn.

Cutter fell silent and gazed out of the window at the blur of trees . . . 'she's not serious about you' . . . From beside him, he sensed rather than saw Jenny glance at him.

"I'm so sorry about tonight," she said, sounding upset. "My mother was on top form - "

"Don't worry about it," Cutter said, more coldly than he intended.

He felt her arm that was brushing against his stiffen slightly, and he felt a pang of guilt. But he couldn't help himself; what Felicity had said had gotten to him more than it should have. Probably because a tiny part of him had been thinking the same thing since they had started dating. She was too good for him; she was beautiful, sexy and a hell of a lot younger than him. Why would she want to spend the rest of her life with him? Was he was just a temporary fixture until another Mark came along? If he was honest with himself, he couldn't really blame her; he had nothing to offer her. He wasn't exactly payed pittance at the ARC, but he didn't have the money to get her the big house with the white picket fence and the golden retriever . . . he couldn't afford to buy her the expensive clothes and jewelry she deserved. The most expensive present he had gotten her was a bunch of flowers for Valentines day. God, he was such an idiot! And he had thought he was being romantic . . .

"Are you okay?" Jenny's voice yanked him out of his thought train.

"Yeah I'm fine," he answered automatically.

Another silence broke over them, making Cutter feel that the car was a lot smaller than it actually was. They were almost home when Jenny finally spoke.

"When I was thirteen, I came home from school early one day," she began, in an unnaturally shaky voice. "Well I bunked off actually. Anyway, when I walked into the living room, I saw my mum," she paused to take an unsteady breath. "I saw my mum with the pool boy," she turned to look at him, tears glistening in her eyes. "Giving him a nice little bonus package."

"Oh - " Cutter said lamely, unsure of what else to say.

"I know, how cliche," she laughed as her eyes turned back to the road, a tear falling down her cheek. "Anyway, the next week, she shipped me off to boarding school. Probably wanted to keep me away from my dad as much as possible incase I told him her dirty little secret. And that's why we've never got on," she finished.

"That's . . ." Cutter stammered. "That's awful."

"Well you can never quite look at your mother the same way after you've seen her in the position I have," Jenny said quietly, her eyes glazed.

"And you never thought about telling your dad?" Cutter asked, still unable to shake off his cool tone.

Jenny shrugged.

"A couple of times," she said thoughtfully. "But . . . I mean, what would be the point? All it would achieve would be tearing my family apart."

"I think your mum has already done that."

"But it's not just my dad I'd be hurting, it would be my little brother as well," Jenny snapped. "He shouldn't have to hear about that."

"Well you've had to live with it all this time."

"Yes, but I can handle it."

"Clearly not," Cutter muttered, still unable to control the unreasonable anger he had for the woman next to him.

"What the hell is your problem?" Jenny shouted, looking at him in confusion. "I've apologised about tonight, but your acting like it's all my fault! I did say that we shouldn't go!"

"Only because you knew that the truth would all come out!" Cutter yelled back before he could stop himself.

"What truth?"

"The truth that I'm just a poor substitute for Mark and an amusement for you until the next Prince Charming comes along!"

"Is that really what you think of me?" she asked in a scandilised voice, her eyes slipping from the road.

"I honestly don't know anymore."

"Why are you doing this?" Jenny asked in a shocked voice. "I thought we were happy? I thought we were finally over all that drama!"

"Well so did I."

"What - !" Jenny began, before she sighed with a look dawning comprehension. "What did she say to you?"


"My mother, what did she say?"


"You're lying," Jenny stated, looking at him hard. "You always look down when you lie! If you don't tell me, I'll turn this car around and go and ask her myself!"

"She didn't say anything to me," Cutter said with gritted teeth.

"JUST TELL ME!" Jenny yelled, her eyes still off the road.


"WELL IT MATTERS TO ME!" she shouted. "JUST - "

"JENNY, THE ROAD!" Cutter bellowed, noticing at the last second that she had slipped into the wrong lane and that a car was driving straight at them. He reached over and pulled the wheel violently, causing them to hurdle into the bushes at the side of the lane, missing the other car by inches. They both slammed back into their seats due to their tightened seat belts. Cutter looked up over at Jenny; she was breathing hard and her hands was shaking uncontrollably.

"Are you okay?" Cutter breathed, temporarily forgetting his anger.

"I'm fine," she answered in an unnaturally high voice. "I'm sorry, I wasn't concentrating - "

"It's fine, just let me drive now okay?" he said in the gentlest tone he could muster.

She nodded dumbly, still looking straight ahead. In a dream-like state, she got out of the car and swapped places with him, flopping into the passengers seat with a few leaves in her hair. She brushed them out impatiently.

"Maybe we should finish discussing it at home?" she asked.

"Actually, I'm going to drop you off at your apartment," Cutter replied, unable to look her in the eye. She looked around at him in surprise; after all, since they had begun this intense roller coaster of a relationship, they had barely spent a night alone. They either stayed at Jenny's apartment, or at his house.

"Why?" she asked quietly, her voice cracking slightly.

"I just . . . need some time. Some time to think."

Jenny nodded, and looked away from him out of the window as he pulled the car out of the shrubbery.


Jenny sighed and rolled over in her very large and very empty bed. She couldn't sleep properly; she missed the feeling of Nick's warm body next to her, and missed the way he'd put his arm around her in his sleep and pull her in to himself closer. She looked over at the empty space next to her. She really hated being this reliant on a man; she was a independent woman, and always had been. However, at some point in this relationship, completely unbeknownst to herself, she must have let her guard down. And when you let someone in, it's an inevitability that they will let you down as Nick had done tonight. Whatever that bitch had said to him had clearly changed everything. Jenny could only imagine what bile her horrid mother had spued out to him when they were alone. But more fool Nick for letting it get to him!

At some point, Jenny must have fallen into an uneasy sleep. All she knew was that she awoke with a start as she heard a crashing noise from somewhere in her lounge. Her confusion dissipated as panic pulsated through her entire body, and for a second she froze. Someone was in her apartment! Hardly daring to breath, she slipped out of her bed silently, grabbing the nearest solid thing that was next to her. As she crept towards the door, her heart was beating frantically and her legs felt like lead. She held her object of choice with two hands and raised it, bracing herself. She could hear shuffling behind the door . . . the handle twisted around slowly . . . the door burst open . . .

Jenny heard herself scream, and the trespasser yelled. His voice was familiar . . . the light switch flicked on . . . and it was Cutter.

"NICK!" Jenny screeched, relief overwhelming her, quickly replaced by anger. She shoved him in the chest. "YOU SCARED THE HELL OUT OF ME!"

"I'm sorry," he said, looking mildly amused. "I'd didn't mean to frighten you."

"Well then maybe you shouldn't have broken into my house and leapt out at me while I was sleeping!"

"I used the spare key," he sniggered, looking at the object in her hand. "But if I was a murderer, what were you planning to do . . . moisturise me to death?"

She looked at her hand and saw her expensive moisturiser bottle clutched in it.

"That is besides the point!' she exclaimed, trying and failing to stay mad at him.

He looked her up and down, still smiling.

"Are you wearing 'Little Miss' pajamas?"

"Shut up!" Jenny said, blushing as she through the moisturiser at him lightly. "What are you doing here?"

The smile on his face disappeared to be replaced by a furrowed brow.

"Look," he began, running his hand through his blonde hair. "I couldn't leave things the way we did - "

"The way you did," Jenny interjected coldly.

"I know," he nodded, looking at his feet. "I'm sorry . . . it's just that - "

"She got to you," Jenny finished his sentence for him.

"Yeah," he sighed, looking ashamed of herself.

"What did she say?"

"Oh the usual," he said quietly. "I'm not good enough for you . . . that you're just using me . . . that you're just going to dump me when you're bored . . ."

"And you believed her?" Jenny said in disbelief, crossing her arms.

"I'm sorry," he repeated, reaching over and resting his hand on her bare arm. "I know you're not like that; I just panicked."

"Well you wouldn't be the first to be taken in by Felicity Lewis," Jenny conceded, shuffling her feet.

"So can we just . . . start again?" Cutter asked hopefully.

Jenny looked up at him, and saw his eyes searching her face for a reaction. She sighed and nodded her head slightly. His face cracked into a smile.

"But," Jenny said sharply, pointing at him. "If you ever question my integrity again, that's it, do you understand?"

"Completely," Cutter nodded enthusiastically. "It won't happen again."

"I should think not," she said, wrapping her arms around his neck. "And you, Nick Cutter, are the most fascinating, handsome, supremely irritating man I've ever met. And I love you. And don't you ever believe anyone who tells you otherwise okay?"

"Okay," he smiled reluctantly, before leaning in to kiss her. She kissed him back with equal enthusiasm.

"Let's go to bed," Jenny sighed as they broke away. "It's been a long day."

"Hmmm," said Cutter in mock-thoughtfulness as he steered her towards the bed. "I wouldn't mind these pajamas becoming a permanent fixture. You look so cute."

"Shut up Cutter," Jenny smiled.


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