This is angel-feather-keeper with a poem for kingdom hearts! Yay! But this poem has suicide in it, so beware!

Axel's Depression

You think its all a fairytale,

Where no one feels the pain.

You think it's all just fantasy,

You think it's all a game.

But when you're under pressure,

When you feel depressed,

That deep and horrid sadness,

You never would of guessed.

I take hold of one chakram,

And tear across my wrist.

I knew it would be painless,

I knew it would be bliss.

The crimson flood runs down my wrist,

This is my last goodbye.

I'm happy that it's happening,

I'm truly going to die.

No more pressure or depression,

No more betraying friends.

I let a smile grace my lips

As I face the final end.

This poem is a gift to falling feathers~ broken hearts, who is a major kh fan! Please review!